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Name Cinderblock
Sex Male
Species Rock Monster
Enemies Teen Titans
Kid Flash
Occupation Villain
Rampaging Monster

Cinderblock is a villain who first debuted in Staff Meeting.


In Staff Meeting, he appeared when Robin was fighting him, but Robin was very depressed over the loss of his staff, so he wasn't very effective in hurting Cinderblock because of it. Annoyed, Cinderblock eventually punched Robin, sending him flying.

In Artful Dodgers, he goes in a dodgeball team called the BlockHeads, but is defeated by Robin later.

In Starfire The Terrible, Cinderblock is in a giant area, destroying trains. Robin then defeats him with his motorcycle.

In Legs, Cinderblock is briefly shown getting beat up by Raven as Lady Legasus.

In Man Person, Cinderblock is facing a battle against the Titans, and Beast Boy insists on fighting, but gets hit by his punch. Cinderblock's hand is later seen on Beast Boy's face after the collision.

In Vegetables, Cinderblock is used as a test dummy to show the Titans what they could do if they ate vegetables.

In Multiple Trick Pony, Cinderblock is seen destroying Jump City, while the Titans (except for Robin) fight him with Kid Flash.


Cinderblock is a giant rock monster composed of grayish-purple colored stone bricks. He has massive rock arms and legs, and an immense rock chest. He has a giant brick head with red eyes and a mouth. The stature of Cinderblock is similar to that of a robot's.

Powers and Abilities

Super Strength: Cinderblock is known for his very powerful strength, as shown in Man Person.

Episode Appearances

Season 1

Season 2


  • Cinderblock is the third most recurring villain in the series (after the H.I.V.E. Five and Dr. Light).
  • Cinderblock was an original character created for the first TV series. He has since been introduced in the mainstream comics.
  • Cinderblock was voiced by Dee Bradley Baker in the original series and he still is, but he's uncredited.  
  • Cinderblock was the first villain ever to appear in the first TV series.
  • In the first TV series, Cinderblock was often seen working for Slade with Plasmus and Overload. It is unknown if he does in Teen Titans Go! as well. 
  • He is the eleventh villain from the original series to return.
  • Cinderblock bears a strong resemblance to the Sandwich Guardians.


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