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--Cyborg throughout the series.

Cyborg (Victor Stone) is a member of the Teen Titans and one the main protagonists of Teen Titans Go!. He is voiced by Khary Payton.


"Cyborg is a laid-back, teen robot who's more interested in pizza and video games than in fighting crime."

As a teenager, Victor Stone was a one-of-a-kind athlete who showed much more promise than most others. His life was going great until he suffered a terrible accident that killed his mother, and destroyed most of his body. His father, a genius scientist, was able to save him by building him into a half-robot, half-man (cyborg). He spent the rest of his childhood shunned, bullied and rejected. He finally left his home and moved to Jump City, where he decided he would fight evil. One faithful night, he met up with three other superheroes who were fighting to save an alien princess from The Gordanians. They worked together, defeated The Gordanians, and the five of them together formed the Teen Titans.

In Slumber Party, Cyborg always had a fear of Scary Teri since he was a kid and at the end of the episode he defeated Scary Teri and got over his fear. Cyborg is seen to be the silly big brother of the team. Cyborg got a strong bond with his best friend Beast Boy and he is currently dating Jinx.

Physical Appearance

Cyborg is depicted as a cybernetic organism with no human attributes. He has a red left eye, and a laser as his left hand. Part of his face, his right eye and his internal organs are the only organic things he has left in and on his body, although there has been some episodes which reveal other parts of his body. When he gets his head out of his body, tiny circuits can be seen forming a temporary body. He is an African American who has brown skin, black (right) eye, and no hair. Cyborg is the tallest Titan and he appears to be about 6'6".


Cyborg in the intro.

Real Boy Adventures

As a human, he is shown wearing a white shirt, blue jeans, and blue sneakers.

Scary Figure Dance

When he is ready for a Halloween party, he is dressed as a vampire. His costume was a homage of Dracula from a classic horror film of the same name. As a ghost, he is shown not to have robotic cybernetic parts in his body, is noseless, have four fingers and he has a ghost tail.

Two Parter

His suit is based off of his New 52 design and he was dressed as Green Lantern.

Hot Salad Water

He was dressed like a British Gentleman.


The titans (expect Robin) created their own holiday Thanksgetting. He was dressed like a Cowboy for that.

Throne of Bones

Cyborg was dressed like rock star.

Demon Prom

Cyborg had a fancy suit when he went to the prom like the rest of the titans.


Cyborg told his story that was actually Superman's backstory. Cyborg was dressed as a farmer first but then referenced Superman.

Baby Hands

Cyborg used to have hair and his old suit is a reference to the old Teen Titans Comics.


Cyborg was dressed like a computer pirate.

Video Game References

Cyborg is seen in his 8-bit version of himself.

Cyborg's Appearences

Cyborg in different Art styles


Tumblr nsdorliPbg1riokveo4 400

Cyborg is like the big brother of the titans. He has mixed characteristics. Cyborg is mostly characterized as feisty, silly, and enthusiastic. But he can be also slothful and easily scared, especially in the darkness due to his scotophobia.

Cyborg is shown to be very lazy but he still engineered the main vehicles for the Titans programmed the security alarms for the Tower created the Titan Robot and a whole mess of weapons for the team. He loves to have fun and yell, and is very enthusiastic. When it comes to combat, he does not hesitate to get the job done. He considers his robotic self to be superior to humans.In "Double Trouble", he and Beast Boy clone themselves to avoid doing work. He played video games and ate pizza for a solid month during this

Teen titans go wikia cyborg hug

Raven, Beast Boy and Starfire congratulating Cyborg after he made it to the final round.

episode.He also enjoys meatball parties in the episode "Meatball Party". He tends to force everyone, especially Raven, to do activities that they don't like to do. He also has more energy (can stay up longer) than the other Titans because of his robotic half, as shown in the episode "Tower Power. Cyborg is also a good

Cyborg working on an invention teen titans go

Cyborg working on an invention

leader seen in several other episodes and comes with certain ideas Robin agrees with. In some scenarios, Cyborg acts superior to Robin. Cyborg is also seen to be childish with Starfire.

Cyborg is affectionate to his girlfriend Jinx. He tried to fix the mess he made in "How 'Bout Some Effort" and sang her a song. He also apologized to her after he hit her hair with his canon blast in the episode "Jinxed". Cyborg and Jinx are often nice to each other since they're dating.

Cyborg is also experienced with Technology. He created many inventions for the titans and can fix things.

In general, Cyborg can also be kind and gentle and most likely wants to have as much fun possible with his friends.

Powers and Abilities

Technorganic Physiology

Cyborg's robotic body grants him many superhuman powers and abilities, all gained from his robotic suit, such as:

  • Superhuman Strength: He is physically the strongest on the team; he is seen lifting up a plane engine with only one arm.
    Cyborg Power TTGWikia
  • Superhuman Durability: Cyborg can take a lot more damage than the average human, and can last much longer due to his energy reserves.
  • Sonic Cannons: He can turn his arm into cannons that can shoot many different things.
  • Lasers: He can shoot lasers from his arms, hands, fingers and several other body parts.
    Cyborg Powerful Laser TTGWikia
  • Customized Containers: Cyborg can launch containers and he can decide what he puts in them.
  • Missile Launchers: He can fire missiles from launchers that come from either his back or shoulders.
    Cyborg Physically Strongest TTGWikia
  • Flight: He can fly, either by a jet-pack or jet-boots. He can fly so fast that he can turn back time seen in the episode "Two parter".
  • Invulnerability: His metal robot suit naturally protects him from physical harm.
  • Detachable Head: Cyborg can remove his head from his body and place it on another robot body.
  • Fire-Proof Suit: His robotic suit can protect him from any fire/flame attacks, as well as intense heat.
  • Suit Transformation: He is able to transform his suit seen in "Batman vs. Teen Titans: Dark Injustice".
  • Rocket Fist: Cyborg can fire his rocket-powered fist off at an enemy, as seen in "Truth, Justice, and What?".
  • Electronic Eye Capabilities: Cyborg is able to do many things with his red electronic eye. This is similar to See-More's abilities.
  • Camera: Cyborg can take photos with his robot eye and print them through his mouth, as seen in "Opposites" and
  • Nigh-Waterproof Hardware and Frame: Cyborg's hardware and frame in his Cybernetics is nearly-waterproof as he can stay in water in a minor extent, such as soaking in the rain for long periods of time, as seen in "Little Buddy" and in showers, as seen in "Bathroom Magic", etc. However, the drawbacks are that he cannot soak in hot tubs, as seen in "Real Boy Adventures." 
  • Self-Controlled Cybernetics: Cyborg's cybernetics are capable of its own control when Cyborg isn't, such as shooting snowballs and laughing as seen in "Second Christmas", able to assist Cyborg when threatened like with Pinocchio and his suit pinned the evil entity down, in "Books", and able to be picture taken by Cyborg in "Yearbook Madness". 
  • Body Part Extension: Cyborg is frequently extending the length of his neck, legs, arms, fingers and his red eye.
  • Toxic Gas Emission: He is able to activate toxic gas seen in "Power Moves"
  • Steam Generation: Cyborg is able to release steam from his body, seen in "Secret Garden" and "The Avogodo"
  • Water/Liquid Generation: He is able to release water from its head body part seen in "Labor Day". and able to produce drinks in his transformation seen in "Hot Salad Water".
  • Electronic Communication: Cyborg is able to communicate with electronic entities, seen in "Little Buddies"
  • Holographic Projection: In "Opposites" , Cyborg is able to create holographic images from his cybernetic robotic parts. The holograms can be in any color.
  • Light Generation: He is able to shine light out of his body parts.
  • Music/Sound Generation: He is able to play music or sounds with several body parts.
    Cyborg Electrical Signal Manipulation TTGWikia
  • Electrical Signal Manipulation: Cyborg is able to interrupt signals seen in "Operation Tin Man" He is also able to scan things with his arm and satellite dish seen in "Teen Titans Save Christmas".
  • Technorganic Color Manipulation: Most of Cyborg's Attacks and weapons are related to the color blue, but Cyborg can change colors of his attacks.
    • Chainsaw: He is able to color his chainsaw red seen in "Booby Trap House"
    • Cybernetic Body Parts: Cyborg can change some colors of his body parts. He can also change the design of his suit.
    • Lights: He can change the color of his own lights.
    • Laser Color Manipulation: Most Lasers of Cyborg are colored blue, but Cyborg is able to change the colors of his lasers

Tool Mimicry

Hidden Gadgets, Objects, Tools, and Items: Cyborg houses a lot of hidden gadgets and appendages inside him. He can also change some of his body parts into different kind of objects.


Transforming: Cyborg can transform himself into many different objects. The transformations are as follows:
Cyborg Train Transformation TTGWikia
  • Bowling Ball: Cyborg's head can turn into a bowling ball, seen in "Power Moves".
  • Door: To stop the Titans from entering the kitchen in "Little Buddies".
  • Missile: Turns into a missile in the episode "Colors of Raven".
  • Rocket: To escape Beast Boy after accidentally telling him about Terra in "Be Mine". He also turned into a rocket to escape the girls in "Boys vs Girls" after Robin tells him the they have cooties.
  • Toilet: When the Titans rebuild him incorrectly in "Tower Power".
  • Train: To give Robin and Beast Boy a ride in "Caged Tiger".
  • Monster Truck: When he played tug-of-war against the girls in "Boys vs Girls"
  • Bucket Loader: He turns into a bucket loader in "Smile Bones".
  • Fan: Cyborg can turn his mouth into a fan and he is able to change the temperature shown in "Black Friday"
  • Truck: Cyborg can transform him self into a powerful truck seen in "40%, 20%, 20%.
  • Tank: He was able to turn into a tank when Wally T gave his fan power.
  • Shopping Cart: He can transform into a Shopping Cart seen in "Black Friday"
  • Sledge: Seen in "Second Christmas"
  • Drink Machines: Cyborg can transform into certain machines that can produce drinks seen in "Hot Salad Water".
    • Water Cooler Dispenser
    • Orange Juicer Machine
    • Milking Machine
    • Tea Cooking Machine (Inside Body) 
  • Catapult: He transformed into a catapult in "The Academy"
  • Traveling Sprinkler: To help Robin's farm in the episode "Labor Day"


  • Inventing: Cyborg has created many inventions.
  • Building/Fixing/Repairing: Cyborg is good at building things. Seen in "TTG v PPG", "Road Trip", and other episodes.
  • Coding/Hacking: He was able to code in the H.I.V.E computer seen in "Mouth Hole". He was also able
    Cyborg coding teen titans go wikia

    Cyborg is trying to code the H.I.V.E. computer to find out their evil plans

    to hack the Road Traffic Control Device seen in "Hey Pizza!" and he is able to interrupt signals seen in "Operation Tin Man".
  • Playing Video Games: Seen in several episodes with Beast Boy.
  • Technology knowledge: Cyborg knows a lot about technology, seen in "Tower Power"
  • Drawing: He made a drawing for Beast Boy in the episode "BBSFBDAY". Beast Boy said that the drawing was super cool and Starfire found it lovely.
  • Master Martial Artist:​ In "The Art of Ninjutsu", Cyborg is very skilled in martial arts and he mentioned that he got the quickness.
  • Wrestling: He is good at wrestling shown in "Oh Yeah!"
  • Leadership: In "The Left Leg", "Two Parter", and "Squash and Stretch", it's shown that Cyborg can be a commander and leader. He also comes up with plans for the team.
  • Crime Fighting: Even though Cyborg is sometimes lazy to fight crime, he's able to do it right since he's the physically the strongest of the team.
  • Working Together with Beast Boy: Cyborg often works together with Beast Boy seen in "Power Moves" , "The Titans Show" and "BBCYFSHIPBDAY".
  • Combat without Powers: Cyborg sometimes use his own strength to fight seen in several episodes. In "Real Boy Adventures" he was able to take down Mammoth, Gizmo, and Jinx without powers as a human.
  • Singing: When he sang "Shining Like Diamonds" in the episode "Justice League's Next Top Talent Idol Star".
  • Playing Drums: Seen in "And the Award for Sound Design Goes to Rob" and "Throne of Bones"


  • Animal Shapeshifting Powers: Cyborg was capable of transforming in several animals, such as a Parrot, a Dog, and a Shark. However, he did use the Parrot form more and the parrot animal urges stuck with him after the powers were gone.
    Cyborg dog hand
  • Canine Limbs: A Dog for a hand from the episode "Dog Hand"
  • Supernatural Accuracy: Being a Normal human seen in "Real Boy Adventures".
  • Green Lantern Powers: Seen in "Two Parter"
    • Green Energy Projection
  • Leprechaun Psychology: Robin gave him the abilities of a Leprechaun seen in "The Gold Standard"
    • Flight (without cybernetic bodyparts)
    • Ergokinetic Combat
    • Instant Transmission

Made up Powers/Fantasy

Cyborg's Alternate Forms

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Beast Boy (best friend)

Screen Shot 2014-06-28 at 9.51.31 AM

Cyborg and Beast Boy plan some "tough times"

Their Friendship

Beast Boy is Cyborg's best friend. The two have a common interest in video games, movies and many other activities. Beast boy and Cyborg interact together in almost every episode. They call each other nicknames like bro, dude , Cy, Beastie etc. Whenever Beast Boy and Cyborg have an argument, the argument is solved quickly and they become friends fast. This shows that the friendship between Beast Boy and Cyborg is the most developed and best friendship relationship shown in the show yet. Beast Boy can sometimes be seen leaping into Cyborg's arms in fright or hiding near him. This shows that Cyborg is like a big brother to Beast Boy and they feel safe and comfortable together.

Their Relationship shown in Episodes

Cyborg and Beast Boy get along because they also have a lot of common. Despite this, Cyborg doesn't seem to find Beast Boy's pranks funny at all, as shown in Ghost Boy. He was greatly saddened by Beast Boy being kicked off the team in You're Fired, but seemed fine later, having developed feelings for his replacement, Jayna. He was surprisingly indifferent to Beast Boy being eaten in Meatball Party as well, however, this may have been done for comedic effect. He is seen hanging out with Beast Boy on many occasions, whether it's playing video games, going on stakeouts (I See You) together or just playing jokes as a comedy duo. Cyborg and Beast Boy seem to care for each other's well being, as seen in Man Person, where Cyborg goes to incredible lengths to show Beast Boy what he was doing to himself was terrible. He was willing to make Beast Boy angry at him just to help him.


An example of Beast Boy and Cyborg's relationship, with them fighting over which is better, Burgers or Burritos.

The two of them are seemingly always getting themselves into trouble. In Lazy Sunday, Robin gets rid of the couch after Cyborg and Beast Boy abuse their "sitting privileges" with it.

In Waffles, the duo refuses to say anything but the word "waffles", which ultimately puts their friends' lives in danger and nearly gets them killed. Finally, in I See You, the duo attempts to spy on Raven to learn her secret. The result is them getting trapped in an alternate dimension together.

In Smile Bones, Beast Boy and Cyborg eat with the Titans, but only inhale the food instead of savoring the taste of the food. They teach the Titans to inhale like them, but Beast Boy and Cyborg's bellies grow big, and take over the city. But before they can, the Titans defeat the Belly Bros by making Beast Boy and Cyborg savor their taste, saving the day.

Despite being best of friends, Beast Boy and Cyborg have disagreed on several occasions. In Double Trouble, Cyborg asks Raven to clone him, so that his clone will play with Beast Boy, and he can relax. Beast Boy then replaces Cyborg with clone-Cyborg and then Cyborg tricks Raven into making a clone of Beast Boy so he can hang out with him. Soon the two of them make more clones of themselves and hide in a hotel room while the Titans' deal with all the clones.

In "Dog Hand" when Trigon threatened Beast Boy, he transformed into a mouse to hide behind Cyborg when he was scared. It's likely true that Beast Boy feels safe near his best friend.

In "You're Fired", Cyborg was upset about Beast Boy being fired and tried to get him back in the team. Cyborg also had no interests in new heroes replacing him. It's also revealed that Cyborg has a picture of Beast Boy in his body. Cyborg cried while he was touching the picture because he misses him.

In Caged Tiger, Robin and Beast Boy, along with Cyborg, are shown hanging out as the "bros", and went on a "bro-cation" together. However after being trapped in the elevator they begin to get annoyed at one other and soon have a huge fight until the elevator is suddenly fixed during the fight. Then the three attacks Dr. Light and in the end they once again jump into “the bro train”.

In Burger vs. Burrito, Cyborg and Beast Boy engage in an argument-turned-war over which of their favorite junk foods is better. In the end, the two realize that they both love each others food, and make up. Their Friendship was reunited fast and they end up dancing together and smiling at each other.
Cyborg Comfort BB
In Man Person, Cyborg feels bad for Beast Boy that he was upset with his scar on his face. He attempts to cheer up Beast Boy after he gains a battle scar and thinks that he looks tough because of what happend to him self. But results in the two of them fighting because Cyborg is worried about how Beast Boy is handling with scars. After Cyborg convinces Beast Boy to take care of himself, the two of them engage in a "man-tage" of manly activities together. Their friendship reunited fast and they end up sitting next to each other.

In BBRAE, Terra-ized and "I See You", Cyborg cares about Beast Boy's romantic relationships and helps him with his love interests.

Beast Boy Mouse on Cyborg

Beast Boy seems to feel safe near Cyborg. That means that Cyborg is like a big brother to him.

In Terra-ized, he is proud of him that he got a romantic relationship with Terra. He also comforts him about Terra being in love with him.

In "I See You" he helps Beast Boy with trying to figure out what Raven's secret is and got excited when he thought that Raven has a crush on him.

Beast Boy Hugs Cyborg

Beast Boy and Cyborg have a brother-like relationship. They work together most of time during crime fighting seen in "Power Moves", "Breakfast Cheese" and "The Titans Show"

In "Power Moves" Beast Boy was sad about Robin hanging out with Cyborg and this proofs that Beast Boy misses Cyborg fast like in the original show.

In Caramel Apples, Cyborg and Beast Boy were inspired by Robin’s inspiring speeches at first, but after they got injured twice after his speeches, they didn’t wanna get inspired anymore and threw him back into the centre of the earth.

In Dignity of Teeth, Cyborg, Beast Boy and the girls were dumb enough to use their hair brushes to brush their teeth and such actions caused themselves to yelp in pain.

In "Croissant" Beast Boy didn't care if Cyborg was a bug. Beast Boy and Cyborg will likely always be for each other no matter what they look like, similar how Cyborg cheered Beast Boy up in "Man Person".

In "Scary Figure Dance" they had fun together with pranking Gizmo and Billy Numerous as Ghosts.

In "Operation Dude Rescue", Robin, Beast Boy and Cyborg attempt to persuade the girls that chivalry is real, but after they end up in The Brain's jell cell, the three use time machines to summon lots of their counterparts.Then the girls and their extra girl power believe that they seem to have fun in the cell and ditch the three of them.

Beast Boy sometimes leans on Cyborg seen in "Squash and Stretch", "Boys vs Girls" , "Hey You Don't Forget About Me In Your Memory" and other episodes.

In "Employee of the Month: Redux" Beast Boy saved Cyborg and they gave each other a high five.

They were both interested in each others stories in "Orangins".

Beast Boy was rooting for Cyborg in "Justice League's Next Top Talent Idol Star".

In "Career Day" They missed each others and sung the song "My Bro" to show how they feel about each other. They both had a picture of themselves together on their desks.
Cyborg and Beastboy friendship friend teen titans go wikia

Cyborg's and Beast Boy's Friendship

In "BBSFBDAY" he helped with the decoration for Beast Boy's birthday. He made a garland written on "Happy Birthday Beastie" with two hearts on the sides. Beast Boy also said that he likes when Cyborg ends his birthday songs with "and many more". Cyborg also drew a picture of them hugging and touching each others fingers with the sentence I love you bro underneath and Beast Boy claimed that it was a super cool drawing that stands for their life long friendship. Beast Boy was sad and he had tears when the drawing was given to Starfire.

In BBRAE, Cyborg helped Beast Boy and said that he needs to get real with Raven. Beast boy needed help with writing a song for Raven and Cyborg helped Beast Boy with ideas for his song for Raven. He used many types of food for proof if Beast Boy loves it more than Raven. The idea of Cyborg eventually worked and he was happy for Beast Boy that he loves Raven. Cyborg also cried in happiness. Cyborg also said "My Dude" when he kissed with Raven and he was cheering for him. He seems to feel happy for his best friend being in a romantic relationship.

Cyborg and Beast boy celebrated their friendship in "BBCYFSHIPBDAY". This shows that Cyborg's and Beast Boy's friendship is important for them. They also danced together with Raven and Starfire. They told their backstory that likely made up together because Robin already told their real first interaction in "Baby Hands". They got an argument because their "Friendship Friends" was lost but they became friends again quickly. When their Friendship Friend was lost, Cyborg and Beast Boy began to threat each other differently. Even the other titans expected that something was going on. This proofs that Beast Boy and Cyborg are everyday nice to each other and that and that they tell jokes to each other. The other titans even helped to fix their friendship. At the end of the episode they get along so well that they created a new friendship friend.


Robin and Cyborg

Robin teaching Cyborg how to be a "real boy".

Cyborg and Robin are very good friends, and generally get along very well, although sometimes Cyborg enjoys making fun of Robin or gets mad Robin’s bad attitude. Robin often joins Cyborg and Beast Boy and hang out as "bros".

In the episodes Caged Tiger and Missing, the three of them are shown partaking in bro activities together. However in Staff Meeting, when Robin called his staff his "best friend" Cyborg says that he thought he was his best friend.

Robin beats Cyborg up

In Power Moves, after the two of them accidentally create a power move, they begin combining everything. However Robin becomes obsessed and refuses to let Cyborg stop. Eventually it gets to the point that Robin moves inside Cyborg's body as "the ultimate power move", and begins making him perform power moves against his will. It takes the combined effort of all the other Titans to finally get Robin out.

In Caged Tiger, Robin and Beast Boy, along with Cyborg, are shown hanging out as the "bros", and went on a "bro-cation" together. However after being trapped in the elevator they begin to get annoyed at one other and soon have a huge fight until the elevator is suddenly fixed during the fight. Then the three attacks Dr. Light and in the end they once again jump into “the bro train”.

In Caramel Apples, Cyborg and Beast Boy were inspired by Robin’s inspiring speeches at first, but after they got injured twice after his speeches, they didn’t wanna get inspired anymore and threw him back into the centre of the earth.

In Real Boy Adventures, Robin teaches Cyborg what it's like to be a real boy, but only does it to take his robotic suit.

In Rocks and Water, Cyborg is a a "third wheel" on Robin and Starfire's date, where he ends up ruining any romantic chance the two had together alone by being in the middle of everything.

In Leg Day, Cyborg and Beast Boy (as Thunder Thighs and The Calf respectively) compliment Robin (Captain Cankle) for creating a chasm that destroys most of the robots.

In "Operation Dude Rescue", Robin, Beast Boy and Cyborg attempt to persuade the girls that chivalry is real, but after they end up in The Brain's jell cell, the three use time machines to summon lots of their counterparts.Then the girls and their extra girl power believe that they seem to have fun in the cell and ditch the three of them.

In Labour Day, Cyborg and the other Titans are fed up with Robin who has spoiled their beach day, and he later punches Robin (who denies the fault) with a pair of boxing gloves before leaving the latter at the snowy “beach”.

In The Academy, Cyborg and the three others are angered with the fact that Robin tries to monopolise the Teen Titans Award, but after the award is destroyed by the Academy, Cyborg is the first to encourage Robin who is crying for the loss and he then join Robin and the others to fight against the Academy.

It is then revealed in Flashback that before Robin formed Teen Titans, Cyborg (Victor Stone) had been admiring and following Robin although being rejected by the former for multiple times. He even risked himself to help Robin to retrieve the tower from Kid Flash later on which resulted himself injured and became Cyborg.


Cyborg begs Raven

Cyborg begs Raven to make a magical duplicate of him.

Cyborg is close friends with Raven. However, he often forces her to participate in activities she doesn't like. This was shown primarily in Meatball Party, where he forced her to eat a "cyborg meatball", resulting in her tooth being cracked open. He understands her at the end, but can't help himself when it comes to meatballs as he shoots a giant meatball at her. In later episodes they can get along a lot more.

In Starliar, when Starfire lies to Cyborg about Raven saying he chewed to loudly, Cyborg becomes extremely resentful of her. He chews a bag of chips loudly and splatters it on her hood, before sarcastically asking if she was annoyed. Later on, they get into a huge fight, along with Robin.

Cyborg being unannoying

Cyborg intentionally being annoying towards Raven.

In Colors of Raven, Cyborg is repeatedly beaten up by Red Raven, revealing all of Raven's negative feelings towards him. At the same time, he took a liking to Pink Raven and spent the day having fun with her and Beast Boy until she accidentally sealed herself in the magical prism.

In "Nose Mouth", Raven gets sick of Cyborg's 'booyahs', and gets rid of his mouth.

In Thanksgiving, when Trigon turned Cyborg into a turkey and was preparing to eat him, Raven tries to stop her father from eating him, and told him that eating one of her friends wasn't part of the deal.

In Real Boy Adventures, after hearing Cyborg's desire to be fully human, Raven offers to make his wish come true using her magic. Cyborg is delighted to hear this and hugs Raven out of gratitude. She then performs a ritual, which causes severe pain on his part, and turns him fully in the human.

In Cool School, Cyborg tells Raven that she was like a sister to him, which flattered Raven.

In “Yearbook Madness”, after Cyborg continues to beg and even attempt to take her hood off during Picture Day, Raven hits the ceiling and goes insane, attacking and horrifying Cyborg.

In Matched and Rocks and Water, Raven is shown to become very irritated or upset after Cyborg ruins her moments with Beast Boy.

In most episodes of Season 4, Raven and Cyborg didn't had much disagreements compared to the older seasons. In "BBCYFSHIPBDAY" is shown that they also created a friendship friend.


Starfire and Cyborg are close friends. They don't talk much to each other, but have been confronted in several episodes. It was shown in Terra-ized that he and Starfire like watching daytime talk shows together. They are also seen hanging out with each other for nearly the whole episode. Cyborg seems to trust Starfire, as seen in "Starliar", where he was convinced that Starfire never lies.
Cyborg and Starfire wit hatching egg

In Birds, after Cyborg gets harassed by The Mockingbirds, Starfire attempts to comfort him with a hug.

In Hose Water, Cyborg and Starfire are both interesting in things that the average children do. They are interested by birds and eggs and they do kid friendly activities together.

Starfire found Cyborg's drawing in "BBBDAY" lovely.

In Shrimps and Prime Rib, Cyborg and Starfire happily make some paper dolls to cover a camera inside The Brain's Headquarters.

In Booby Trap House, Cyborg and Starfire are insane enough to plant the whole tower with dangerous booby traps when Robin goes on a trip with Beast Boy and Raven and still immaturely believe that they are behaving like adults despite their traps have caused their three friends to get lots of injuries and throw into the ocean.

In The Inner Beauty of A Cactus, The Titans played Spin The Bottle and Cyborg and Starfire kissed.

In Flashback, Starfire and Cyborg are seen scribbling doodles on the glass wall of the living room in the beginning of the episode.

Jinx (love interest, girlfriend)

Cyborg and Jinx in Opposites

Cyborg and Jinx

Though originally enemies, Cyborg fell in love with Jinx, even though it is forbidden for heroes and villains to date each other. In Opposites, after flattering Jinx with a gift, she fell in love with him, and they began a secret relationship. This was eventually discovered by Robin and Gizmo, and they were forced to be split up. They both switched to their opposite sides, resulting in them being enemies again. After an argument, they break up. When their friends leave, Cyborg and Jinx reconcile their relationship by kissing, continuing to date in secret.

Screen Shot 2014-02-13 at 10.46.38 PM

Cyborg asking Jinx for a dance

In later episodes, everyone from the Teen Titans and H.I.V.E. seem to accept Cyborg and Jinx's relationship.

In Be Mine, Cyborg invites Jinx to the Valentine's Day party as his Valentine. When he tries to dance with her, however, security guards tasered him, yelling, "Step away from the prisoner!". In the comic Party Party, Cyborg dances with Jinx, because both the Titans and the H.I.V.E. are too distracted by their own dance partners to notice.

In Real Boy Adventures, Jinx flirted with him and she doesn't care if 

Teen Titans Go Closeup poetry jam

A close up of Cyborg and Jinx together

Cyborg is human or half robot. This shows that their Relationship is personal. When Cyborg gives Jinx 

a paper-cut during battle, he yells to her, "Sorry, babe! Put some ice on that!", implying that they are still secretly dating. Cyborg was likely forgiven because they interacted in later episodes just fine.

In "Yearbook Madness", there was a picture of them together holding hands while smiling at each other.

In "Accept the Next Proposition You Hear" Jinx looked a bit embarrassed because he flirted with her when she went to the mall with Terra.

In "The HIVE Five", Cyborg asked See-More twice if he could draw a picture of himself while he's holding Jinx.

In "How 'Bout Some Effort", he and Jinx pretended to be married and were ready to celebrate Valentines Day but Jinx becomes mad at Cyborg for getting everyone a valentines card. She wanted to spent the day with Cyborg only and Jinx was looking up for it because the day was important to her. Cyborg cried because he didn't meant to hurt Jinx's feeling. After the all the trouble, Cyborg tries to make Valentine's Day special gift for Jinx to fix the argument between them and to apologize. Cyborg eventually makes it back from The Center of the Universe with special Valentine's Day gifts and he sung her a little song. Jinx happily accepts his apology and the two embraced for several kisses, renewing their relationship. At this point, both the Titans and the H.I.V.E have already known that they are dating and seem to approve.

Cyjinx cameo in Catchin' Villains teen titans go wikia

Cyborg and Jinx's cameo in Catchin' Villains

In "Jinxed" when the Titans interrupt her Jinx still replied with "Hey Cy". And Cyborg called her babe. Cyborg apologized after he hit her with his laser blast.

Cyborg and Jinx are seen together in official artwork when Jinx is on Cyborg's back covering his eyes while smiling.

Cyborg and Jinx can be seen together in a car in Beast Boy's song "Catchin' Villains".


Brother Blood

Screen Shot 2014-07-24 at 10.35.05 PM

Cyborg annoying Brother Blood.

Brother Blood is the archenemy of Cyborg in the original Teen Titans series. In Waffles, Brother Blood is surprised to find Cyborg and Beast Boy playing a stupid game, and looks down upon them. When the duo arrives, Cyborg doesn't even wait for Brother Blood to say anything, and begins rapidly shooting at him. When Blood traps them, they both refuse to give him their codes, despite Blood thinking he can convince them. He then tortures them with his Pain Bot.



Cyborg's tiny single missile against Gizmo's arsenal of weapons.

As Cyborg's least favorite member of the H.I.V.E., Gizmo is always driving him crazy. In Super Robin, Cyborg shoots a tiny missile at his back, causing him to fall to the earth and land on a car.

In Breakfast Cheese, Cyborg shoots a large missile at his face. In Opposites, Gizmo forbids Jinx from dating Cyborg and calls him a robot, later Cyborg calls Gizmo "a five year old in a jet pack" in reference to his height.

In Operation Tin Man, Gizmo and Cyborg start a prank war. But in the end, they become friends until the other Titans attacked.

Wonder Woman

Cyborg is a huge fanboy of Wonder Woman. He seems to be excited to team up with her later when he joins the Justice League. He also sang the song "Shining Like Diamonds" to her.

Death Experiences

  • In "Laundry Day", he briefly died after smelling Beast Boy's smelly body.
  • In "Ghostboy", he died after attacked by a wolf in the volcano.
  • In "Parasite", he died after being smashed by the Cironielian Chrysalis Eater.
  • In "Starfire the Terrible", he died after attacked by a robo-piranha.
  • In "Salty Codgers", he died with the other three (Robin, Beast Boy, and Starfire) after having their last breath.
  • In "Body Adventure", he probably died at the end when a scene says "In Loving Memory of Cyborg's Body 1996-2014."
  • In "Hot Garbage", he died when the four (plus Starfire, Robin and Raven) tried to fight against the smell, but then ghost Cyborg possess back his body, along with the three.
    Request 9 Cyborg Ghost

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  • Cyborg's voice actor, Khary Payton also voiced him in the original Teen Titans series and in the video game Injustice: Gods Among Us.
  • Cyborg's catchphrase is "Booyah!"
  • Cyborg is the tallest and oldest Titan.
  • Cyborg has become a ghost four times in this series. The first one in the episode Laundry Day after smelling Beast Boy's rancid stench, the second one in Ghostboy, where he was mauled by a mountain lion, the third time in "Hot Garbage" after smelling the fumes coming from Beast Boy's room and the fourth time was in Scary Figure Dance after he was blasted with the rest of the Titans from the H.I.V.E.
    • However, in Laundry Day, his spirit almost ascends but is quickly sucked through a vacuum by Beast Boy, and placed back in his own body. While in Hot Garbage, Robin revived him after he died. In the end of Scary Figure Dance, Gizmo calls the doctor to revive the Titans, especially Cyborg.
  • According to Driver's Ed, Cyborg is not as good at driving as Robin, indicated by destroying the Titans' car whilst pursuing Robin.
    • This is for pure comic relief, as Cyborg in the original animated series was depicted as a careful, model driver.
  • Cyborg claimed in Gorilla that he hates bananas. Even popping a banana which splatters all over his and Robin's face.
  • Cyborg's head is detachable, unlike the original series.
    • As shown in Tower Power, Girl's Night Out, Burger vs. Burrito, Laundry Day, and Uncle Jokes, Cyborg has a circuit mode in which he is able to get out of his suit and reveals his head in circuits that resemble a very tiny body. However, in Gorilla, when Cyborg got dismantled (by doing too many jumping jacks), his head was shown without any circuits, instead being just a head.
    • Also, in Hey Pizza!, when Beast Boy dismantled Cyborg, a large screw was on the bottom of his head, implying that his head had to be screwed in.
  • Despite numerous episodes indicating only his head the only organic part of his body remaining, several episodes indicate there are various other parts of him that are still organic.
    • In Ghostboy, after getting mauled by a lion, the casing on his leg is stripped off revealing a human leg.
    • In Double Trouble, an obese Cyborg had a belly jutting out of his mechanical casing.
    • In You're Fired!, it is shown that Cyborg still has human feet and that he is really wearing boots.
    • In Thanksgiving, Cyborg's is again shown to be fat, with his belly popping out of the casing.
    • In Vegetables, Cyborg's gut is shown once again, although smaller and with abs this time.
    • In Smile Bones, yet again, Cyborg's giant belly bulges out from the casing.
    • In More of the Same, his stomach falls out.
  • Cyborg's origins in the show are varied in two episodes: In Dog Hand where Cyborg claimed to be half-robot since birth and his father was a (somewhat inactive) toaster for obvious comedic effect, and in Tower Power where Beast Boy comments that Cyborg's self-proclaimed awesome powers came from the fact that he got his robotic parts from his father after an accident, which is more faithful to the original canon.
  • However in Man Person he says he was a normal guy the a horrible accident left him disfigured, resulting in his dad giving him robot parts he was even wearing a football jersey which implies that he plays it which is true in his most known origin.
  • In Parasite, Cyborg says that he can put on skinny jeans, but doesn't know if he can pull them off.
  • In the original series, Cyborg's deepest wish was to be fully human again. But, due to Cyborg's claim in Dog Hand that he was half-robot since birth (which was done for comedic effect), his wish in this episode was simply to have a dog for a hand.
  • In the original series, Cyborg was unable to fly however, in this series Cyborg is able to thanks to his jetpack and his rocket boots.
  • Cyborg's love for meat in the original series is kept in this series, but his disgust for tofu apparently is not, as he went along with Beast Boy's plans to eat tofu chips as best friends in Double Trouble.
  • In the episode "Tower Power" Cyborg welcomed the fact that he was fully mechanical when the Titans plugged him in to the Tower, where as in the original series he has always wanted to be fully human again.
  • In the episode Meatball Party, it is shown that Cyborg has a strange obsession over meatballs, even to the point of doing messy and fun parties just about them.
  • In Nose Mouth, Cyborg's nose is voiced by Tom Kenny.
  • He seems to have a fear of the dark, as revealed in Slumber Party.
  • He is eighteen years old, which was revealed in Body Adventure.
  • Cyborg's birthday is on June 29, as shown in the episode Thanksgiving.
  • Cyborg is featured as a member of the Justice League in various movies and in LEGO® Batman specials, but not in this series.
  • Cyborg has died 8 times in the series: Laundry Day, Ghost Boy, Parasite, Starfire the Terrible, Salty Codgers, Hot Garbage, Scary Figure Dance and Oregon Trail.
  • In the original series, Brother Blood can use mind control on anyone except Cyborg because he is part human.
  • In the episode 40% 40% 20% it is revealed that his favorite song is Night Begins To Shine.
  • In the episode Two Parter it is said that Cyborg will leave the Titans. It is unknown if it is permanent or not.
  • If Starfire doesn't change her ways of liking Black Friday, he will get trampled to death trying to buy a laptop 99% off.
  • Cyborg has claimed to have dreamed of joining the Justice League.
  • Cyborg joining the Justice League is meant to reference the DC Extended Universe's Cyborg, who is interpreted as a founding member of the team. His position as a Justice League member was also first made in the New 52 franchise, when the Teen Titans were also revamped.
  • Once Cyborg becomes a member of the Justice League 20 years in the future, his suit is based off of his New 52 design. (Seen in the Two parter episode).
  • In the online game Titanic Heartbreak, Cyborg is a playable character.
  • Cyborg has a somewhat similar personality to Jake from Adventure Time and Grizz from We Bare Bears.
  • Cyborg, along with Starfire, is the third most optimistic of the group after Silkie and Beast Boy.
  • Cyborg shares his Electronic Eye Capabilities with See-More's Abilities.
  • Cyborg portrayed four other superheroes that include


The quotes for Cyborg can be found here.

Voice in other languages

  • Roland Czető (Slumber Party singing voice), Máté Szabó (overall singing voice), Zoltán Dózsa (Hungarian)
  • Mino Caprio (Season 1-2) Luigi Ferraro (Season 3+) (Italian)
  • Florian Ghimpu (Romanian)
  • Krzysztof Banaszyk (Polish)
  • Eduardo Borgerth (Brazil)
  • Carlos Freixo (Portuguese pt-pt)
  • Daniel Lobé (French)


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