The Justice League is a superhero team that will protect the world (mainly America). There are many members, including Batman and Superman. The Justice League is often the focus of DC Comics an
d movies.

Not many many members of the the Justice League appear in this series. However, there are many references to the Justice League sprinkled throughout the show.


Characters who appear in Teen Titans Go! have their names written in bold.

Superhero Name Real Name Source Occupation
Batman Bruce Wayne [1] Leader
Superman Kal-El (birth)
Clark Joseph Kent (legal name)
Cyborg Victor Stone
The Flash Barry Allen

Wally West

Martian Manhunter J'onn J'ozz [4]
Wonder Woman Princess Diana (Diana Prince) [5]
Green Lantern Corp. Hal Jordan
John Stewart

Guy Gardner
Kyle Rayner
Simon Baz
Jessica Cruz

Hawkwoman Shayera Thal [7]
Aquaman King Arthur Curry [8]
Green Arrow Oliver Queen [9]
Black Canary Dinah Lance [10]
Red Tornado John Smith [11]
S.H.A.Z.A.M Billy Batson [12]
Captain Atom Nathaniel Adam [13]
Atom Raymond Palmer [14]
Zatara Giovanni Zatara [15]
Dr. Fate Kent Nelson [16]
Icon Augustus Freeman [17]
Black Lightning Jefferson Pierce [18]
Plastic Man Patrick O'Brian [19]
Hawkman Carter Hall [20]
Congorilla (N-E) Congorilla [21]
Donna Troy (N-E) Donna Hinckley Stacy Troy [22]
Jesse Quick (N-E) Jesse Chambers [23]
Jade (N-E) Jennifer-Lynn Hayden [24]
Starman (N-E) Mikaal Thomas [25]
Supergirl (N-E) Kara-Zor-El [26]
Vixen (N-E) Mari McCabe [27]
Goldrush (N-E) Unkown [28]
Atomica (N-E) Rhonda Pineda [29]
Element Woman (N-E) Emily Sung [30]
Firestorm (N-E) Jason Rusch
Ronnie Raymond
Captain Cold (N-E) Leonard Shart [33]
August General in Iron (N-E) Fang Zhifu [34]
Fire (N-E) Beatriz da Costa [35]
Godiva (N-E) Dora Leigh [36]
Ice (N-E) Tora Olafsdotter [37]
OMAC (N-E) Kevin Kho [38]
Rocket Red (N-E) Gavril Ivanovich [39]
Red Lantern (N-E) Guy Gardner [40]
Constantine (N-E) John Constantine [41]
I, Vampire (N-E) Andrew Bennett [42]
Deadman (N-E) Boston Brand [43]
Amethyst (N-E) Amaya [44]
Madame Xanadu (N-E) Nimue Inwudu [45]
Nightmare Nurse (N-E) Asa [46]
Swamp Thing (N-E) Alec Holland [47]
Mindwarp (N-E) Jay Young [48]
Shade the Changing Man (N-E) Rac Shade [49]
Doctor Mist (N-E) Nommo Balewa [50]
Frankenstein (N-E) Frankenstein [51]
Black Orchid (N-E) Alba Garcia [52]
Pandora (N-E) Pandora [53]
Zauriel (N-E) Zauriel [54]
Phantom Stranger (N-E) Judas Iscariot [55]
Amanda Waller (N-E) Amanda Waller [56]
Steve Trevor (N-E) Steve Howard Trevor [57]
Katana (N-E) Tatsu Toro [58]
Stargirl (N-E) Courtney Whitmore [59]
Vibe (N-E) Francisco Ramon [60]
Alanna Strange (N-E) Alanna Lewis [61]
Animal Man (N-E) Alanna Lewis [62]
Equinox (N-E) Miiyahbin Marten [63]
Adam Strange (N-E) Himself [64]
Elongated Man (N-E) Ralph Dibny [65]
Gispy (N-E) Cynthia Reynolds [66]
Steel (N-E) Henry Heywood III [67]
Crimson Fox (N-E) Constance D'Aramis
Vivian D'Aramis
Doctor Light (N-E) Kimiyo Hoshi [69]
Metamorpho (N-E) Rex Mason [70]
G'nort (N-E) G'nort Esplanade Gneesmacher [71]
Big Sir (N-E) Dufus P. Ratchet [72]
Clock King (N-E) William Tockman [73]
The Cluemaster (N-E) Arthur Brown [74]


  • Throughout Teen Titans Go!, the Justice League has been mentioned and referenced numerous times and most of the time by the Teen Titans. Few examples;
    • In "Two Parter", each of the Titans dressed up as one of the members; Cyborg as Green Lantern, Robin as Batman, Starfire as The Flash, Raven as Wonder Woman and Beast Boy as Martian Manhunter.
    • In "Classic Titans", the Justice League made a small cameo on the Titans' TV, referencing the Justice League cartoon from the 1960s as part of Control Freak's example of a classic superhero cartoon.
  • Wonder Woman, Aquaman, Superman and Batman all appear as judges in the special two-part episode, "Justice League's Next Top Talent Idol Star".


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