Drive-By Meatball Party is a game on the Teen Titans Go! Arcade app.


Based on the episode "Meatball Party", Cyborg drives around shooting meatballs into the mouth's of Jump City residents. Keep getting them into their mouths to keep them all happy or you lose.




Power Ups

  • Auto-Aim - tap anywhere on the screen and a meatball will go straight to the mouth of a character
  • Minigun - fire a bunch of meatballs very quickly without needing to reload
  • Rocket Launcher - everyone on screen gets their fill of meatballs


  • The game had shown characters that hadn't yet appeared in the actual show but appeared in the show later, specifically Dr. Light, Batgirl and Aqualad.
  • ​Many of the generic Jump City citizens have made appearances throughout the series as well.
  • Music first featured in the beginning of "Burger vs. Burrito" is the song for this game.


  • Raven says on the show she hates meatballs, but if you shoot one in her mouth, she eats it and smiles. However, it could be that she changed her mind and now likes them.
    • The same applies with Beast Boy, as he would eat the meatballs even though he's a vegetarian.

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