The North Pole is Santa Claus's icy home base for all his toy-making operations. The Teen Titans have traveled up to the top of the Earth a few times for business ranging from getting off the Naughty List to extraditing the Easter Bunny from a prison block.


After Kris Kringle's plot to capture all the holiday mascots (so he could be the only one) was revealed, the Titans traveled to the North Pole on a special ops mission to save the imprisoned and beloved holiday characters. Santa at first seemed free from guilt, playing down the situation, but eventually came clean. In the North Pole security block, the Titans, along with Thanksgiving Turkey, George Washington, Cupid Baby, and Leprechaun, engaged bionic Santa and managed to be victorious over the jolly, fat man. They were then able to release the Easter Bunny, so he can give them some chocolate eggs.


The North Pole appears as a snowy place, filled with little houses/ gingerbread houses everywhere. There are elves that roam the North Pole making sure everything is going just right. There appears to be a few locations, including the houses, Santa's workshop (which exploded, but later came back by Raven) and the Santa's Elves workshop.

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