Here are a list of quotes from Brother Blood throughout the series.


  • "Greetings titans."
  • "Glad you can join our little party."
  • "Ready to talk."
  • "Oh come on! You now?"
  • "Its not funny!"
  • "Thanks to our many encounters I've prepared for every possible contingency."
  • "Like I said, every possible contingency."
  • "What I want is simple, control over the Titan's Tower arsenal."
  • "While I know I can be very persuasive, I thought this might be more fun."
  • "But I was really looking forward to using this, I spent a lot of time making it."
  • "I assure you they will sing like birds."
  • "Can't you see this is the stupidest game ever ?!"
  • "Okay stop saying that, it's getting very irritating and it's not funny at all!"
  • "I have prepared for every possible contingency!"
  • "I can be very persuasive."
  • "Stop saying waffles!"
  • "Of course you will, how could any villain stand against such a formidable team?"
  • "Why would I make fun of the most amazing superhero team of all time?"
  • "I'm trying to say your teamwork is your greatest strength!"
  • "No team, no one to stop me! Jump City will be MINE! Muahahahahaha!"
  • "Every moment you've spent building the Teen Titans into what they are is GONE, Robin!"
  • "You want to hug me now, Robin?"
  • "Seriously? I had a whole elaborate trap and everything! Oh well, time to die!"
  • "Just checking in! Your deaths - are they eminent yet?"
  • "Robin? Robin? Robin?! Robin?? Robin!? Robin?! Robin?? Robin?! Robin!? Robin?? ROBINS!!!!"
  • "Err...The death circle isn't built for this many people, so I need you all to squeeze together, okay?"
  • "Curse you, Super Robin!"

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