Island Adventure is a song sung about the Titans activities they did on the deserted island in "The Titans Show" of the "Island Adventures" special.

Island Adventure
Island Adventure Song TTG
Song by Peter Rida Michail
Released: Friday, August 5, 2016
Venue: Deserted Island
Length: 0:42
Previous: Got Go!
Next: Booty Scooty Dance
Teen Titans Go Island Adventures Island Song!00:42

Teen Titans Go Island Adventures Island Song!

Island Adventure Teen Titans Go! Cartoon Network-001:52

Island Adventure Teen Titans Go! Cartoon Network-0


We found dinosaurs, had a dino fight

Watched a bamboo rocket blow like dynamite

Baked coconut pies, you know the kind you like

Hung with a millionaire and his millionaire wife

TV made of co-co-nut, remote made of co-co-nut!

President was a co-co-nut!

Island Adventure!

This here is a coconut, that there is a coconut, this is not a coconut!

Island Adventure!

There was a magic cat that spit rainbows and my man Beast Boy had the illest flow

We were hunted by an alien for our skulls, bro, and ate pure protein and had a fashion show

Volleyball (with a face on it), basketball (with a face on it), football (with a face on it)!

Island Adventure!

Hockey stick (with a face on it), baseball (with a face on it), pirate skull (with a face on it)!

Island Adventure!

We discovered that the island is actually fake, that tree right there is actually fake!

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