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Name Cinderblock
Sex Male
Species Rock
Enemies Teen Titans
The Wonder Twins
Occupation Villain
Rampaging Monster

Cinderblock is a villain who first debuted in Staff Meeting.


In Staff Meeting, he appeared when Robin was fighting him, but Robin was depressed over the loss of his staff, so he wasn't very effective in hurting Cinderblock because of it. Cinderblock eventually punched Robin, sending him flying. He also appeared in Artful Dodgers in a dodgeball team called the BlockHeads.

Episode Appearances


  • Cinderblock was an original character created for the first TV series. He has since been introduced in the mainstream comics. 
  • Cinderblock was the first villain ever to appear in the first TV series.
  • In the first TV series, Cinderblock was often seen working for Slade Wilson (Deathstroke). It is unknown if he does in Teen Titans Go! as well. 
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