Here are a list of quotes from Cyborg throughout the series.


  • "I love you and pie." -Cyborg responding to Beast Boy in Pie Bros
  • "Then get a job, you bum." -(Imaginative) Cyborg responding to Beast Boy in Pie Bros
  • "Oh, that's right, superpowers are a curse curse curse, cursedy cursedy curse curse curse!" (Old) Cyborg to Robin in Super Robin
  • "RAAAAAAVVEEEEEEENNN!!!!!!" -Cyborg in Starliar
  • "Why?! 'Cause I Hate bananas!" Cyborg responding to Robin in Gorilla
  • "I can relate. I mean I am half-robot, after all." -Cyborg responding to Raven in Dog Hand
  • "Can't you see I'm reading an important periodical?!" -Cyborg to Starfire in Meatball Party
  • "GENIUS! How did I put that together with just a picture of a snake and an upside-down happy face, I have no idea." -Cyborg in Meatball Party
  • "It's making me blind! I'm going BLIND!!!" -Cyborg in Matched
  • "I HAVE NEVER FELT SO UNCOMFORTABLE IN MY LIFE!" -Cyborg to Robin in Matched
  • "And Starfire's ideal match is bbbbbbrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr........... Aquaman!" -Cyborg to Robin in Matched
  • "Says the guy who tried to turn sleeping into a competitive sport." -Cyborg to Robin in Dude Relax
  • "You don't start at zero when you count!" -Cyborg to Beast Boy in Colors of Raven
    • "I see a giraffe! Is that a llama doing the tango? -Cyborg to Pink Raven in Colors Of Raven
  • "OH MY... *BRRRRUAAGGHHHH!! -Cyborg vomiting in No Power
  • "IS THAT A SHARK TANK IN THE LIVING ROOM!?" -Cyborg in Matched
  • "This is gonna be awesome! Just think! Five Ravens in battle!" -Cyborg in Colors of Raven
  • "This is my Robot and I drive!" -Cyborg arguing with Robin in The Left Leg
  • "Done and done!" -Cyborg to Robin disguised as Speedy in The Date
  • "You don't know how to do a lot of stuff B." -Cyborg in Brain Food
  • "Just practicing my booyahs." -Cyborg in Nose Mouth
  • "Gyroscoping System Red Line! MAYDAY!! MAAAAYDAAAAAY!!! -Cyborg panicking in The Left Leg
  • "I love surprise visits!" -Cyborg in Mr. Butt
  • "We live in a meaningless universe." -Cyborg in Legs
  • "Girl you are crazy!" -Cyborg to Stafire in Pirates
  • "It's meat. It's a ball. You can eat it. You can eat it all!" -Cyborg in Meatball Party
  • "The waffle thing? You guys are so annoying!" - Cyborg in Waffles.
  • "That means she has it bad for you!" -Cyborg to Beast Boy about Raven in I See You
  • "Did you hear that?! Her secret must be so embarrassing!" -Cyborg to Beast Boy about Raven in I See You
  • "She's crushing so hard on you, bro!" -Cyborg to Beast Boy about Raven in I See You
  • "A secret crush?! And it's probably you!" -Cyborg to Beast Boy about Raven in I See You
  • "You're holding it upside down, dummy!" -Cyborg to Beast Boy in "I See You"
  • "You know what this means? Proof! She is crushing so hard on you!" -Cyborg to Beast Boy about Raven in I See You
  • "I always thought crime was a leg, bro! WHAAAAT!" -Cyborg to Robin in I See You
  • "That woman almost ate my soul!" -Cyborg to the Titans about Scary Terri in "Slumber Party"
  • "Man. That dude is tough. We don't stand a chance." -Cyborg to the Titans about Trigon in "Caramel Apples"
  • "We did too, Ray, but the best part of Halloween was being scared and now that we're older it just isn't scary anymore." -Cyborg to Raven in "Halloween"
  • "Why am I so adorable?" -Cyborg to Raven in "Halloween"
  • "BOYS ARE BETTER THAN GIRLS! -Cyborg (along with Beast Boy and Robin) to Raven and Starfire in "Boys vs Girls"
  • "Stop yelling at us! Oooh my self-esteem." -Cyborg to Raven in "Boys vs Girls"
  • "We don't want your cooties!" -Cyborg to Raven and Starfire in "Boys vs Girls"
  • "Come to think of it...what do you girls do?" -Cyborg to Raven and Starfire in "Boys vs Girls"
  • "Dude, you lied to us! Girls are better than boys!" -Cyborg to Robin in "Boys vs Girls"
  • "GIRLS! GIRLS! GIRLS! GIRLS!" -Cyborg (along with Raven, Beast Boy, & Starfire) to Robin in "Boys vs Girls"
  • "I do! You guys are garbage compared to my baby! And I love you guys." -Cyborg to the Titans in "Road Trip"
  • "Just keep reading!" -Cyborg to Raven in "Road Trip"
  • "OUT OF THE WINDOW! OUT OF THE WINDOW!" -Cyborg to Raven in "Road Trip"
  • "Yar! She be three doors down on ye starboard side, matey!" - Cyborg to Aqualad in "Pirates"
  • "Just call me Cyborgmus Prime" - Cyborg to the Titans in "40%, 40%, 20%"
  • "We live in a T-shape tower. How hard is it to find us now?" - Cyborg to Robin in "The Mask"
  • "Thorry Thyborg, thorry for making you live you childhood trama!" - Cyborg with a lisp to Robin in "Slumber Party"
  • "It doesn't have the lung capacity!" - Cyborg to the Titans in "BBBDAY!"
  • "Cyborg's no more, I'm fleshy guy"-Cyborg to the H.I.V.E in Real Boy Adventures

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