[It all started in the living room, Robin, Beast Boy and Raven is waiting]
Robin:"Where are Starfire and Cyborg? They're gonna miss my perfect packing presentation."
Beast Boy:"Huh?"
Robin:"My perfect packing presentation."
Raven:"Your what?"
Robin:[shouting with a megaphone] PERFECT PACKING PRESENTATION!!!!!
[Beast Boy and Raven are stuck at the couch.]
Robin: "I'm going to show you all how to pack your bags perfectly for the big road trip tomorrow."
Beast Boy: [unstuck from the couch] "Brah, we knows how to pack."
Robin:"All you know is how to throw junk into a bag. It's sloppy and dangerous! Don't you remember what happen last year?"
[Flashback: The Titans are singing a song called "John Jacob Jingleheimer Schmidt" in the T-car. While singing, the suitcases fell and the T-car damages down to the edge of the cliff. End flashback.]
Raven:"The doctor said we'd never walk again."
Beast Boy:"But, look at us now!"
[Their feet looks scary]
Robin:"I'm done waiting for those two. My perfect packing presentation starts now!"
Beast Boy:"This better not be boring."
Robin:"Ah, I think you should find it be quite the opposite."
[Bell rings. Packin' school starts.]
Robin:"Yo, yo, what's up Titans Tower? Ya'll havin' a good time?"
[Beast Boy and Raven stared awkwardly.]
Robin:"I can't hear you!"
[Beast Boy and Raven stared even awkwardly. Raven coughs. Robin came with a chair.]
Robin:"That's what I'm talking about. Hey, you kids think packin' ain't cool? [hugs Raven and Beast Boy] Packing's are for grandmas right? [rapping sounds] Wrong! Packin' is the new funky fresh with a new thing to be! Boy-E! Let's open this bad boy up if by don't have fold shirts, so they can't make a blank space."
[Opens up the suitcase.]
Cyborg & Starfire:"Hello!"
[Robin surprised.]
Starfire:"You have found our hiding spot for seeking."
Robin:"I'm in a middle of my perfect packing presentation!"
Cyborg:"Forget that,dude. You're the big winner!"
[They both gets out from the suitcase. Starfire gave Robin a trophy. Starfire blows a kazoo and throws confetti.]
Cyborg,Starfire,Beast Boy and :Raven:"Speech! Speech! Speech! Speech!"
Robin:"I..I can't believe it. It's finally happening! This is such an honor!"
[Starfire and Cyborg laughs]
Robin:[crying] "To think I stuck at us just a little hope. It has a little circus boy alone and.. [sniffs] misunderstood.
[Starfire , Cyborg , Raven and Beast Boy laughs]
Cyborg:"He thinks the trophy is real!"
[Wallpaper breaks. Robin smash the trophy and head toward to Cyborg and Starfire]"
Robin:"You two need to grow up!"
Starfire:"He does not believe we are the fully adult person."
Starfire:[weird sounds]
Cyborg:[twist his head] "Huh? Huh?"
[Starfire and Cyborg making weird sounds.]
Starfire:"Push, push!"
Cyborg:"Uh, uh."
Starfire:"The haaa!!!!"
Cyborg:"We are grown ups, bro! You don't even know.
[Cyborg farts ]
Cyborg:"Uh oh, Beast Boy."
Beast Boy:"Aw, need to go potty potty?"
[Cyborg nods his head]
Beast Boy:"I'll take you."
[Robin uses his staff to separate Beast Boy and Cyborg away. ]
Robin:"The potty potty potty can wait!"
[Cyborg lip syncs Robin's conversations]
Robin:"We are leaving for a road trip tomorrow on five a.m. sharp."
[Starfire lip syncs Robin's conversations]
Robin: "I want everyone in bed! Eight sharp! Bags are pack perfectly.
[Cyborg and Starfire lip syncs Robin's conversations. Beast Boy and Raven laughs.]

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