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Little Buddies
Little buddies title 123a
Season: 1
Episode: 23a
Original Airdate: Wednesday, March 19, 2014
Premiere Time: 7:30 PM
Produced By: Aaron Horvath
Michael Jelenic
Written By: John Loy
Directed By: Luke Cormican
Production Code: 123a
Previous Episode: In and Out
Next Episode: Missing
Teen Titans Go! Episode 45 Little Buddies Clip01:29

Teen Titans Go! Episode 45 Little Buddies Clip

"Little Buddies" is Teen Titans Go! Season 1, Episode 23a, and the 45th overall episode of the series.


Tired of being the only one of the Titans without a little buddy sidekick, Cyborg adopts Brother Blood's henchman, Pain Bot, and sneaks him into the tower. Now Cyborg just has to keep the other Pain Bot from harming the other Titans


The Teen Titans confront Brother Blood in the streets of Jump City at night. They easily manage to bombard him with attacks until the villain presses a button on his remote which summons Pain Bot, which intimidates the Titans. Robin volunteers to combat the robot as the others cower in fear watching their leader get pummeled. They weakly decide to help, but are all captured and tortured by Pain Bot. Starfire successfully shoots Pain Bot with her eye blasts, crippling him. Robin orders Beast Boy to distract Pain Bot by using his face as bait and throws a birdarang at Brother Blood, seemingly killing him and destroying the remote. Beast Boy asks if his face is fine, but lifts his head to reveal it is disfigured. Pain Bot slowly comes up to the Titans scaring them except for Robin who reveals that the robot is harmless without the remote. Cyborg approaches the robot who weakly claims all it knows is pain. Saddened as a result, Cyborg sneaks Pain Bot into his room for repairs despite the others telling him not to.

In his room, Cyborg screws in Pain Bot's control panel and replaces its bulb before deciding to adopt the robot as his little buddy. Outside, he throws a baseball which Pain Bot catches and throws back, but breaks half of Cyborg's face off. He sneaks Pain Bot past Raven in the living room and drags it away as the robot attempts to maim her. Exiting the kitchen, Pain Bot spots Beast Boy playing video games and fires lasers which misses, but is dragged away by Cyborg. While walking down the hallway, Cyborg hides Pain Bot behind his back as the robot activates its weaponry. Robin walks by, but quickly flees in terror after seeing the violent gadgets. Later, on the couch, Raven asks the Titans if they had seen Beast Boy to which Starfire replies that his screams and metal pounding were emitting from the kitchen. Cyborg realizes Pain Bot must be attacking Beast Boy and attempts to stop the Titans from investigating. Robin orders the Titans to follow the blood and meat chunks into the kitchen and spot Beast Boy crying in pain as Pain Bot had put pepperoni in his pizza despite him being a vegetarian.

Robin orders Cyborg to explain about Pain Bot's being in the Tower. Cyborg angrily yells that he hates not having a little buddy like Silkie to Starfire, but Robin replies no one has a little buddy until Birdarang reveals itself. The Titans claim that their buddies aren't dangerous, but Cyborg reminds them that Beast Boy adopted a wolf named Dave, who proceeds to eat meat out of the refrigerator. He also tells them that Pain Bot isn't a carnivorous demon like the Demon and pleads for a chance to show them Pain Bot's good side. The Titans awe over the robot until it grabs Robin and beats him in the living room prompting Starfire, Beast Boy, and Raven to tell Cyborg to get rid of Pain Bot. At a bus stop, Cyborg sadly watches as Pain Bot boards a bus and the two sing about their pain. The robotic Titan resolves to get the robot back and returns to the Tower.

The two reunited buddies eat Bat-O's as the Titans confront Cyborg for bringing Pain Bot back. Cyborg replies he doesn't care and will only do so if the others get rid of their little buddies. Starfire retorts that she will not give up Silkie as Dave drags Robin into the living room to maul him. As such, Cyborg decides to have a Little Buddy Showdown, where the victor remains the only little buddy residing in the Tower. At a rink, Pain Bot faces against Dave and frightens the wolf with its weaponry. Its next opponent, Foul Demon, punches the robot, but the robot squashes the demon underneath a powerful punching glove. Robin tells Talking Birdarang and Beat Box to execute their practiced maneuver, but the two begin to dance and are destroyed by Pain Bot. Multiple rounds pass with the Universe Tree being burned and Super Robin killed by a laser. Cyborg deems Pain Bot the winner, but Starfire reminds him of Silkie. The robotic Titan laughs at Silkie claiming he has no chance, but the larva roars and swallows Pain Bot in one gulp. The other Titans cower in fear as Cyborg vouches to get rid of Silkie due to being too dangerous.




  • All the Little Buddies were together for the first time.
    • All the little buddies have made several appearances prior to this episode, except Dave who made his debut in this episode.
    • Pain Bot and Silkie are revealed to be the strongest Little Buddies.
      • The Demon and Dave are most likely the next strongest.
  • Super Robin, Beat Box, and Universe Staff are the only little buddies to "die" in the episode.
  • Although Beat Box and Birdarang were partly created from Cyborg's possessions, Robin inherits both as his Little Buddies.
  • Each Titan apparently has their own "Little Buddy", but Robin has the most, having four little buddies.




  • Robin apparently murders Brother Blood in the battle with the Titans, despite him making a vow with Batman to never kill.
    • However, it is proven Brother Blood has survived this encounter, as he appears alive and healthy in "Baby Hands."
  • Cyborg doesn't malfunction while singing in the rain during Pain.
  • Despite being half human, Cyborg shouldn't have bled after shaking hands/swords with pain bot, since both of his hands are metal, not human.
  • When Cyborg and Pain Bot shook hands, and Cyborg said "Aw. I'm bleeding." his blood is green instead of red. However, since he's half robot, he could have been bleeding oil.


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