This article is a transcript of the Teen Titans Go! episode "Nature" from season 2, which aired on August 7, 2014.

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[The episode begins to show the Robotic Alien terrorizing Jump City. The Titans overlook from the top of a building.]
Robin: Star, Raven, take the left flank. Cyborg, we'll take the right. And Beast Boy, you go pterodactyl right up the middle. [Beast Boy nods.] Titans, Go!
[Starfire and Raven take off while Cyborg transforms into a jetpack for Robin. Beast Boy jumps in the air, but remains in his human form. He screams as he crash lands onto the streets.]
Beast Boy: What happened to my pterodactyl?
Cyborg: [Dodges attack from the Robotic Alien.] Hurry, Beast Boy. We need you.
Beast Boy: It's cheetah time, then. [Runs and briefly pops, but retains human self.]
[Cyborg floats Robin up to the enemy as Starfire and Raven dodge and attack. Beast Boy pants as he arrives at the monster and rests on one of its' legs.]
Raven: [Dodges attack.] Uh, is something wrong with your powers?
Beast Boy: Of course not!
Robin: [Attacking the Robotic Alien with his staff.] Great, because we need a rhino to knock this guy off balance.
Beast Boy: One rhino coming at ya. [Begins patting hair.]
Robin: Where's that rhino?
Beast Boy: [His hair spiked up and his fingers arranged to resemble a horn.] Ar-are you blind, bro? Bwah! [Charges the alien, but runs into it's leg.] Uh! [He recovers and attempts to knock the Robotic Alien off balance, but it flings him away.] Uh!
[Beast Boy crashes into a utility pole which snaps on contact. The power lines snap and electrocutes the Robotic Alien, killing it instantly. Cyborg, Robin, Raven, and Starfire land beside its' body.]
Beast Boy: [Dancing on the Robotic Alien's body.] Ha-ha! Yeah! That's how rhinos do it! Ugh!
[Cyborg, Robin, Raven, and Starfire share skeptic looks.]
Robin: [As the Titans exit the elevator to their tower.] Admit it Beast Boy, you've lost your powers.
Beast Boy: I was just having an off day, bro.
Raven: Beast Boy, we need to talk about this.
Beast Boy: Yes. We can talk about it over the vegan portobello pizza with the creamy garlic sauce I've brilliantly prepared.
[Starfire claps enthusiastically, but stops when Raven glares at her. Beast Boy prepares the meal by cleaning their glasses and aligning the silverware perfectly with the aid of a ruler before setting the pizza on a platter.]
Starfire: Ooh. Fancy.
Cyborg: Ha! [Reaches to get a slice, but is slapped by Beast Boy.] Ow!
Beast Boy: Were you just going to eat that with your hands, bro?! Gross! Use a serving fork. [Hands Cyborg a serving fork. Starfire grabs a slice of pizza and eats it with her mouth open. ] Star, please, that's super gross. [Starfire begins chewing with her mouth closed. Robin begins to wipe his mouth with his gloves.] Bro, napkin? Use it. [Robin wipes his face with a napkin.] Ugh, animals. [Begins cutting pizza with a knife and a fork.]
Raven: Whoa. When did Beast Boy become the civilized one?
Robin: That's it! The comforts of modern life have stripped you of your animal instinct.
Starfire: Then, that is why Beast Boy cannot turn into the animal.
Beast Boy: [Notices the candelabra, polished glass, and the piece of pizza on his fork.] Ah! You're right. The old Beast Boy would never have used a fork to eat pizza. I need to get my animal instincts back by reconnecting with Mother Nature.
Robin: Be warned Beast Boy. She is the worst mother of them all. There is a reason we all live inside.
Beast Boy: I've got to do it, bro. I've got to run free! [Rips off his clothes.]
Cyborg: Then, run free, Beast Boy! Run free!
Beast Boy: [Hopping over Robin and bouncing off Starfire's head.] Free! Free! Free!
[Raven, Cyborg, Robin, and Starfire begin eating the pizza messily and with their hands. Beast Boy climbs up a hill overlooking the forest. He bounds across a grassy field and sniffs a flower in the forest as a butterfly lands on his finger.]
Beast Boy: [Drinks water from a river.] Finally! Back to Mother Nature. Beautiful sun, fresh air, clean water. [Drinks water.] So good, so fresh. [Drinks water.] So hairy. Gah! [Spits out a hairball and notices a bear scratching his back with the skeleton of a fish in the river. A bug appears on Beast Boy's ear.] What's up buggy bug? How's nature been treating you, buddy? [The bug, a millipede, crawls into Beast Boy's ear and out the other before going up his nose and he pulls it out through his mouth before dropping it. He spots a snake.] What up? [The snake attacks Beast Boy's eye, leaving it swollen.] Ah! Why, nature, why?!
[Beast Boy builds a fire during a rainy day but it sizzles out and he is struck by lightning. After he is chased by a bear, he builds another fire during a snowy day when snow falls on top it and he is struck by lightning again. He is chased by a pack of wolves and builds another fire during a windy day which blows. Beast Boy is struck by lightning again and then chased by squirrels. A hot day starts a fire for Beast Boy and he raises a stick in triumph only to be struck by lightning. He is then chased by a turtle.]
[Three weeks later, a robin is on a branch when it flies away as Robin snaps the branch in half. He returns to a clearing where Cyborg, Starfire, and Raven are waiting.]
Robin: I warned Beast Boy about coming into this hostile environment. We need to remember that Mother Nature is against us out here. We'll have to do whatever it takes to survive until we find Beast Boy. [Spots a butterfly and eats it.]
Cyborg: Gah! What'd you do that for?
Robin: Pure protein! Out here, you take every meal you can get. You never know when you'll eat again.
Raven: Okay, crazy, you just ate a sandwich five minutes ago.
Robin: [Eats another butterfly.]
Cyborg: Oh! Come on, man!
Robin: [Chewing the butterfly.] In the wild, any meal could be your last. [Spots another butterfly.]
Starfire: No, Robin, please!
Robin: [Eats another butterfly.] This forest is loaded with butterflies!
Beast Boy: [Shivering in the cold.] How am I supposed to connect with nature when it's so terrible! I'm cold. I'm hungry. [Notices a bunny.] Hey, bunny. How do you do it, bro? How do you survive out here? You're so cute and fluffy. [Bunny hops onto his lap.] I mean, how do you stay so meaty, bro? With those delicious ribs and juicy thighs. So thick and fat. [Bunny hops away.] Come here! [Chases the bunny.] Let me put you in my mouth! [Smacks into someone.] Ugh! Whoa! Wha-who are you?
Mother Nature: [Petting the bunny.] I am Mother Nature.
Beast Boy: Whoa.
[Cyborg, Starfire, and Raven are gathered around a campfire.]
Robin: [Jumping into a spot beside them, wearing torn pants and no shorts.] Titans!
Cyborg, Starfire, and Raven: Aah!
Robin: I have found some tracks belonging to Beast Boy. [Grabs and eats a butterfly.] Pure protein! Now, is everyone staying hydrated?
Starfire: I could use the liquid refreshment.
[Robin hands a canteen to Starfire and she, Raven, and Cyborg drink from it.]
Cyborg: Mmm, mmm, mmm. Where did this water come from? [Drinks more.]
Robin: From the lake.
[The lake is shown to be green with a dead frog, kissing fish, a dead fish, and a soda can among it. Cyborg spits out the water onto Robin and Starfire cleans her tongue.]
Raven: Ew.
Robin: We have to do what we have to do to survive in the wild! [Mimics bird sounds.]
Beast Boy: [With his clothes back on.] This place is making me crazy! I almost ate that adorable bunny. [Looks around for the bunny.] Hey, where did the bunny go?
Mother Nature: He's right there.
[A wolf is shown with the bunny in its mouth.]
Beast Boy: Huh! Robin was right. You are the worst mother ever.
Mother Nature: [Grabs a robin from the air.] WHAT DID YOU SAY ABOUT ME?
Beast Boy: Not that robin fool. How do you let your animals live in these conditions?
Mother Nature: [Throws the robin.] I'm a firm believer in survival of the fittest.
Beast Boy: But if you see your wolf kid eating your bunny kid, you've got to do something!
Mother Nature: I can't. It's the circle of life.
Beast Boy: You don't need any circles if you have taco stands.
Mother Nature: Tacos?
Beast Boy: Yeah, tacos! I've been out here for a while and I know exactly what this place needs.
[Robin tracks Beast Boy by licking water, knocking off trees, and spotting something through the bushes. Meanwhile, Raven, Starfire, and Cyborg are gathered around the campfire.]
Robin: Titans!
Raven: Gah!
Robin: I know what happened to Beast Boy!
Starfire: Where is he?
Robin: Follow me. [Jumps into the bushes and leads Starfire and Cyborg away.]
Raven: [Summons a bucket of water to douse the campfire and rejoins the team.]
Robin: He regained his instincts and can turn into animals again.
Starfire: Oh, that is the great news!
Robin: But, then, he got cocky. Prancing through the forest in the form of a deer, he had a fateful meeting with the majestic King Deer. They couldn't come to terms so Beast Boy challenged that deer to become Emperor of the Forest. Yes, it's all so very clear now!
Starfire: I do not understand. Where is the Beast Boy now?
Robin: This is Beast Boy. [Gestures to the skeletal remains of a deer.]
Cyborg and Starfire: No!
Raven: No. That's not him.
Robin: [Holding the deer's skull.] Poor, poor Beast Boy, you could never be Emperor of the Forest. Couldn't you see that? Why? Why did you challenge King Deer for his throne? Why?! Why?! He was just a boy!
[Robin, Cyborg, and Starfire cry over Beast Boy.]
Raven: Wow. Well, I'm ready to go back to the tower.
Mother Nature: Are you sure this will improve the forest?
Beast Boy: I guarantee it, mama! You don't even know. Now, let's ditch a couple of those trees.
Mother Nature: Okay.
[Mother Nature removes several groves of trees, leaving animals scattered across the forest floor.]
Beast Boy: See how that opens everything up? Now put some homes in there! [Mother Nature laughs as she constructs building and houses with her powers out of trees, quickly replacing the location of the removed trees.] Now we're cooking! Speaking of cooking, hook this place up with that taco stand yo! [Mother Nature replaces a house with a taco stand managed by a bear.] Now some billboards to advertise those tacos. [Billboards appear around the taco stand.] Now, do you see this? Look at that. [Gestures to the new city lifestyle of nature.] No one's eating anyone, everyone's got a roof over their head, and a good paying job. That's what I call nature! [Eats a taco.]
Mother Nature: This is so much better, Beast Boy. [Hugs Beast Boy.] How can I ever thank you?
Beast Boy: [Transforms into a bunny.] Whoa, look! I reconnected with nature. Literally, yo! My powers are back! [Transforms into a bat, a bird, a koala, and a butterfly.] That's what I'm talking about!
[A hand grabs Beast Boy.]
Robin: [Stuffs Beast Boy into his mouth, shocking Cyborg, Raven, Starfire, and Mother Nature.] Pure protein!

Episode ends.

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