Robin: I bet you guys could not even go one day completely powerless!

Cyborg: Of course, we could! But why would we?

Robin: To prove you are not getting soft. And because if any of you could last a whole day, I'll make you the new leader of the Teen Titans.

Beast Boy: Ooh, I like the sound of that.

Cyborg: 24 hours starts...

Robin: Uh-uh! You're using your powers.

Raven: Uh, I gotta get off my feet They're killing me!

Starfire: I am going to my room to partake of the mustard!

Robin: Powers!

Starfire: Fine! I'll walk all the way to the door.

Cyborg: How does he do it?

Starfire: It appears he uses common objects and turns them into objects.

Raven: Maybe we can do the same

Starfire: You have taught us we are just capable as you.

Robin: No problem, no powers. Yeah, we'll see about that.

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