This article is a transcript of the Teen Titans Go! episode "Obinray" from season 3, which aired on Thursday, May 12, 2016.

Pig Latin Song
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Pig Latin
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(Starfire is eating cereal as she sparkles with glitter.)
Cyborg: Hey, Star. Looking sparkly.
Starfire: I felt that there was something missing in my life, and it was the sparkles!
Cyborg: Pretty! Do me! Do me!
(Cyborg covers his human eye as Starfire covers him in glue, then uses a bucket to splash glitter on him.)
Starfire: Ooh, pretty.
Cyborg: Should we add me some tassels?
(Both of them gasp. Meanwhile, in the cupboards, someone is eavesdropping on them.)
Starfire: We have the same mind.
(She puts tassels on Cyborg as the "Peeping Tom" heavily breathes in the cupboard. Robin bursts out. He was the eavesdropper this whole time.)
Robin: Hey, hey, hey! Tassels and glitter are against costume regulations.
(He throws a handbook at Cyborg.)
Cyborg: Dude! What are you doing in there?
Robin: Nothing. I'm doing nothing. Now just keep talking like I'm not even here. 'Cause I'm not.
(He closes the cupboards.)
(Starfire and Cyborg walk to the living room where Raven is reading a book and Beast Boy is playing a video game.)
Cyborg: Robin's up in the kitchen cabinet again.
Starfire: Is it because he is friends with the cereals?
Beast Boy: No, it was just him eavesdropping on you like a creep.
Starfire: How does one "drop the eaves"?
Raven: It means, he was secretly listening to your conversation. Like a creep.
(Robin bursts out of the drawers. Everyone gasps.)
Robin: I was not being a creep! I am simply listening to your private and very personal conversations from a secret hiding place like any normal person. I'm not a creep. I just hate secrets. Secrets are dangerous. Now, continue talking.
(He hides in the drawers again. The Titans look at each other until Robin speaks up.)
Robin: Someone say something! I'm not listening anymore!
(He hides again.)
Starfire: I do not feel the comfortable conversating.
Cyborg: I know how we can stop him from eavesdropping on me.
Cyborg(mouthing): Just mouth the words!
Beast Boy(mouthing): Dudes, we keep running out of toilet paper.
(Robin peaks from under the couch cushions.)
Beast Boy(mouthing): Robin is on some weird new diet and he is... destroying the bathroom!
Robin: I can still hear you.
(Everyone gasps.)
Robin: With my eyes.
Cyborg: Oh, so you like reading lips, huh? Read this. (He mouths inaudibly.)
Robin: *gasps* That language is unacceptable. (He holds a "boomerang" out.) Wash your filthy mouth!
(Two soap bars pop out and Robin tosses it into Cyborg's mouth. The thing explodes and soap bubbles pop out. He spits it out and Robin hides.)
Beast Boy: Bro! What did you say?
Cyborg: I just said, "I like Pizza."
Raven: I guess we just have to live with Robin listening in on our secret conversations.
(Beast Boy snaps his fingers.)
Beast Boy: There is another way.
Starfire: You mean, the Old Tongue?
Cyborg: Is that wise? Speaking the sacred language in the presence of the uninitiated.
(Robin peaks from under the cushions.)
Raven: We have no choice. Our secrets must be kept.
Beast Boy: Then it is decided. We will speak in the ways of the old.
(The Titans nod their heads to each other.)
Robin(rubbing his hands together in the couch): This sounds intriguing.
(The next morning. Cyborg gets a crossant from Robin hiding in the cupboards.)
Robin: Good morning, Cyborg.
Cyborg(speaking with the "Old Tongue"): Oodgay orningmay, Obinray. [Translation: Good morning, Robin.]
(He closes the door with his butt and walks to the table.)
Robin(opening the cupboard from the inside and confused): Er, excuse me.
Beast Boy(also using "Old Tongue"): Ehay aidsay , "Oodgay orningmay , Obinray." [Translation: He said, "Good morning, Robin."]
Robin: You're all sounding very secretive. *looks under Raven's cape as she gets it back* What are you trying to hide?
Starfire(anxious): Othingnay, Obinray. [Translation: Nothing, Robin.]
Robin: This is against my no-secret policy.
Raven: Elaxray, Obinray. [Translation: Relax, Robin.]
Robin(stressed): Argh! I can't understand what you're saying.
(Raven conjurs a hand to calm him down.)
Raven: Aw, oorpay obinray. [Translation: Aw, poor Robin.]
Robin(still stressed): Argh! This must be the language you spoke of. The Old Tongue. It doesn't sond like any of the ancient languages I've studied.
Beast Boy: Obinray an'tcay understandway usway. [Translation: Robin can't understand us.]
Robin: Aha! Obinray! You keep saying that word in reference to me, so, it must mean, "Tight buns." Armed with this piece of info, I'll just take my obinray here and decipher your whole language.
(On his screen in the control pad, he tries to match "buns" with "obinray", but nothing works.)
Robin(stressed): No, no, no! The letters don't line up. But if it's not buns... What can obinray mean?
(The word on the screen becomes "Naobiyar", "Rainoyb", and keeps scrambling until it becomes "Rainboy".)
Robin: Naobiyar, no. Rainoyb, no. Ray... ray, ray, rainyob... Rainboy! Yes!
(The Titans are relaxing by the pool with the boombox dancing to it's own music. Robin comes in.)
Robin: Oh, don't get up. It's just me, Obinray. Or should I say, Rainboy! Ha! I'm right, aren't I?
Rave(putting on her sunglasses): Ongwray Againway, Obinray. [Translation: Wrong again, Robin.]
Robin: That must mean, "Yes." Score one for Rainboy. Score!
(A voice game point counter turns from zero to one. The Titans shake their heads.)
Robin(stressed, then begging): Argh! I can't take this! Teach me this language and I promise I'll never eavesdrop on you again. Please! Please!
Beast Boy: Atwhay oday ouyay uysgay inkthay? [Translation: What do you guys think?]
Cyborg: Uresay . Et'slay eachtay imhay Igpay Atinlay. [Translation: Sure. Let's teach him Pig Latin.]
Robin: Does that mean you'll teach me?
Starfire: Esyay. [Translation: Yes.]
(The Pig Latin Song.[1])
Robin(speaking be after every single word in his sentence, thinking he got it right): I be understand be everything be now be.
Raven(confused): Uhway atwhay? [Translation: Uh what?]
Robin: I be said be, I be understand be everything be now be.
Cyborg: Onay, Obinray. [Translation: No, Robin.]
Robin(stressed): What does Obinray mean? I be know be your be not be talking be about be my be tight be buns be.
Starfire: Ehay illway evernay eakspay ethay onguetay. [Translation: He will never speak the tongue.]
Raven: Et'slay ogay. [Translation: Let's go.]
(All except for Robin leave.)
Robin: Et'slay to you! Ogay.
(Later, Robin is looking in his room through his books in order to decipher the language.)
Robin: There has to be a way to crack the code.
(His door is knocked by someone.)
Robin: Yes be. Who be is be it be?
(A sheet of paper slides underneath. He picks it up and finds a pig drawing on the other side.)
Robin: Gasp be!
(He spends hours studying the pig, and all his books.)
Robin(throwing his book aside): I've read every book on pigs in the library and I'm still no closer to unraveling this language. Argh! (He bangs his head on the desk, causing a book to fall on it after hitting his head. He looks at it.) Ah, you're probably dissapointed in he huh, George? I just can't figure out the cnnection with... (He notices something.) Pigs! *gasp* (A pig is in the picture of Washington crossing the Delaware. He looks through all books of a caveman, Issac Newton looking at the apple leading to discovery of gravity, and the manned moon mission of July 20, 1969, only to find pigs in all those pictures.) Pigs! Pigs! Pigs! They're at every important event in human hstory. It all comes back to pigs. That's it! The Old Tongue seems to be some sort of Pig Latin. (He pulls out a magnifying glass to study the images closer.) And this symbol keeps popping up. (A symbol is in all pictures.) What, what, what, what, what could it mean?
(A few minutes later, the Titans are watching a puppet show. Until Robin bursts in.)
Beast Boy: At'swhay upway, Obinray? [Translation: What's up, Robin?]
(Everyone besides a triumphant Robin laughs.)
Robin(speaking Pig Latin): Eryvay unnyfay. [Translation: Very funny.]
Titans(shocked): Aspgay! [Translation: Gasp!]
Robin: Yes. I have discovered your secret and mastered this Pig Latin. You may think it's just a fun game, but you're playing with irefay. [irefay=fire]
Robin: My research has uncovered I believe to be a secret society.
Robin: I don't know what their goal is, but if it's this secret, it must be dangerous.
Cyborg: (Anxious) Uhhh... Okay, you win Robin. We'll stop with the pig latin, but don't be crazy.
Raven: (Anxious) Yeah. It's not some secret, evil society, is it? It's just a fun play language.
(The screen keeps going up and down from Raven's face to her Pig badge)
(As Robin looks closer at it, Raven covers it.)
Robin: (Suspicious) Nice pin you got there.
Beast Boy: E'shay onway otay usway. [Translation: He's on to us.]
Robin: Buy those eggs yet? You know how I feel about secrets.
Raven: You're a good detective. It didn't take long for you to find the clues Starfire planted!
Robin: Star, not you.
Robin: Pigs, I knew it.
Evil Pig Master Of Pig Latin: No, aliens! For eons we travel (oinks) searching for a planet to suit our needs, finally we found Earth. We used your puny species to build a paradise. The plan is almost complete, Time for us pigs to rise up (oinks) and destroy mankind and then we nap!
Robin: This is why I hate secrets.
Evil Pig Master Of Pig Latin: (oinks) Destroy them my piglets!
(the cloaked figures uncloaked themselves to reveal they are pigs like their boss. They point guns at Robin and his crew.)
Robin: Before you destroy us, Hear me out. Iway aymay otnay ebay away igpay. Utbay Iway amway away anmay, andway ymay ownway anguagelay aymay ebay uglyway andway udecray, utbay itway isway away anguagelay Iway eakspay omfray ethay earthay.Iway askway ouyay ymay othersbray andway isterssay otay andstay ithway emay againstway ethay inesway oppressionway. Onlyway ogethertay ancay eway eakspay ethay uetray anguagelay ofway isthay orldway…. Eacepay. [Translation: I may not be a pig. But I am a man. And my own language may be ugly and crude, but it is a language I speak from the heart. I ask you my brothers and sisters to stand with me against the swine oppression. Only together can we speak the true language of this world…. Peace..] [ Evil Master Of Pig Latin claps to Robin's speech.]
Evil Master of Pig Latin: Approving speech, pity. Estroyday hemtay! (Translation: Destroy Them!)