Boots By Robin was a multi-million dollar company created and managed by Robin. It's primary output were pairs of western style boots, until the business exploded, literally. The corporation was introduced in the episode "Yearbook Madness".


Robin first formulated his enterprise for the mere desire to be featured in the Titan Yearbook's "Most Likely to Succeed" page. Beast Boy questioned what made him more likely to be successful than the rest of them, and so Robin went off to develop his business. When it came to what his company would actually produce, Robin's mind was blank, But while thinking at his desk, he noticed the boots on his feet, and that spawned the idea for him to make a boot company.

The hero/inventor set to work on getting the perfect design for his custom boots. Starting from the bottom with a thread and needle, he sewed the perfect pair, a style that he was quite happy with. At first, business was rough... Robin was on the streets of Jump City selling a meager amount of boots. But his pathetic stand eventually gave way to a small little shop, due to growing sales.

Boots by Robin Inside
From there, the company, which was then called "Boots by Robin", skyrocketed. The never-ending demand from customers bolstered his profits until he had enough to create a factory for manufacturing mass amounts of boots. Robin and his prized boots were even featured on magazine covers, that's how damn popular they were. After selling a pair to the other four Titans, Robin proved his point that he was the most likely to succeed out of all of them.

But he didn't get to gloat for long. The Teen Titans pointed out that he couldn't be the most likely to succeed because he already HAD succeeded. The news infuriated Robin, and, seeing no further need for Boots by Robin, detonated his factory with the push of a button.

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