"Breakfast Cheese" is the thirty-eighth episode of the first season of Teen Titans Go!, and the thirty-eighth overall episode of the series.


Starfire convinces the other reluctant Titans to try defeating their enemies using kindness and compassion instead of violence and aggression.


The Titans arrive to stop the H.I.V.E. Five's latest evil scheme: loitering, and the team finds them utterly detestable. Starfire goes over to Mammoth and starts to scold him until she hears Robin tell Gizmo that if he breaks the law then he'll break his face and starts hitting him with his staff as Starfire tells him that his face is already broken. She then see Raven slamming Jinx on the ground as she says that hanging out in front of stores makes her sick. Then Starfire says that see is feeling sick too but then sees Beast Boy and Cyborg reapeatly picking up and slamming down See-More and Billy Numerous. She goes over to them and asked if it's too much but sees Robin slamming Gizmo in a trash can and says that they're just trying to teach them a lesson. But Starfire reminds them that they're always teaching a lesson but the H.I.V.E dosn't learn. So Cyborg suggests that maybe it's because they haven't used... missles. So he shoots missles in everyones faces.

After the battle, the Titans return to the Tower to eat and compliment their fighting strategies. Starfire begins to criticize their violent behavior, but the others pay no mind and viciously eat some of their pizza. She has no choice but to use her puppy-dog-eyes to beg them to listen to her. Beast Boy, Raven, and Cyborg begin to fall under her spell, but Robin refuses to succumb, and vows to never give up his violence, even punching the others to make his point before departing.

Later that day, Starfire walks in on a fight between Cyborg and Beast Boy after the latter cheated to win their video game. Starfire suggests that they try a new game, called "Puppy Tummy Tickles". The duo decides that the new game seems stupid, until they try it and fall in love with it.

Back in the living room, Raven is trying to meditate. Starfire suggests that she not put her fingers together, because it is aggressive on the skin cells. When Raven tries her suggestion, she finds herself being able to unlock her true potential, and after a gigantic bright light, she appears in a new white cloak with light surrounding her.

In the bathroom, Robin is putting some more hair gel in his hair, when he spots a spider. Robin springs into action and rapidly tries to kill it, but Starfire enters and begs him to stop. After long exposure to the puppy-dog-eyes, Robin finally decides to be nice. He picks up the spider, which in turn bites him, causing his hand and face to swell up. Robin begins to scream that he only has seconds to live before the venomous bite becomes fatal.

When the venom reaches his brain, it does not kill him, but instead takes away his lust for violence, making him a kind, compassionate person. He along with Starfire begin to relax outside the tower with the other Titans. Suddenly, the crime alert is activated, and the Titans become excited to try their new ideas in battle.

Back in Jump City, the H.I.V.E. Five is loitering next to a no-loitering sign. The Titans appear, and the villains want revenge for the abusive beatings they suffered earlier. The Titans begin to forgive the villains for being evil, but have no success when the villains start to violently attack them. After they are pinned down, Gizmo fires missiles in all of their faces as an act of revenge.

When they recover, Robin decides that they have no choice but to use their weapons. He walks right up to them and whips out his staff. He swings his staff at Jinx's face, but stops, and hands her some flowers out of the end of the stick. Jinx becomes very flattered and begins to hug and smell the flowers. Robin hands Gizmo a rose, who begins to smell it with happiness. Cyborg starts to shoot stuffed animals at See-More and Billy Numerous, who become very touched. Beast Boy transforms into a bunny and begins to cuddle with Mammoth. Raven lights up the world with beautiful rainbow colors.

Starfire begins to sing a song (Peace and Love) about love and compassion, and breakfast cheese. Soon everyone happily joins in unison, as friends.




  • At first glance it looks like Beast Boy is eating meat on his pizza, but upon closer inspection it has no toppings at all.
  • This episode reveals that Raven has purple nails.
  • This is the first time that Raven transforms into White Raven. Her white garb in "Matched" doesn't count, as it was a different outfit that served as her wedding gown.
  • This is the first time the H.I.V.E. Five are seen singing.
  • This is the first time Billy Numerous and See-More are seen with their lips moving. Though they are still not voiced by anyone at this point.
  • In the original series' comic line, Starfire could not sing in English but rather only very loudly and harshly in Tamaranean.
  • Based on the colors and hourglass markings on it's abdomen, the spider is most likely a black widow spider.
  • When Raven turns into White Raven, the ashes on the floor form a peace sign.
  • Ironically, Starfire is known for being particularly violent in nature, primarily in the original DC comics which she really only shows her kind nature primarily towards her friends and civilians. Since Tamaranians are a loving people but also warriors, violence is more than acceptable to them.
  • The Titans' first attempts in avoiding Starfire's "puppy-dog look" refer back to a few instances in the original series' comic line, in which they know and avoid looking at her eyes when she wants someone to do something with her.
  • The fourth wall is broken when Robin's swelled up face gets crushed by the transition.
  • The reasoning behind the episode title is the lyrics "I want the cheese for breakfast" in Peace and Love.
  • Beast Boy calls Starfire "Mama" for the first time.


  • Every Titan objected to Starfire's idea of peace except Raven. This is most likely a reference to the peaceful dimension, Azarath, that Raven grew up in.
  • During Robin's venom induced peace hallucination, Raven is depicted with six arms, which is a reference to the Hindu goddess Kali.
  • After the H.I.V.E Five turn to peace, Raven uses her magic, making a rainbow similar to The Powerpuff Girls ending theme before the narrator talks. It has the heart around the H.I.V.E like when the narrator is talking about The Powerpuff Girls
  • The way Starfire want to do everything with peace and love is similar to the character Wander from Wander Over Yonder.



  • Raven is shown with one slice of pizza, even though she split it in half before. Furthermore she was holding the slices in her hands, but in the next shot she is levitating the slice using her telekinesis.
  • Robin incorrectly refers to the spider that bit him as an insect, even though he had called it an arachnid earlier.
  • When Starfire gives Cyborg and Beast Boy Puppy Tummy Tickles and she says "auhhh" before the next scene, her mouth does not open.
  • When Raven uses her magic to turn the H.I.V.E. Five to peace, Starfire's star-shaped can be seen under her shoes instead of the usual skull.
  • When The Titans (Except Starfire) Eating Pizza, Beastboy was eating the pizza with Meat while he was in Wolf Costume.. but when he turned back to normal,The Pizza Doesn't Contain Meat.

Running Gags

  • Robin's swelled up face getting stuck in places.
  • The Titans being at peace.


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