Jump City Cinemas 12 is a theater in downtown Jump City, featured in the episode Beast Man. The current premier that the cinema was playing in the segment was Death Toilet 3, which the Teen Titans are hoping to watch.


The Titans were all pumped up as they waited in line at the Jump City Cinema 12 for the third sequel of Death Toilet. However, Raven stopped their cravin' when she pointed out that the movie was for adult audiences only, to be more specific, +45. The Titans went back to the Tower, disgusted with adults.

However, when Beast Boy transformed into the grownup-like Beast Man, Robin speculates that now they should be able to view the movie, since they're now accompanied by an "adult".

The return the theater, and this time they are allowed to watch their movie. After Death Toilet 3 ends, the Titans are all exhilarated in their seats, ready to go on more adult orientated adventures.


The outside of the movie theater has many posters of Death Toilet 3, as well as a ticket booth. Just your standard cinema stuff. Up above is a sign displaying the theater's name.

Inside of Jump City Cinema 12 is a giant screen for viewers to watch the movie. Many rows of scarlet chairs line the theater. it's unknown if there's more than one screen, but it's presumed so.