"Booby Trap House" is the third episode of the fourth season of Teen Titans Go!, and the one-hundred-sixtieth overall episode of the series.


After being left alone at home, Cyborg and Starfire booby trap the Tower for safety from "the monsters." Robin, Raven and Beast Boy head off on another road trip while Cyborg and Starfire try to act more adult-like.


Raven and Beast Boy are sitting on the couch while Robin paces back and forth with suitcases. He wonders where Starfire and Cyborg are as it is almost time for his "perfect packing presentation." The Titans are going on a road trip the next day and he wants to make sure there are no suitcase-related incidents like last time.

There's a flashback to the Titans on the road, all of them singing "John Jacob Jingleheimer Schmidt" when suddenly, an over packed suitcase explodes, sending the T-Car over the edge of a cliff.

Robin, no longer interested in waiting for the others, decides to get the presentation rolling. He opens a suitcase to begin his demonstration, and is freaked out to find Cyborg and Starfire and crammed in and playing hide-and-seek.

Before Robin can go on with his presentation, Cyborg declares him the big winner and hands him a trophy. Robin, filled with joy starts to deliver a speech when he realizes the the trophy is all part of an immature prank. He tells Cyborg and Starfire that they need to grow up and act their age. They disagree with him, yet continue to act immature. Robin tells Starfire and Cyborg that they can prove themselves by going to bed early so they could be up by 5:00 AM for the big road trip.

Unfortunately, Cyborg and Starfire have other plans. They take turns making animal sounds all night, making it nearly impossible for Robin to fall asleep.

He wakes up groggily the next morning and realizes he's over slept. Robin rushes to get the other Titans out of bed and into the T-Car. Beast Boy is tasked with doing a head count to make sure all the Titans are accounted for, but in his sleep-deprived state he incorrectly counts five heads in the car. Satisfied with the count, Robin puts his foot to the accelerator and they leave the tower with a crash.

The loud noise is enough to awaken Starfire, who is still in bed. She flies around to greet her fellow Titans, but can not find them anywhere. The only other one around is Cyborg, and he has woken up as well.

Cyborg thinks that there's no way the other Titans would have left them behind. Starfire then jumps to the conclusion that the other Titans must have been eaten in their sleep by terrible monsters from under the bed and in the closet. The two are extremely terrified by this and begin to panic. Starfire then suggests that they honor their dearly departed friend Robin by growing up and protecting their home from the monsters. The best way to do that, they conclude, is by booby trapping the tower!   

What follows is a booby trap making montage that ends with Cyborg and Starfire standing over the Tower, proud of a job well done.   

Meanwhile, out on the open road, Robin suddenly realizes that they are missing something: TANGERINES!   

They all start to freak out, worried that they are miles away from any other source of vitamin C. But Raven finds the tangerine bag and they all calm down and have a tasty snack.   

Back at the tower, Starfire and Cyborg are getting ready for a very grown-up dinner of sweet meat lasagna, edamame in a cherry-chocolate reduction, and fizzy water. They laugh, feeling very much like adults as a curtain closes on the scene.   

In the next scene, Robin, Raven, and Beast Boy have arrived at their destination near the city of Metropolis. It's only now that they realize that Starfire and Cyborg were left behind. Robin, worried the two could be destroying the tower or injuring themselves, decides they must get back in the car and drive to the tower as quickly as possible.   

We transition back to Starfire and Cyborg, who are seen on the floor crying out in pain from eating too much fine food. Just then, the T-Car crashes into the tower, startling Cyborg and Starfire. They think the monsters are coming to get them and they hide under the couch. The two begin to doubt that they are grown-up enough, but they must try and defend their home.   

Cyborg presses a button which activates a beehive in the Titan Tower elevator. The bees sting Raven, Robin, and Beast Boy. Then a bomb on the beehive goes off, covering them in globs of honey. When the elevator doors open, Starfire and Cyborg are unable to recognize their lumpy, honey-coated friends. They run away, leading them into a series of traps, including a bear trap, a kiddie pool full of electric eels, a grenade on a plunger, a raccoon on a string, a swinging log covered in spikes, a mine on a seesaw, a bear in a trap door, a motion triggered crusher, an older model of the T-Car falling from the ceiling, and a boulder that chases the "monsters" into a secret compartment, sending them out of the tower and into the ocean.   

Starfire and Cyborg stand proud, feeling very much like adults.   



  • The Titans' going on a road trip is similar to the episode "Road Trip."
  • This episodes focuses on Starfire and Cyborg's closeness as good friends, similar to "Secret Garden and Hose Water."


  • Dave's dislike for Robin is shown again.
  • Once again, Cyborg and Starfire feed off each others immaturity, making them extra immature to the point where they act like little kids. This relationship was first explored in "Hose Water".
  • Raven is seen unhooded for the 51st time in the series.
  • Raven is seen reading her novel of Pretty Pretty Pegasus again.


  • The plot for this episode is largely lifted from the Home Alone series of movies. The one exception to the movies is that Cyborg and Starfire's traps harm their friends rather than any intruders.
  • Apparently, the Titans planned a road trip to see Metropolis, home of Superman (and Man of Steel Steaks). The Daily Planet can even be seen in the background.
  • The kiddie pool that Cyborg uses for one of the traps has a Joker and Harley Quinn theme.
  • Someone defaced Superman's statue in Metropolis with red graffiti that reads "FALSE BOD" (maybe someone thinks his super abs are pectoral implants?). This is a reference to the "FALSE GOD" graffiti in the movie Batman vs Superman.
  • When Cyborg and Starfire hide under the couch, a Lego figure of Red Hood can be seen in the corner.
  • Starfire cutting wood into spikes references Rambo: First Blood.


Running Gags

  • Starfire and Cyborg acting childish.
  • Starfire and Cyborg trying to act like "adults".
  • A Starfire and Cyborg "adults" transition backdrop popping in between scenes.
  • Starfire and Cyborg speaking in "fancy" accents and doing "fancy" adult activities.


Starfire and Cyborg Booby Trap House
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