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Mother Mae-Eye
Mother Mae-Eyejh9119
Name Mother Mae-Eye
Sex Female
Species Witch
Enemies Teen Titans
Grandma Voice (Ghost)
Occupation Villainess Baker
Residence Jump City
Voiced By Billie Hayes
Quote1 Sweet Marlene! you're not even a grandma! Quote2
--Mother- Mae Eye

Mother Mae Eye (1)
Mother Mae-Eye and pie

Mother Mae-Eye is a villain in Teen Titans Go! who made her debut in Pie Bros. Like in the original cartoon, she is voiced by Billie Hayes.


Mother mae eye 2

Mother Mae-Eye as a seemingly harmless old lady

Mother Mae-Eye first appeared in the episode Pie Bros. In the episode, Mother Mae-Eye runs her own pie shop. One day, when the Titans were eating, Raven jokingly tells the team that she has heard that the secret ingredient in Mother Mae-Eye's pies is people. Later she is hypnotizing a elderly man, then taking him to the kitchen. Soon afterwards, she is again seen taking a worker of hers. We later see her hypnotizing Robin, Starfire and Raven at Cyborg's birthday party, taking them to her kitchen to dump them in her oven. At the end of the episode we see her tied up by the Titans, who are missing some pieces of clothes because she had attempted to cook the three Titans into pies, however the pies were made entirely out of clothes.

Powers and Abilities

  • Mind Control: She hypnotizes the Teen Titans, also bakes people into pies with it.
  • Telekinesis: She lifts up an old man with her mind powers.
  • Cooking: She is apparently an amazing cook, with gruesome special ingredients.
  • Ray Gun: In Grandma Voice, she is seen using a rolling pin to shoot red beams of light.

Episode Appearances

Season 1



  • She was originally a villain in the original Teen Titans series, where she hypnotized the Titans into thinking she was their mother by constantly feeding them magicial pies.
  • She is the first of the Titans' enemies to return from the original series.
  • Her old lady disguise is very similar to her disguise in the original series. Her true form, however, is much different.
  • Her name is an obvious reference to the children's game "Mother, May I?".
  • This version of Mother Mae-Eye appears to have been inspired by wikipedia:Sweeney Todd:Sweeney Todd who also bakes pies out of people.
  • In a DC animated short called "Mayhem at First Sight", she was nearly married to Mumbo after they tore up Jump City together. They were defeated by the Titans before they got to say "I do".
  • The oven that Mother Mae-Eye cooks in the rectangular part resembles to Olmic from Legends of the hidden temple.
  • She is similar to the witch in the story, Hansel and Gretel.


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