Hat Shoppe is a hat shop in Teen Titans Go!. It made its debut in the episode Girl's Night Out, when Robin, Cyborg and Beast Boy went there on their Boys' Night Out. They bought a numerous hats there because there was a sale currently going. Several hats appeared there, including:

  • A Wizard Hat
  • The Riddler's Bowler Hat
  • A Native American Feathered Headdress
  • A Fedora
  • A Cowboy Hat
  • A Ballcap
  • A Builder's Helmet 
  • A King's Crown 


  • Some of the hats in the shop are a reference to the YMCA music video and Team Fortress 2, as a lot of hats are the ones the singers and game characters wore.
  • This is one of the only hat shops in Jump City.

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