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Dr. Light
Name Dr. Light
Alias Dr. Arthur Light
Sex Male
Species Human
Friends Starfire (temporarily)

Raven (temporarily)

Enemies Teen Titans
Occupation Villain
Residence Jump City
Voiced By Rodger Bumpass
Quote1 You see, this weapon was designed to destroy five people at a two understand? Quote2
--Dr. Light

Dr. Light is a recurring villain of the Teen Titans who uses light-themed super powers. He made his debut in Staff Meeting.


Dr. Light is a scientist and money-loving crook who frequently commits crimes such as bank robbery or stealing valuables from museums. His powers revolve around the manipulation of light that come from his suit. 

He debuted in Staff Meeting where he was the test villain for Robin's broken staff. The staff is so pathetic, it inflicts no pain on Dr. Light whatsoever. Dr. Light begins to laugh, and blasts Robin with a light beam, easily defeating him.

In Artful Dodgers, he is briefly seen on a team called the "Flourescent Force". However, nobody from his team is seen but him. Team Titans easily defeats his team.

In Colors of Raven, Dr. Light attempts to steal a magical prism from a museum. The Teen Titans arrive, and use their witty one-liners on him while they attack. Dr. Light is able to defeat Cyborg, Starfire, and Beast Boy. The Titans only win when Raven teleports him to prison.

In Caged Tiger, he made his first lengthy appearance. Dr. Light attempted to destroy the Titans with his light cannon, but when only Starfire and Raven showed up, he insisted that they wait until the other Titans arrive to fight him. During their wait, Dr. Light befriends them, and decides to make a change to the good side. Before they can explain his change to the other Titans, they arrive and nearly kill Dr. Light. He swears revenge and remains a villain.


Like in the original series, Dr. Light is portrayed as fairly goofy and incompetent. Despite this, he is a skilled enough combatant to defeat three out of five of the Titans, although they were defeated mainly because they were focusing on making one-liners instead of actually fighting him.

Powers and Abilities

  • Light-Beams: Dr. Light can shoot deadly beams of light out of his hands.
  • Inventing: Dr. Light built a gigantic light cannon to destroy the Titans.


Dr. Light is a thin man with a black beard, and wears a black jumpsuit with a light-bulb printed on the front of it, as well as a dark helmet with silver stripes that covers most of his head and silver fingerless gloves.


Season One

Season Two



  • Dr. Light is the second most recurring villain, right after the H.I.V.E. Five.
  • Dr. Light's voice actor from the original series, Roger Bumpass, did not reprise his role until Caged Tiger. However, Dr. Light spoke only one word before then, "Titans", in Colors of Raven. This was likely because it would have been a waste of money for the studio to pay Bumpass to come and speak only one word for the episode.
  • He was also in the game Drive-By Meatball Party as one of the passing by villains.
  • Although often depicted as comedic in both the new and old series, his personality in the comics is a great deal darker. His more risque personality quirks were likely omitted for censorship reasons.
  • In Caged Tiger, his real name is revealed to be Arthur Light.
  • Dr. Light nearly became a hero and would fight crime, but the other Titans stopped him because they still thought he was a threat.
  • In the original series Dr. Light was afraid of Raven after an incident which nearly killed him.


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