Dark Energy Icon (Titans Most Wanted)

The purple Dark Energy icon.

Dark Energy is the standard beginning attack of Raven, of ranged specification, in the computer games Titans Most Wanted. As a default move, it doesn't have much range or damage (-2HP), but still, every bit counts...


Raven- Dark Energy

Raven joyfully and passionately knocking out Billy Numerous.

Once the player uses this attack, Raven will attack an enemy with a high-speed black baseball of which is controlled by her dark magic. If the victim has a ranged attack, they'll receive some reprisals afterwards.

Dark Energy is one of the abilities that is used mainly during early levels or on weak opponents such as Thugs and Billy Numerous clones. Really, it wouldn't be worth it to throw a baseball at See-More and take away a bit of his health, just so he can counterattack and KO Raven (she's kind of lacks plentiful health). Still, Dark Energy doesn't take any turns to become available again, so it can come in handy as some backup.