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Brother Blood
Name Brother Blood
Alias Sebastian Blood
Sex Male
Species Human
Friends Gizmo
H.I.V.E. Five (students)
Pain Bot (former henchman)
Hurt Bot (henchman)
Enemies Cyborg
Teen Titans
Super Robin (Bird)
Tim Drake
Silver Age Robin
Carrie Kelly
Occupation Villain

H.I.V.E. Headmaster

Residence H.I.V.E. Academy
Voiced By John DiMaggio

Quote1 Greetings Titans! You didn't think you've seen the last of your favorite enemy? Quote2
----Brother Blood

Brother Blood orange background

Brother Blood is the headmaster of H.I.V.E. Academy, and the archenemy of Cyborg.


Brother Blood is the current villainous headmaster of the H.I.V.E. Academy.

Brother Blood proves to be extremely formidable. Not only does he have mind control  powers, superior reflexes, and control of Pain Bot, his cunning intelligence enables him to easily outsmart the young Titans.

In Waffles, Blood tried to take over the Titans Tower's weapons arsenal for unknown reasons. Blood captured Robin, Raven, and Starfire, threatening  them with his Pain Bot. He also captures Beast Boy and Cyborg, torturing them to near-death, with little success. Robin, Raven, and Starfire are able to annoy Brother Blood by driving him insane with the Waffles Song with Beast Boy and Cyborg. Blood fled the scene, leaving Cyborg and Beast Boy in a broken mess, and the other Titans still trapped in a cage .

In Little Buddies, Brother Blood returns with his Pain Bot for revenge. During the battle, Robin is able to throw an explosive bird-a-rang at him, presumably killing him in the explosion. For the longest time, it remained unknown whether or not he survived this encounter with the Titans.

Screen Shot 2014-09-11 at 10.55.31 PM
In Baby Hands, Blood returns alive and well. This time, Brother Blood comes up with his ultimate scheme to achieve victory: separate the Titans. If the Titans cannot work as a team, they will have little to no chance of stopping him from taking over the city. Blood plans to accomplish this by creating a massive ray cannon that also functions as an amplifier for his mind control. When the Titans arrive on the scene, Blood is able to brainwash everyone but Robin, who almost immediately destroys the machine. Victorious, Blood manages to escape while Robin is distracted. Later that night, Blood robs Jump City's weapon storage building. He fills a shopping cart with a gigantic pile of guns, swords, blasters, and explosives. The Titans (who now worship Robin due to their being brainwashed) arrive, but insist that Robin demonstrates his "powers" for them. Robin, who lied about having powers, tries to come up with an excuse, allowing Blood to start shooting at his teammates. Before long, Blood defeats every one of the Titans with his new weapons. Robin removes his gloves, revealing his "baby hands" to the other Titans, thus restoring their memory. As Blood finishes loading the weapons into his car, the Titans return and easily defeat him.

In The Best Robin, Brother Blood kidnaps the City Council of Jump City. Because the Titans are too lazy to go stop him, Robin brings "Team Robin". The result is Brother Blood being defeated in a matter of seconds. However, Brother Blood manages to escape from prison shortly after, and lures the Titans into another trap. The Titans are easily captured and tied up. Blood slowly begins to lower a gigantic drill with lasers on top of the Titans. Scared for their life, the Titans trick Robin into calling Team Robin to save them. When Team Robin arrives, Blood releases his new weapon: Hurt Bot. Hurt Bot is none other than Blood's replacement to Pain Bot (who defected to the Titans' side in Little Buddies). Hurt Bot easily defeats team Robin by smashing them with a giant anvil. With both the Titans and Team Robin captured, Blood continues to lower his drill on top of them. As the heroes begin to panic, Super Robin arrives and defeats Blood, proving he is "the best Robin".


Brother Blood is a balding old man with an upright posture and white hair pointing out from the sides of his head. He has dark shadows under his eyes and wears a black battle suit with red boots, red gauntlets, gold waist ties, and a red breast plate with a gold Brother Evil insignia.

Powers and Abilities

  • Screen Shot 2014-02-08 at 1.03.53 PM
    Mind Control:
    He uses hypnosis on Robin, Starfire, and Raven in the episode Waffles, though it proved ineffective on them.
  • Telekinesis: Blood has powerful telekinetic abilities, strong enough to stop Cyborg's cannon blast and fire it back at him.
  • Martial Arts: He is highly trained in fighting
  • Inventing: He is extremely skilled in inventing as he invented a laser cage that effectively contained every Titan, even Raven's portal abilities. He also built in the deadly Pain Bot, a super canon, and a death machine, as well as Hurt Bot, a successor to Pain Bot.


The quotes for Brother Blood can be found here.

Episode Appearances

Season One

Season Two


  • Brother Blood is the fourth most recurring villain in the series, the first being the H.I.V.E. Five (technically a group of villains), the second being Dr. Light, and the third is Cinderblock.
  • Brother Blood's appearance in Teen Titans Go! was revealed months before "Legs" premiered. Tara Strong and Scott Menville tweeted about his upcoming appearance via Twitter. It is very likely that Brother Blood will make another appearance in the future, as their tweet did not match the episode he appeared in.
  • Brother Blood is the second of the Titans' archenemies to return from the original series. The first to return was Trigon, Raven's archenemy/father.
  • In the original series, he is Cyborg's archenemy, having transformed himself into half cyborg to be a "superior being."
  • Also, in the original series, Cyborg could not be hypnotized by Brother Blood because he is half human.
  • In the original DC comics, Brother Blood was part of the Church of Blood, where he worshiped Trigon.
  • Brother Blood was thought dead in the episode Little Buddies, during a fight with the Titans. However, it is later revealed that he survived this encounter, but with no explanation as to how.
    • In The Best Robin, Blood creates Hurt Bot to replace Pain Bot (who defected to the Titans' side in Little Buddies), thus proving he did indeed survives his encounter with the Titans.
  • He is the sixteenth villain from the original series to return.
  • It is revealed in Waffles he is still the leader of H.I.V.E. Academy from the original series.


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