Island Adventure
Island Adventure Song TTG
Song by Peter Rida Michail
Released: Friday, August 5, 2016
Venue: Deserted Island
Length: 0:42
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Teen Titans Go Island Adventures Island Song!00:42

Teen Titans Go Island Adventures Island Song!

Island Adventure Teen Titans Go! Cartoon Network-001:52

Island Adventure Teen Titans Go! Cartoon Network-0

Island Adventure is a song sung about the Titans activities they did on the deserted island in "The Titans Show" of the "Island Adventures" special.


We found dinosaurs, had a dino fight

Watched a bamboo rocket blow like dynamite

Baked coconut pies, you know the kind you like

Hung with a millionaire and his millionaire wife

TV made of co-co-nut, remote made of co-co-nut!

President was a co-co-nut!

Island Adventure!

This here is a coconut, that there is a coconut, this is not a coconut!

Island Adventure!

There was a magic cat that spit rainbows and my man Beast Boy had the illest flow

We were hunted by an alien for our skulls, bro, ate pure protein, and had a fashion show

Volleyball (with a face on it), basketball (with a face on it), football (with a face on it)!

Island Adventure!

Hockey stick (with a face on it), baseball (with a face on it), pirate skull (with a face on it)!

Island Adventure!

We discovered that the island is actually fake, that tree right there is actually fake!

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