Robin: Oh! Do I have a funny story for you guys. So, I am..

(Trigon's hand snatches Robin as he screams)

Beast Boy: Huh? I like where the story's going.

(The other Titans scream, Starfire does this first.)

Raven: Hi, Dad. So glad you could drop by.

Robin: Sorry, Trigon. We are the Teen Titans. Our friendship is stronger than any evil and together, we have defeated any menace that has come our way.

Robin: Hope, as long as we are still here, might still have a chance, and that's why we're gonna keep fighting.

Starfire: Why is the Trigon so upset?

Raven: I didn't give him anything for Father's Day.

Starfire: (gasps) No wonder he has destroyed our city. You damaged his feelings.

Trigon: Hello, hello, hello!

Raven: Back so soon? Let me guess, you're here to embrace my inner demon.

Trigon: Actually, I'm here to see your friend.

(Trigon creates the White Cat, with layers of bones, organs, and flesh.)

Starfire: Kitty!

(Vanity card for the cat dance, Starfire and Trigon and the white cat dance to the song.)

Cyborg: Booyah! I can't believe we made it, dude!

Beast Boy: Yeah, boy!

Robin: Yes. Together, we have climbed the depths of the earth. Triumphant and stronger than ever.

Raven (as Sparkleface): Hey, Butterbean, want to go to the Candy Cane Forest.

Raven (as Unknown pony mentioned as Butterbean): That sounds delicious.

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