Here is a list of quotes from Gizmo throughout the series.


  • "AH, Robin?! You ain't wearing any pants!" -Gizmo to Robin in Laundry Day
  • "No, no, stay over there. I'll take over the world another time." -Gizmo to Robin in Laundry Day
  • "Fine, you can date him." -Gizmo allowing Jinx to date Cyborg in Opposites
  • "Do I look like I was born yesterday?" -Gizmo to Jinx and Cyborg in Opposites
  • "You know, we don't usually bring new recruits this way." -Gizmo to Red X in In and Out
  • "Dude, I said you're in. Red X, show him around." -Gizmo to Stone in In and Out
  • "Only one choice. We have to blow up H.I.V.E. Tower." -Gizmo to Jinx in In and Out
  • "I've got you now, Robin!" -Gizmo to Robin in Mouth Hole

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