Monkey Army
Song by Mojo Jojo, Beast Boy and Cyborg
Released: Thursday, June 30, 2016
Venue: Jump City
Mojo Jojo's lair
Length: 00:49
Previous: When a Fan Is the Man
Next: Five Whole Days
Teen Titans Go! Monkey Army00:49

Teen Titans Go! Monkey Army

Monkey Army is a song sung during Mojo Jojo's creation of his army of monkeys in "TTG v PPG".


Mojo Jojo:

Monkey army

Monkey, monkey army (x2)

Mon-mon-monkey. (x2)

Mon (x6)

It's an army.

There are monkeys, and it's an army

Monkey army

Monkey, monkey army (x2)


Beast Boy and Cyborg:

Monkey party

Monkey, monkey party (x2)



  • Cyborg's voice is quite not heard in the reprise version of this song, but he is still singing.
  • In the credits, the song was titled "Monkey Song" but interestingly though Michael Jelenic announced the song is named "Monkey Army". 

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