Legendary Sandwich of Power is a mythical sandwich of great magical power and strength. It is the very first fabled folktale read by Raven from her book of Ancient Legends. Once finished, it was eaten by Silkie who may be gained great mystical strength and abilities, but none have been even displayed by him.


According to its tale of myth, it was made by a very powerful sandwich wizard, who had wanted to please the King. As it was far too powerful, the ingredients were separated and hidden in four different corners of the cosmos.

  • Tomato - Hidden in the vastness of outer space, Starfire flew to the world where it was and retrieved it.
  • Lettuce - Beast Boy found it deep underground. He fought Sandwich Guardian and lost his teeth doing so.
  • Bacon - Cyborg faced its Sandwich Guardian and had his left arm broke off in the process.
  • Pretzel Bread - Found at the Supermarket, this is the final ingredient. Robin had practically waited in line for quite a long time to pay for it.


  • It was then that Raven began to believe that all of the folktales and myths in her book were indeed true.