Life is Sad
Song by Raven
Released: Wednesday, January 15, 2014
Venue: Titans Tower
Previous: So Wrong
Next: Peace and Love
Teen Titans Go! - Life Is Sad Song00:25

Teen Titans Go! - Life Is Sad Song

Life is Sad is a song in "Legs" sung by Raven while she was showering.


Raven: Life is sad

My dad is bad


Too many things make me mad

Oh lalalala...

Oh lalalala...


  • This is the second song that doesn't have music accompaniment. The others are I'm a Genius, and the others are the Shower Song, Work It Out, and Baby Bird.
  • This is also the second song to be sung in the shower, the first one being Shower Song.
  • This is the first song Raven has sung by herself.

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