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  • Teen Titans Forever!

    Thoughts on it?

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  • SkittyTheTwit

    I've been thinking

    March 16, 2017 by SkittyTheTwit


    As you all may be aware, I haven't been on here for a while, and I apologize for not letting anybody know. However there's also been a reason as to why I haven't been on for a while. As the caption of this blog implies, I've been thinking for a little while.

    As many of you know the wiki has established a Discord to avoid having to deal with lag on the Wiki's main chatroom. Furthermore I was considering making a Discord for a bit, and then I thought about something. I thought about whether or not I want to go take the next step on this wiki, or continue going on here.

    When I first went on here I was an idiot with a truly awful OC, hoping that I could maybe post fanart of my OC and get some positive feedback at the time. During that time I…

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  • Teen Titans Forever!

    Now this movie is the sequel to Justice League vs. Teen Titans and while I mostly like it I do have problems with it.

    The Judas Contract is a comic book from 1980's and while I personally never read it (yet) I have watched the 2003 animated series adaptation of the comic which was very loosely based but still great.

    This Teen Titans: The Judas Contract movie will be more faithful to the comic while of course having some differences.

    Are you gonna watch the film? It comes out on April 4 for digital download and April 18 for DVD/Blu-ray.

    The movie is rated PG-13 for violence, language, and suggested material.

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  • 303melosi

    My Action Movie

    March 7, 2017 by 303melosi

    You'll probably be wondering "303 what are you doing?" Well I did something yesterday and I'll probably not continue Little Elementary. The New series is called "AiLL" aka "Adventures in Lalaloopsy Land". Plus I also have random OC's that have completely weird names. So what I can tell you right now that the HIVE (Gizmo is the leader obviously) are heroes and the Titans (except for Star and Rae) are Villians (+ Main antongonist is Confetti Carnival). So I did this little pic for ya. Tell me how ya like it!

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  • T3hl33tsnake

    I feel like, all this time, I've been taking a show that isn't meant to be taken seriously, well... a bit too seriously. To quote George C. Scott in Patton, "Now, I freely admit that my method was wrong, but I hope you can understand my motive. And that you will accept this explanation... and this... apology."

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  • Beast Girl 206

    Hello everyone, I decided to write a short "biography" on my caracter Blue Jay. To some, this may seem like a bit of a copy on some of known characters, but I created him around five years ago, so I didn't copy him off of anything. Thank you: Hope you enjoy!

    Short Biography Of Blue Jay

    Blue Jay is a super hero, born a half Wizard and half human. Though he does use magic mostly as his main power, he can do many other things, such as shape-shifting and Telepotation, but those are not considerd magic in his DNA.
    He wears a light blue cloak (Similar to Raven's) but, though there is a hood, he is rarely see with it on. There is no real purpose to wearing a cloak, though many believe it is to cover and hide himself, not nessacarlily in shame, more …

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  • Eac101


    February 17, 2017 by Eac101

    Is everyone else seeing the Discord box on the side of the wiki? Is this a new feature?

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  • Beast Girl 206

    The Abominations

    February 16, 2017 by Beast Girl 206

    Okay, I realize I added a team of super heros that no one knows about in the Random Story Chain, so here is their information:

    Beast Girl:

    Real Name: (It's me)

    Powers: Almost every power you can think of.

    Three D (Also know as The Demon):

    Real Name: Dominic Darwin Davis

    Powers: Shape-shifting and Teleportation


    Real Name: None

    Powers: He is a black horse that can talk, he is the fastest horse ever, his breath can make you go unconcious, and he can turn into a normal human.


    Real Name: Megan Daws

    Powers: Can turn into any animal, and has great senses and animal insticts


    Real Name: Mordicai Lucian

    Powers: (He is a great assasian) Amazing senses


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  • Cyberstar1701

    Happy Valentines Day!

    February 14, 2017 by Cyberstar1701

    Happy Valentines Day everyone!

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  • Teen Titans Forever!

    As a fan of the DC Animated films this looks awesome IMO. I hope Terra is 100% evil like her comicbook version.

    What are thoughts on the trailer? Are you excited for this more faithful adaptation of Terra's story?

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