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Matched 112b
Season: 1
Episode: 12b
Original Airdate: Wednesday, September 11, 2013
Premiere Time: 7:30 PM
Produced By: Aaron Horvath
Michael Jelenic
Written By: Steve Borst
Directed By: Luke Cormican
Production Code: 112b
Previous Episode: Burger vs. Burrito
Next Episode: Colors of Raven
DC Nation - Teen Titans Go! - 01:07

DC Nation - Teen Titans Go! - "Matched" (clip)

"Matched" is Teen Titans Go! Season 1, Episode 12b, and the 24th overall episode of the series.


Cyborg’s Love Matcher 5000 program pairs Raven with Beast Boy and Starfire with Aquaman. While Beast Boy does everything he can to get Raven to fall in love with him, Robin tries to be more like Aquaman to win Starfire’s heart.


The episode starts out with Beast Boy and Raven playing an "intense" game of chess. Beast Boy complains about how boring the game is. Raven floats off to meditate, while Beast Boy interrupts her with all of his crazy animal shenanigans. Raven becomes frustrated, coming at Beast Boy with her demonic powers. Suddenly, Robin enters the scene with Cyborg. Cyborg shows off his new device, a Love Matcher 5000 program. Robin gets excited, trying it out first. Robin puts Starfire's name in, and the Matcher matches her up with Aquaman. Robin gets upset, beating on the Love Matcher 5000 program. Beast boy approaches the Matcher, seeing his name and icon on the screen of the Matcher, he assumes it is his turn. The matcher spins through a couple of heroes until it lands on Raven. Everyone is shocked on how the Matcher picked the two, even Raven. Raven, believing it was a mistake, was corrected by Cyborg saying that computers never lie. However, Beast Boy believes in this program. Making it change everything about how Beast Boy felt, he gazes over at Raven with 'heart shaped' eyes. Raven's exact words are, "You can't actually be taking this seriously." Beast Boy just walked up to her, wrapping an arm around her neck, telling her that he wanted to give 'them' a chance. Raven, feeling uncomfortable, swatted him with her demonic tentacle and Beast Boy is now knocked out.

The camera pans into the Titan Tower, revealing Raven approaching the refrigerator, obviously getting food. Closing the fridge door, Beast Boy is revealed, wearing shades, a 'greaser' kind of look. Raven is shocked, dropping the bowl of food she was getting, after seeing him in that attire. Beast Boy fails as he tries to flirt with her, using a power she hadn't ever possessed for a flirt. Beast Boy making up cheesy lines (calling her mama) as Raven questioned his attire, only to be slapped with a demonic tentacle for the fifth time.

Starfire, reading the Aquaman series as Cyborg walks in, mentioning her and Aquaman, Starfire exclaims that she gives no credit to the 'Love Matcher 5000 program.' Starfire then mentions her thoughts of Aquaman, letting her eyes scroll down the poster that flipped out from the book. Giggling as she admires how he looks with his shirt discarded, she then puts the book down to see Robin, in his swimwear. Cyborg darts over to Robin, complaining about how he looks, Starfire, notices how he is wearing no shirt or pants. Cyborg overaggressive, exclaiming that 'he is going blind.' Starfire then stands/flies up from the couch, floating away from Robin, telling him that she needs to feed Silkie. Robin decides to use his muscles, showing her the exits to the room with his "pecks." Cyborg then begins to fly around the room, panicking about how pale Robin is. 

The scene has now moved onto Raven, in her bed, reading a demonic book. Beast Boy, in the form of a dove flies in her room, dropping a rose on top of her head. Raven destroys the flower, watching as "the dove" perched on her book. Beast Boy then picks up a French accent, exclaiming a poem about him and the annoyed Raven (You are a Raven and I am a dove. And even though we are different we are meant to be in love). Romantic music plays in the background as Beast Boy flies up and creates a heart with his wings as he finished his poem. Raven's eyes glow red, squishing Beast Boy in her book, laying him on the ground at the end of her bed. Beast Boy complains about how long it actually took him to come up with the work, Raven only coming back with a negative comment. Beast Boy hops onto the bed with her, forming into a horse, suggesting that she have a romantic horse back ride. Raven's response, a demonic slap to the face.

However, Robin is in his room configuring a plan to become more like Aquaman, he then creates what is called a 'fish suit.' Cyborg then walks down the hall whistling the same tune Robin whistles while walking away with his "New Staff" in Staff Meeting. Cyborg is then caught off guard by the smell of fish, demanding to know what the smell is. Robin, exits his room, approaching the titan demanding the smell. Once Cyborg discovers what the smell is, he darts away, complaining about how bad the smell is. Starfire then greets Robin from behind, only to be greeted with a 'hey Star' and the smell of rotten fish. The rotten smell causes Star to be knocked out and unconscious. And in the end, as Robin requests if she smells something she likes, a fish suddenly slides from his head onto her face.

Raven then appears to be meditating only to be interrupted by Beast Boy knocking on the door. She tells him to go away but instead he turns into a snake to get in and explains to her he's never given up on anything only for Raven to prove him wrong. Beast Boy then asks Raven to tell him one thing that won't make their relationship work, to which Raven responds with a list of all the things she dislikes about him. Beast Boy takes it the wrong way and states that no one knows him like she does, he moves in close to her and puckers up for a kiss only for Raven to smack him away.

Robin is then in his room studying Aquaman and learns he can talk to marine life. The scene switches to him in a shark thank placed in the living room. Starfire and Cyborg arrive to the scene in the elevator where Cyborg angrily questions Robin about the shark tank, Robin responds with chicks dig guys who can communicate with fish obviously directing the response to Starfire. As Robin keeps blabbering away he gets attacked but the sharks saying it was a mus-communication, Starfire asks Cyborg if they should help him but Cyborg decides to let Robin talk his way out and walks away.

Starfire floats into the kitchen where she sees Raven teleporting herself there boarding up the door and sealing the windows. Starfire asks Raven what's wrong and she tells her Beast Boy won't leave her alone ever since Cyborg's computer matched her with him, Starfire asks if Raven believes the computer only for her to respond the she wants a guy that thinks and acts like her. Just at that moment Beast Boy floats in wears Raven's robe and a rope tied to the ceiling greeting Raven and Starfire with an emotionless face. Raven catches his act and cuts his rope then Beast Boy gets desperate and asks her to give him a chance where he shows her his black painted nails, but Raven angrily states that she wants nothing to do with him ever. She locks her rude gaze with his depressed one, only for her's to change into a sad and guilty face, as she saw that she truly broke his heart. She drops her rude gaze and her eyes start to water as she reminisces three moments that won her heart; dressing up as a greaser, reciting a poem in the form of a dove and especially the last one of him showing that he can be just like her by resorting to painting his nails black and wearing Raven's emo-like bathrobe/hoodie combo. She realized he at least was trying and willing to change and didn't even complain once about Cyborg's matchmaker. She smiles lovingly and tells him she'll try and make it work Beast Boy cries tears of joy and asks her to marry him, which she is startled at first but happy about the idea.

On the roof of the tower, Raven realizes that she and Beast Boy were meant for each other and walks up the isle passing Starfire and Aquaman on one side and a Robin (jealous of Aquaman) on the other side to meet Beast Boy at the alter joining hands. Beast Boy tells Raven he's never been so happy and just as they're about to share their first kiss Cyborg interrupts it saying there was a teeny tiny little glitch in his match making program; ruining everything, which Raven worries that she might not be Beast Boy's ideal match; only for that to be confirmed his real match is a scratching post  leaving Raven annoyed as Beast Boy starts flirting with one. Robin then realizes that Starfire's match being Aquaman was also a glitch but Cyborg confirms her's to also be a scratching post. The episode ends with Starfire fighting with Beast Boy for the scratching post, Cyborg trying to fix the glitch in his program, making it explode, Robin is in Aquaman's arms and both of them are crying over Starfire, and Raven is disappointed and ends the episode by saying, "Why do I even try?"



  • This is the first episode to air in its new timeslot, which aired on Wednesday nights at 7:30 PM.
  • Raven says Beast Boy gives up on everything, however, in this episode and in "Terra-ized", Beast Boy apparently never gives up on love.
  • Silkie is, apparently, an ordained priest.
  • The marriage ceremony of Beast Boy and Raven lasts eleven seconds exactly (in reference that each episode is eleven minutes long) before Cyborg interrupts them. 
  • Cyborg interrupting Beast Boy and Raven wedding, it could be a tribute to the old show when sometimes Beast Boy and Raven were having some touching moments and Cyborg interrupts them.
  • This is the second episode about Beast Boy and Raven's relationship ("Terra-ized") and Robin's crush on Starfire ("The Date").
  • Slade, an arch-enemy of the Titans, was rumored to appear in this episode, but didn't appear.
  • This is the sixth episode with a one-word title ("Ghostboy", "Gorilla", "Parasite", "Starliar", "Terra-ized").


  • When Robin was searching for Starfire's Profile in the Love Matcher 5000, it appears that Batman and Flash have a profile too.
  • When Beast Boy finds out that the Love Matcher 5000 matches him up with Raven, he goes into a love pose and his eyes turned heart-shaped. During this, he resembles when Himespetchi, a character from the Japanese anime Tamagotchi, daydreamt about Mametchi, the main character of the anime/Himespetchi's crush.


  • This is the second episode where Robin impersonates as a super hero to impress Starfire. The first time is when he impersonate Speedy in "The Date."
  • In "Parasite", Robin was highly secretive of pictures of him in tight black shorts and nothing else, however in "Matched" he seemed to not have a problem walking around semi nude wearing the same shorts in front of Starfire regardless that it was making her uncomfortable.
  • While Cyborg walks down the hall, he whistles the same tune Robin whistles while walking away with his "New Staff" in "Staff Meeting."
  • Music originating from "The Date" and music played in "Starliar", "Tower Power", and "Artful Dodgers" also plays in this episode. This music (also played in "Laundry Day" and "Staff Meeting") plays when Beast Boy says the Love Matcher 5000 matching him up to Raven could change everything. Starliar's music plays before Raven slaps Beast Boy's sunglasses off his face when he pretends to be a greaser. Tower Power's music plays when Raven thinks about Beast Boy in a montage of him warming up to her before she tells him that she wants their relationship to work, and music from "Artful Dodgers" plays at the very end of the episode.
  • When Beast Boy and Raven were getting married, Beast Boy has the same hairstyle he wore in the beginning of "Girl's Night Out."
  • This is the second time Raven loses to someone (Beast Boy) doing puppy dog eyes. The first time was in "Girl's Night Out" by Starfire.


  • When we see Cyborg trying to repair the computer, Beast Boy and Starfire fighting, and Aquaman and Robin crying, Silkie is gone.
  • When Cyborg introduces his Love Matcher 5000 to Beast Boy and Raven, he says it matches them with their "Superhero Mate". But in the end, Cyborg matches Starfire and Beast Boy with a scratching post. Although it could be because Cyborg's program kept getting errors.
  • Raven makes a move in chess that isn't possible.


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