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Cyborg profile card
Name Cyborg
Alias Victor Stone
Fleshy Guy
Sex Male
Species Human (enhanced with cybernetic implants on most of his body)
Relatives Maude Stone (Grandmother)
Stone (alter-ego)
Unnamed Grandchildren
Grandma Voice (Ghost) (Creation)
Grobyc (Bizzaro Universe Counterpart)
Friends Beast Boy (best friend)
Jinx (secret girlfriend)
Pain Bot
Kid Flash
Enemies Brother Blood (arch-enemy)
H.I.V.E. Five
Dr. Light
The Brain
Killer Moth
Scary Teri
Mother Mae-Eye
The Brotherhood of Evil
Occupation Superhero
Residence Titans Tower, Jump City
Voiced By Khary Payton
Roz Ryan (Grandma Voice)
Tom Kenny (Nose Mouth)
M. Emmett Walsh (old cyborg)
Quote1 Booyah! Quote2

Cyborg (Victor Stone) is a main character in Teen Titans Go! He is voiced by Khary Payton.


"Cyborg is a laid-back, half-teen, half-robot who's more interested in pizza and video games than in fighting crime."

As a teenager, Victor Stone was an one-of-a-kind athlete who showed much more promise than most others. His life was going great, until he suffered a terrible accident that killed his mother and destroyed most of his body. His father, a genius scientist, was able to save him by building him into a cyborg, half-robot, half-man. He spent the rest of his childhood shunned, made fun of, and rejected. He finally left his home and moved to Jump City, where he decided he would fight evil. One faithful night, he met up with three other superheroes who were fighting to save an alien princess from the Gordanians. They worked together, defeated the Gordanians, and the five of them together formed the Teen Titans.


Cyborg is depicted as a cybernetic organism with few human attributes left. He has a red eye, and a laser as his left hand. Part of his face, his right eye and his internal organs are the only organic things he has left in and on his body, although there has been some episodes which reveal other parts of his body. When he gets his head out of his body, tiny circuits can be seen forming a temporary body.


Cyborg in The Intro.


Cyborg is shown to be very lazy, contrary to the original animated series where he engineered the main vehicles for the Titans and programmed the security alarms for the Tower. In "Double Trouble", he and Beast Boy clone themselves to avoid doing no work. He played video games and ate pizza for a solid month during this episode.

He also enjoys meatball parties in the episode "Meatball Party. He tends to force everyone, especially Raven, to do activities that they don't like to do. He also has more energy than the other Titans because of his robotic half as shown in the episode "Tower Power."

Powers and Abilities

Cyborg's robotic body grants him many superhuman powers and abilities, all of his powers and abilities are gained from his robotic suit such as:

  • Superhuman Strength: He is physically the strongest on the team, he is seen lifting up a plane engine with only one arm.
  • Durability: Cyborg can take a lot more damage than the average human, and can last much longer due to his energy reserves.
  • Sonic Cannons: He can turn his arm into cannons that can shoot many different things such as sonic booms, laser beams, and even meatballs like in "Meatball Party."
  • Missile Launchers: He can fire missiles from launchers that come from either his back or shoulders.
  • Flight: He can fly through either a jet-pack or jet-boots.
  • Invulnerability: His metal, robot suit naturally protects him from harm.
  • Detachable Head: Cyborg can remove his head from his body and place it on another robot body.
  • Fire-Proof Suit: His robotic suit can protect him from any fire/flame attacks, and intense heat.
  • Rocket Fist: Cyborg can fire his rocketpowered fist off at an enemy, which he does in "Truth, Justice, and What?".
  • Camera: Cyborg can take photos with his robot eye and print them through his mouth as seen in "Opposites" and "Yearbook Madness".
  • Transforming: Cyborg can transform himself into many different objects, the transformations are as follows:
    • Train: To give his "bros" a ride in "Caged Tiger."
    • Rocket: To escape Beast Boy after accidentally telling him about Terra in "Be Mine."
    • Toilet: When the Titans rebuild him incorrectly in "Tower Power."
    • Bowling Ball: Cyborg's head can turn into a bowling ball.
    • Missile: Turns into a missile in the episode "Colors of Raven".
  • Hidden Gadgets: Cyborg houses a lot of hidden gadgets and appendages inside him.
    • Blowtorch: His arm houses a blowtorch as seen in "No Power".
    • Boxing Glove: An extendable glove flies out of his chest compartment, seen in "Starliar".
    • Chainsaw: Cyborg's arm houses a chainsaw, as seen in "Breakfast Cheese" and "Opposites".
    • Grappling Hook: Cyborg has a grappling hook in his arm, similar to Robin's one, which is used in "Nose Mouth".
    • Grill: Cyborg has an inbuilt grill in his chest, seen in "Parasite" and "Thanksgiving".
    • Popcorn Making: Can use his arm as a popcorn maker.
    • Stereo system: Speakers pop out of Cyborg's shoulders, with the controls on his chest. Seen in "Nose Mouth" and "Grandma Voice".
  • Inventing: Cyborg has created many inventions.
  • Extension: Cyborg is frequently extending the length of his neck, legs, and arms.


Beast Boy

Screen Shot 2014-06-28 at 9.51.31 AM

Cyborg and Beast Boy plan some "tough times"

Beast Boy is Cyborg's best friend. The two have a common interest in video games, movies, and numerous other activities. Despite this, Cyborg doesn't seem to find Beast Boy's pranks funny at all, as shown in Ghost Boy. He is greatly saddened by Beast Boy being kicked off the team in You're Fired, but he seemed fine later, having developed feelings for his replacement, Jayna. He was surprisingly indifferent to Beast Boy being eaten in Meatball Party as well, however, this might of been done for comedic effect. He is seen hanging out with Beast Boy on many occasions, whether it's playing video games together, going on stakeouts (I See You) together, or just playing jokes as a comedy duo. Cyborg and Beast Boy seem to care for each other's well being, as seen in Man Person, where Cyborg goes to incredible lengths to show Beast Boy what he was doing to himself was terrible. He was willing to Beast Boy angry at him just to help him.


An example of Beast Boy and Cyborg's relationship, with them fighting over which is better, Burgers or Burritos.

The two of them are seemingly always getting themselves into trouble. In Lazy Sunday, Robin gets rid of the couch after Cyborg and Beast Boy abuse their "sitting privileges" with it. In Waffles, the duo refuses to say anything but the word "waffles", which ultimately puts their friends' lives in danger and nearly gets them killed. Finally, in I See You, the duo attempts to spy on Raven to learn her secret. The result is them getting trapped in an alternate dimension together. In Smile Bones, Beast Boy and Cyborg eat with the Titans, but only inhale the food instead of savoring the taste of the food. They teach the titans to inhale like them, but Beast Boy and Cyborg's bellies grow big, and take over the city. But before they can, the titans defeat the Belly Bros by making Beast Boy and Cyborg savor their taste, saving the day.

Despite being the best of friends, Beast Boy and Cyborg have disagreed on various occasions. In Double Trouble, Cyborg asks Raven to clone him, so that his clone will play with Beast Boy, and he can relax. In Burger vs. Burrito, Cyborg and Beast Boy engage in an argument-turned-war over which of their favorite junk foods is better. In the end, the two realize that they both love each others food, and make up. In Man Person, Cyborg attempts to cheer up Beast Boy after he gains a battle scar, but results in the two of them fighting. After Cyborg convinces Beast Boy to take care of himself, the two of them engage in a "man-tage" of manly activities together. Beast boy can sometimes be seen leaping into Cyborg's arms in fright. This shows that Cyborg is like a big brother for Beast Boy.


Download (10)

Robin teaching Cyborg how to be a "real boy".

Cyborg and Robin are very good friends, and generally get along very well. Robin often joins Cyborg and Beast Boy and hang out as "bros". In episode like Caged Tiger and Missing the three of them are shown partaking in bro activities together. However in Staff Meeting, when Robin called his staff his "best friend" Cyborg says that he thought he was his best friend. In Power Moves, after the two of them accidentally create a power move, they begin combining everything. However Robin becomes obsessed and refuses to let Cyborg stop. Eventually it gets to the point that Robin moves inside Cyborg's body as "the ultimate power move", and begins making him perform power moves against his will. It takes the combined effort of all the other Titans to finally get Robin out.

In Real Boy Adventures, Robin teaches Cyborg what it's like to be a real boy, but only does it to take his robotic suit.


Cyborg begs Raven

Cyborg begs Raven to make a magical duplicate of him.

Cyborg is close friends with Raven. However, he often forces her to participate in activities she doesn't like. This was shown primarily in Meatball Party where he forced her to eat a "cyborg meatball" resulting in her tooth being cracked open. He understands her at the end, but can't help himself when it comes to meatballs as he shoots a giant meatball at her.

In Colors of Raven, Cyborg is repeatedly beaten up by Red Raven, revealing all of Raven's negative feelings towards him. At the same time took a liking to Pink Raven and spent the day having fun with her, and Beast Boy until she accidentally sealed herself in the magical prism.

Cyborg being unannoying

Cyborg intentionally being annoying towards Raven.

In Starliar, when Starfire lies to Cyborg about Raven saying he chewed to loudly, Cyborg becomes extremely resentful to her. He chews a bag of chips really loudly and splatters it on her hood, before sarcastically asking if she was annoyed. Later on they get into a huge fight, along with Robin.

In Thanksgiving, when Trigon turned Cyborg into a turkey and was preparing to eat him, Raven then tries to stop her father from eating him and told him eating one of her friends wasn't part of the deal.

In Real Boy Adventures, after hearing Cyborg's desire to be fully human, Raven offers to make his wish come true using her magic. Cyborg is delighted to hear this and hugs Raven out of gratitude. She then performs a ritual, which causes severe pain on his part, and turns him fully human.


TTG ep84 HoseWater Still02-1024x576

Cyborg showing Starfire his bird chick.

Starfire and Cyborg are good friends. They don't talk much to each other, but have been confronted in several episodes. It was shown in Terra-ized that he and Starfire like watching daytime talk shows together. They are also seen hanging out with each other for nearly the whole episode. Cyborg seems to trust Starfire, as seen in "Starliar", where he is convinced that Starfire never lies. In Birds, after Cyborg gets harassed by The Mockingbirds, Starfire attempts to comfort him with a hug. In Hose Water they where playing like little kids.


1604958 705762932778180 1447026797 n

Cyborg and Jinx enjoying themselfs over at the park.

As of Opposites, Cyborg and Jinx are secretly dating. Though originally enemies, Cyborg fell in love with Jinx, even though it is forbidden for heroes and villains to date each other. After flattering Jinx with a gift, she fell in love with him, and they began a secret relationship. They were eventually discovered by Robin and Gizmo, and were forced to be split up. They both switched to their opposite sides, resulting in them being enemies again. After an argument, they break up. When their friends leave, Cyborg and Jinx reconcile their relationship by kissing, continuing to date in secret. In Be Mine, Cyborg invites Jinx to the Valentines Day party as his Valentine. When he tries to dance with her, however, security guards tasered him, yelling "Step away from the prisoner!". In the comic Party Party, Cyborg dances with Jinx, because both the Titans and the H.I.V.E. are too distracted by their own dance partners to notice.

In Real Boy Adventures, when Cyborg gives Jinx a paper-cut during battle, he yells to her, "Sorry, bae! Put some ice on that!", implying they're still secretly dating.

Brother Blood

Screen Shot 2014-07-24 at 10.35.05 PM

Cyborg annoying Brother Blood.

Brother Blood is the archenemy of Cyborg. In Waffles, Brother Blood is surprised to find Cyborg and Beast Boy playing a stupid game, and looks down upon them. When the duo arrives, Cyborg doesn't even wait for Brother Blood to say anything, and begins rapidly shooting at him. When Blood traps them they both refuse to give him the codes, despite Blood thinking he can convince them. He then tortures them with his Pain Bot.



Cyborg's tiny single missile against Gizmo's arsenal of weapons.

As Cyborg's least favorite member of the H.I.V.E., Gizmo is always driving him crazy. In Super Robin, Cyborg shoots a tiny missile at his back, causing him to fall to the earth and land on a car. In Breakfast Cheese, Cyborg shoots a large missile at his face. Gizmo doesn't like Cyborg back either, and tries to forbid Jinx from dating him.

Episodes focusing on Cyborg

Season 1

Season 2

Songs Sung By Cyborg


  • Cyborg's voice actor, Khary Payton also voiced him in the original Teen Titans series and in the video game Injustice: Gods Among Us.
  • His catchphrase is "Booyah!"
  • Cyborg has become a ghost three times in this series. The first one in the episode Laundry Day after smelling Beast Boy's rancid stench, the second one in Ghostboy where he was mauled by a mountain lion, and the third time in "Hot Garbage" after smelling the fumes coming from Beast Boy's room.
    • However, in Laundry Day, his spirit is quickly sucked through a vacuum by Beast Boy, and placed back in his own body. While in Hot Garbage, Robin revived him after he died.
  • According to Driver's Ed, Cyborg is not as good at driving as Robin, indicated by destroying the Titans' car whilst pursuing Robin.
    • This is for pure comic relief, as Cyborg in the original animated series was depicted as a careful, model driver.
  • Cyborg claimed in Gorilla that he hates bananas. Even popping a banana which splatters all over his and Robin's face.
  • His head is detachable, unlike the original series.
    • As shown in Tower Power, Girl's Night Out, Burger vs. Burrito, Laundry Day, and Uncle Jokes Cyborg has a circuit mode in which he get's out of his suit and reveals his head in circuits that resemble a very tiny body. However, in Gorilla, when Cyborg got dismantled (by doing too many jumping jacks), his head was shown without any circuits.
    • Also, in Hey Pizza!, when Beast Boy dismantled Cyborg, a large screw was on the bottom of his head, implying that his head had to be screwed in.
  • Despite numerous episodes indicating only his head the only organic part of him remaining, several episodes indicate there are various other parts of him that are still organic.
    • In Ghostboy, after getting mauled by a lion, the casing on his leg is stripped off revealing a human leg.
    • In Double Trouble, an obese Cyborg had a belly jutting out of his mechanical casing.
    • In You're Fired!, it is shown that Cyborg still has human feet and that he is really wearing boots.
    • In Thanksgiving, Cyborg's is once again shown to be fat, with his belly popping out of the casing.
    • In Smile Bones, once again, Cyborg's giant belly bulges out from the casing.
  • Cyborg's Origins in the show are varied in two episodes: In Dog Hand where Cyborg claimed to be half-robot since birth and his father was a (somewhat inactive) toaster for obvious comedic effect, and in Tower Power where Beast Boy comments that Cyborg's self-proclaimed awesome powers came from the fact that he got his robotic parts after an accident, which is more faithful to the original canon.
  • In Parasite, Cyborg says that he can put on skinny jeans, but doesn't know if he can pull them off.
  • In the original series, Cyborg's deepest wish was to be fully human again. But, due to Cyborg's claim in Dog Hand that he was half-robot since birth (which was done for comedic effect), his wish in this episode was simply to have a dog for a hand.
  • In the original series, Cyborg was unable to fly, however in this series Cyborg is able to thanks to his jetpack.
  • Cyborg's love for meat in the original series is kept in this series, but his disgust for tofu apparently is not, as he went along with Beast Boy's plans to eat tofu chips as best friends in Double Trouble.
  • In the episode "Tower Power" Cyborg welcomed the fact that he was fully mechanical when the Titans plugged him in to the Tower, where as in the original series he has always wanted to be fully human.
  • In the episode Meatball Party, it is shown that Cyborg has a strange obsession over meatballs, even to the point of doing messy and fun parties just about them.
  • In Nose Mouth, Cyborg's nose is voiced by Tom Kenny.
  • He seems to have a fear of the dark, as revealed in Slumber Party.
  • He is eighteen years old, which was revealed in Body Adventure.
  • Cyborg's birthday is in June 29 which it has seen in the episode, Thanksgiving.
  • Cyborg is featured as a member of the Justice League in various movies and in Lego Batman specials, but not in this series.
  • Cyborg has "died" five times in the series: in Laundry Day, Ghost Boy, Salty Codgers, Body Adventure, and Hot Garbage.


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