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Quote1 You are waiting for the cash reward aren't you? Quote2
--Killer Moth in Missing

Killer Moth is a supervillain and common adversary of the Teen Titans who made his debut in "Missing." He is voiced by Scott Menville.


Killer Moth, an enemy of both the Teen Titans and Batman, is the father of Kitten. He is a super villain who studies mutations as an entomologist. Killer Moth's ultimate goal is to rule Jump City with his army of mutated moths. He originally created Silkie along with many other moth larve, but all of the moths were either destroyed or missing, except for Silkie, who became the Titans' pet and mascot after they defeated him. His weapon is a prismatic whip.

In "Missing", Killer Moth unleashes an army of moths upon Jump City. However, before they can even get to the city, they are all smashed by the T-Plane, which was on its way to Killer Moth's Lair. The Titans reveal Silkie to Killer Moth, who had recently put out a reward for his return. Killer Moth thanks them and pays them, and starts cuddling Silkie. At first, Killer Moth seems to really care about Silkie, until he throws him in a vat of chemicals to transform him into a killing machine. Much to his disappointment, Silkie transforms into a gigantic, friendly worm who can talk. Silkie refuses to kill Starfire and Raven, like Killer Moth ordered him to. Killer Moth angrily walks away, avoiding arrest.

Episode Appearances

Season 1

Season 3

Season 4

Appearances in other Media



  • Killer Moth's face slightly metallic-looking.
  • Killer Moth is the second Batman villain to appear in Teen Titans Go!, the first being Killer Croc.
  • Killer Moth was a villain in the original series.
  • In the original series episode "Date with Destiny", Killer Moth threatened to destroy the city if Robin did not go to the prom with his daughter, Kitten. Or which he first called Larva M3-19.
  • He was the one who created Silkie.
  • Killer Moth is the second character to not have their original voice actor reprise their role. The first was Speedy. And the third would later be The Brain.
  • He is the seventeenth villain from the original series to return.
  • Killer Moth was voiced by Thomas Haden Church (Season 2.) and Marc Worden (Season 3.) in the original series.
  • He does'nt make an appearance (not even a reference or mentioned) in Season 2.
  • Killer Moth seems to find the Titans attractive, seen in the episode "Croissant".
  • Killer Moth apparently has a habit of just going to bed whenever he's defeated, as he's done so in both 'Missing" and "Croissant".
  • The reason he became a villain in the first place was because he was always made fun of how he looked, as revealed in "Croissant".

Voice in other languages

  • Gábor Forgács (Hungarian)
  •  ? (Italian)
  • Pavel Sârghi (Romanian)
  • Jakub Szydłowski (Polish)
  • Michel Vigney (French)


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Killer moth
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