Ed's Car is a student driving car owned by Ed that is used frequently in the episode of it's first appearance "Driver's Ed". Robin was being tricked by Ed, thinking he was testing for his driver's license, when Ed was using Robin as a getaway driver from the places he would rob.


Ed's Car is introduced in the episode "Driver's Ed". Robin found Ed as a driving instructor, and went to him to earn his driver's license. Robin arrives on the scene where the car is and follows the instructions on the driver side window saying to "get in and start car" and awaits for Ed to show up. Ed comes running out of a bank he just robbed and throws the money in the trunk and proceeds to enter the passenger's side, pretending to be an instructor to Robin, who unknowingly drives Ed to safety from the police.


  • The car is shown to be quite sturdy, being able to scale roof tops, and appear undamaged from crashing into the ocean.