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Hey Pizza!
Hey Pizza!
Season: 1
Episode: 6a
Original Airdate: Tuesday, June 4, 2013
Premiere Time: 7:30 PM
Produced By: Aaron Horvath
Michael Jelenic
Written By: Amy Wolfram
Directed By: Luke Cormican
Production Code: 106a
Previous Episode: La Larva de Amor
Next Episode: Gorilla
Teen Titans Go! - 'Hey Pizza!' Clip-001:49

Teen Titans Go! - 'Hey Pizza!' Clip-0

"Hey Pizza!" is Teen Titans Go! Season 1, Episode 6a, and the 11th overall episode of the series.


Cyborg and Beast Boy want to get a free pizza in over 30 minutes, but the delivery boy is seemingly unstoppable. It is becoming a bit of a challenge as an all-out war of wits between them erupts. Meanwhile, Robin struggles to decide whether to build a senior center or a pool (most likely to see Starfire in a bikini).


It is an immensely hot day, both outside and inside Titans Tower. Beast Boy and Silkie are sweating profusely, so they find something cold to put on themselves, but they end up melting. They then head outside, but it's so hot they van barely move and slowly trundle forwards. Beast Boy opens up his umbrella to give him and Silkie some shade, but it catches on fire and smoulders into ashes. He then uses a hand fan, but it suffers the same fate, just as Silkie begins to dehydrate. Beast Boy and Silkie take a dip in an inflatable circular portable pool, and Silkie gets re-hydrated. However the heat boils the water, burning Beast Boy and Silkie, before evaporating altogether.

Raven is watching Cyborg fix the air conditioner. She does it herself, just as Robin walks in. Robin comments on how Cyborg did his job well, and tells the Titans that they are building a Senior Center. However, his opinion changes when Starfire remarks that she purchased a bikini "on the line" and wear it at a pool, prompting Robin to build the pool. Beast Boy flirtatiously asks Raven (as he wiggles his eyebrows at her) if she is going to buy a bathing suit too. Raven lets him know that her cloak is her bathing suit. Beast Boy scans Raven and her cloak, and calls it "hot".

Cyborg and Beast Boy are watching television when they see an ad for Zippy's Pizza. They decide to delay the pizza so that they can get it for free. Always cheating. Yet no matter how much they try to delay the pizza boy, despite robot-sharks, laser barriers, missile barrages and the fact the tower is 45 minutes away from the Pizzeria he always gets their in time. They resort to an orbital laser cannon and destroy the place, realizing what they did seconds later only to be relieved when the delivery guy is fine.

Later, at the opening of the Senior Center, when the Pizza boy arrived, an old man told him that it has been 31 minutes, which meant the Pizza boy was late, and therefore he got free pizza. This causes Cyborg and Beast Boy to have a extreme nervous breakdown after their many attempts to get free Pizza.



  • This is the first time the thermometer has displayed a temperature other than 72-73 °F, being 103 °F in this episode.
  • It's revealed the Titans Tower computers are capable of hacking into the Jump City traffic lights and railway crossings.
  • Everyone forgets that they have a swimming pool at the bottom of the island of the Titan Tower, which was shown in "La Larva de Amor" although it is very small and isn't a community pool. It was also shown at the beginning of the episode.
  • It is revealed that Silkie enjoys feeding on pizza.
  • This is the second episode that had two plots mixed into it, the first one being "La Larva de Amor".
    • Beast Boy and Cyborg trying to get free pizza.
    • Robin deciding rather he should build a Senior center (because it's the right thing to do) or a community pool (just to see Starfire in a bikini).
  • This episode aired before La Larva de Amor in the UK.
  • Raven was only in the beginning of the episode, but absent for the rest of it. This marks the first time where a main character was absent for that long.
  • The title of this episode is based on the catchphrase the delivery man says when he delivered the pizza.
  • Despite being male, Starfire bought Silkie a bikini.


  • When Beast Boy and Cyborg pay for the pizzas, the money has Lex Luthor on it.
    • This would mean that Luthor is deceased, as only dead figures are eligible for being on bills. However, it should be remembered that Luthor has immense political power and was probably able to strong-arm the government into putting his face on money.
  • A store called "Lil' Alfred's Toy Cave" is blown up by Cyborg's drone in Jump City. This is an obvious nod to Bruce Wayne/Batman's famed butler Alfred Pennyworth. The shop's sign shows Alfred sitting in a mini 1960's era Batmobile.
  • The missiles Beast Boy and Cyborg uses to attack the Pizza Deliverer resembles "Bullet Bills" from the Super Mario series.


  • "Lil Alfred's Toy Cave", the building that the missiles hit, also appeared in "Driver's Ed" which the T-Car crashes into during the car chase with Robin.


  • Raven appeared to dislike being with old people, even though she is shown to love them in "Salty Codgers".
  • In the scene with the pizza timer, it needed one more slice of pizza to be complete. The next scene it needed two more pizzas (Which means that Beast Boy and Cyborg wouldn't need to pay for the pizza).


Taking the pizza
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