Galfore is of the planet Tamaran who was the adoted father and guardian of Starfire when she was a child after her parents had tragically died of sheer grief. ==Physical Appearance== Galfore is quite gigantic, with pale orange skin, bright green eyes and auburn waist-length hair. ==Abilities== Being a Tamaranian, Galfore has superhuman strength, enhanced endurance and superhuman agility. He can fly faster than light, and speak the language of others via lip contact.  ==Trivia== *In the original series episode "Betrothed," he first appeared to welcome the Teen Titans to Tamaran. He helped in stopping Blackfire get rid of Starfire by marrying her to the sklerch of the swamp moons of Drenfax 4. In the end, he was appointed emperor of Tamaran in place of Starfire.

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