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Mean What'cha Say
Mean What'cha Say
Raven explaining common expressions to Starfire
Song by Raven and the Demon
Released: Thursday, August 21, 2014
Venue: Starfire's bedroom
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Mean what you say-Raven song (Teen Titans Go!)00:53

Mean what you say-Raven song (Teen Titans Go!)

Mean What'cha Say was a song performed by Raven when she tried to explain how common expressions work to Starfire in the episode "Knowledge."


Raven: You see Star, it's all about adding a little style to what'cha tryin' to say, here's how you do it...

Don't say what'cha mean
But mean what'cha say!
It sounds complicated, but,
It's easy in every way!

Don't say yo' goin' to sleep, Nuh-uh!
Instead your catchin' "Z's"
Never say that things are easy, No!
Just say that things-a' 'breeze!

Instead-a' sayin' watch how ya' spend,
Say money don't grow on trees!
You see, you say what'cha gotta say, everyday,
With STYLE, that's the key!

Don't say what'cha mean!
But mean what'cha say!
It's not that complicated, No!
It's easy in every way!

(Piano Solo)

Raven: Uh-huh!
You got this!


  • This song, including both the animation and the style, are a parody of School House Rock.

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