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DCUbook is an online social network in Teen Titans Go!


The DCUbook is the show's own parody version of Facebook, the popular online social network. So far, only DC characters have been seen having accounts and advertisements on the website. It's unknown whether or not regular civilians can use it.

The DCUbook is similar to both Twitter and Facebook like the log-in boxes and the white DCUbook logo. DCUbook is similar to Facebook because it has the Profile Picture set-up also the news feed is in the center and the ads are at the right side of the screen and the big blue bar is on the top is just like Facebook with the white DCUbook logo.

One of the similarities to Twitter is the use of the "@" sign. However, it is used differently. DCUbook has a location after the sign (e.g. @theocean, @downtown), while Twitter has a username after the sign (e.g. @scottmenville, @tarastrong). DCUbook does have the hashtag feature Twitter created (e.g. #FishSmell, #SaveYoungJustice), and this feature is used the same way.

A similar feature to Facebook's "like" functionality is the "Cool/Uncool" feature seen in Cool School, allowing for both upvotes and downvotes. Presumably, the Raven/Rose Wilson photos from Cool School were deemed "Uncool" by Robin, and "Cool" by everyone else.


The following are all of the currently known users who have a DCUbook account:


  • Swimming Lessons with Aquaman (first seen in You're Fired). It's a simple ad with a picture of Aquaman riding a fish.
  • A second version of Aquaman's swimming lessons ad is seen in Sidekick. The picture shows Aquaman swimming next to a seal.
  • Want Super Abs? (first seen in You're Fired). The ad has a picture of Superman doing his trademark pose.
  • Another version of the ad is seen in Sidekick. This time, we see a close up of Batman's armoured chest.


Season 1

Season 2



  • DCUbook is a parody of Facebook in Teen Titans Go! and other being "Facehole" in Uncle Grandpa.

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