The Easter Bunny is a magical creature who hides candy eggs on Easter. At one point in Teen Titans Go!, his rival Santa Claus abducted him to take over his holiday.

He makes his debut in "The Teen Titans Go Easter Holiday Classic".


Season Three

After coming empty handed from the Easter Egg Hunt, the Teen Titans embarked on a quest to find out just where the Easter Bunny was. They started wondering what he looked like. They pictured him as a pink rabbit wearing a vest, but Starfire creeped everyone out when she depicted him as being part human. The picture in the others' brains was disturbing, and Raven was mad she even brought that idea up.

Later, when visiting Santa, the Titans got more info on the Easter Bunny's whereabouts. They also learned through much agony of NOT knowing that he apparently went crazy. However, Robin eventually saw through Santa's lies, and he uncovered his plot to kidnap all holiday mascots so as to be the supreme ruler of all holidays. They traveled to a North Pole prison, where many of them, including the Easter Bunny, were held captive.

Santa, encased in Christmas-themed body armor, engaged the Titans and a few other freed holiday symbols (George Washington, Cupid, Thanksgiving Turkey, and Leprechaun) in a dangerous assault. But severely outnumbered, he yielded to their power. The Titans are ecstatic to release the Easter Bunny and get some Easter Eggs, but they cringe in fear when they see him; just like Starfire said, he was an uncanny human/bunny. He greeted them a "Happy Easter", winked, and laid an egg, but they were just disgusted, not pleased.

Season Four

Easter Bunny returns, aided by the Titans, to stop Tooth Fairy from taking over his holiday with Super Sweet Chocolate Eggs.

Physical Appearance

You ever see something that's supposed to look all cute and cuddly but just looks plain freaky? That's the basic appearance of the Easter Bunny. Starfire accurately described him as a half-man, half-bunny. He's covered in short pink fur, has a fuzzy light tail, and a green vest adorned with a yellow flower bow tie. Long ears and whiskers protrude from his face, so you must be thinking, oh, not so bad. But his face gives you nightmares, with horrid rosy cheeks, pink eyebrows, and a mutated mouth (in the shape of a rabbit, with a solitary tooth). The Easter Bunny's eyes are slanted down very eerily, and a curl of pink fur rests on his forehead. 

Episode Appearances

Season 3

Season 4


  • He is one of the several animals that represents a special holiday; the other being a turkey for Thanksgiving, and the other a gopher for Groundhog's Day.



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