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  • Beast Girl 206

    Hello everyone, I decided to write a short "biography" on my caracter Blue Jay. To some, this may seem like a bit of a copy on some of known characters, but I created him around five years ago, so I didn't copy him off of anything. Thank you: Hope you enjoy!

    Short Biography Of Blue Jay

    Blue Jay is a super hero, born a half Wizard and half human. Though he does use magic mostly as his main power, he can do many other things, such as shape-shifting and Telepotation, but those are not considerd magic in his DNA.
    He wears a light blue cloak (Similar to Raven's) but, though there is a hood, he is rarely see with it on. There is no real purpose to wearing a cloak, though many believe it is to cover and hide himself, not nessacarlily in shame, more …

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  • Eac101


    February 17, 2017 by Eac101

    Is everyone else seeing the Discord box on the side of the wiki? Is this a new feature?

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  • Beast Girl 206

    The Abominations

    February 16, 2017 by Beast Girl 206

    Okay, I realize I added a team of super heros that no one knows about in the Random Story Chain, so here is their information:

    Beast Girl:

    Real Name: (It's me)

    Powers: Almost every power you can think of.

    Three D (Also know as The Demon):

    Real Name: Dominic Darwin Davis

    Powers: Shape-shifting and Teleportation


    Real Name: None

    Powers: He is a black horse that can talk, he is the fastest horse ever, his breath can make you go unconcious, and he can turn into a normal human.


    Real Name: Megan Daws

    Powers: Can turn into any animal, and has great senses and animal insticts


    Real Name: Mordicai Lucian

    Powers: (He is a great assasian) Amazing senses


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  • Cyberstar1701

    Happy Valentines Day!

    February 14, 2017 by Cyberstar1701

    Happy Valentines Day everyone!

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  • Teen Titans Forever!

    As a fan of the DC Animated films this looks awesome IMO. I hope Terra is 100% evil like her comicbook version.

    What are thoughts on the trailer? Are you excited for this more faithful adaptation of Terra's story?

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  • Teen Titans Forever!

    I'm a big fan of both Teen Titans and Teen Titans Go! but I know many like only one of the two so in this blog I would like for you to say what you like about either series (or both).

    Here is my list: I love the balance between humor and serious episodes in the original series. BBRae in Teen Titans Go. Raven is my favorite character in both shows but I love the original series Raven more. Slade my second favorite villain in the DC universe. The second Red X is one of my favorite anti-heroes ever. I enjoy the wacky randomness of Teen Titans Go. I like Starfire and Trigon better in Teen Titans Go. The love the ton of homages of the original series in Teen Titans Go.

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  • Beast Girl 206

    About Last Blog

    February 11, 2017 by Beast Girl 206

    Everyone, I thought about my last blog. I am not going to be on chat as much, but everything else is going to be the same as it was  before. I know by this it sounds like I just can't make up my mind. But this is the last decision, thanks. :)

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  • Beast Girl 206

    Hello, everyone. I wanted to tell you that I am leaving this wiki, but not completely: I won't comment, chat, or write anything on people's walls almost EVER. Only once in a great while, but I will still be on my profile all the time, so feel free to comment on my blogs, write something on my message wall, or ask me to come to chat. I will only come to chat if someone asks me to, otherwise I'm out. But I would like to thank a few of my friends on this wiki:

    Dodecadork: For being a good short time chat friend, for knocking some sense into me when I needed it most, telling me what he thinks, and bringing out the honesty in me.

    Ryuku-Dragon Emperor: For answering all my questions about his book/show without hesitations and not complaining, and …

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  • Beast Girl 206

    Alright everyone, this is the first chapter of my book. I hope you like it. But keep this in mind: This first chapter is a bit boring and kidish, I meant it to be that way to attract all adiences, but throughout the book it becomes more intense, and there are a ton of battles. Also, the wording isn't THAT great. Thanks (Please read the Introduction in my last post before reading.)           Chapter 1
                                 The Kubwa Pack, And A Distrusting Alpha

    "Good Morning! Nice day for a hunt, wouldn't you say so Ella? Let's hunt before the feast this afternoon." Said the alpha wolf named Lupo, to his wife, Ella.
    "Well, maybe, but you know that it's the Hunter's jobs to huntfor us. I wouldn't want to interfere with their only job." An…

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  • Beast Girl 206

    The Muuaji Wolves

    February 2, 2017 by Beast Girl 206

    Hey guys! I wanted to let you know that I'm writing a book series that I think some of you would like. It is called "The Lion and Wolf War" Not completely about what it sounds like, though. Here is the Introduction of the first book called The Muuaji wolves: (Note: I  may add some things to this Introduction, and it's a bit rough, so keep that in mind)

    Have you ever made up your own type of animal? If you have, you might have made an animal that had nine eyes and fifteen legs! Or maybe you made a realistic animal, or maybe you made up a mythical creature, but the animal I am going to tell you about is more than just a made-up animal myth, it is a legend!
    This animal was originally discovered around the 1950's in Sudan, Africa. A …

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