• Raven Beauty


    February 16, 2018 by Raven Beauty

    Head up everyone, I won't be here all day tomorrow. My family and I are attending a college basketball game that is out of town so I won't be able to watch over the wiki in that time. If you have any questions or concerns for me before I go, please leave a comment on this blog post and I'll get to it as soon as I can. 

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  • Karmew32

    DISCLAIMER: I am a CyJinx shipper. As many of you may know, Season 3 of the original Teen Titans' main arc revolved around Cyborg and Brother Blood. In the debut episode "Deception," this ship was briefly hinted at. Unfortunately, this was never built upon (except for a brief mention by Bumblebee in the 2nd episode of the arc "Wavelength"). In fact, Jinx, or any of the HIVE trio, never even appeared in any more episodes of the arc! Now it is time to explore what would've happened had CyJinx become a major plot point. Note that this involves adding in a new episode in between "Wavelength" and "Titans East: Part I" called "Forbidden," an episode focusing on Cyborg and Jinx's secret romance, as well as modifying the plot of both "Titans East"…

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  • Akatsukigirl510

    Rp anyone? Pwease?

    January 25, 2018 by Akatsukigirl510

    Hey guys, I am still here....anyone wants to rp?

    ...I'm kinda lonely so....


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  • Akatsukigirl510

    Hey all its me! I'm still alive! And after watching Suicide Squad and the Justice League, a thought came to me...


    Well dang, that would be great but they deserve it too really I mean there are some good reasons I'll list:

    1. They need more love: They do actually, in the original they didn;t get much of a part to play and in Go...its just sad....they always get beat up and rival the titans and well...again..not much love. My friends and I love the Hive to the titans so we always prefer them and want them to get more love they deserve!

    2. Villains are getting thier own movies; After Suicide Squad, it was clear villains are getting the main roles and what other villains are gonna get movies? Well may…

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  • Dib867

    Why did I join this?

    December 19, 2017 by Dib867

    Hi I’m new to this blog

    --Dib867 (talk) 11:59, December 19, 2017 (UTC)Dib867

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  • XxxxxxxAimeexxxxxxx


    December 12, 2017 by XxxxxxxAimeexxxxxxx

    The titans eat doritoz and mtn. 

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  • Akatsukigirl510

    Hey my friends! First of all Merry Christmas! Second, I apologize for not talking in so long!!! But heres so,ething I wanna show you guys, I have a new oc named White Shadow for Teen Titans!

    heres the link to her profile:

    And yes...She likes Mammoth! I think the big guy deserves some love I mean look at him...

    How could a girl say no to that?

    Besides he needs more love!!!

    if anyone's interested into rp with her I'd love to hear from you! Just uh....can you play Mammoth? he's pretty hard to roleplay as...

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  • Princess Dynasti

    I checked out a post of my friend's on Instagram and I checked what I saw. Helplessly, I saw that Teen Titans Go! poked fun of Steven Universe. Robin is Steven, Starfire is Connie, Cyborg is Garnet, Raven is Pearl and Beast Boy is Amethyst. I am completely triggered!

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  • Sexygangsta


    December 2, 2017 by Sexygangsta

    Wat are ya coin in my swamp you aint messin with da jeff They see me rollin bro 

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  • Raven4522

    2 Years on the TTG Wikia!

    November 28, 2017 by Raven4522

    Today is very special. I have been on this wiki (TTG) for 2 years. 

    It has been a ride of things that happened here in 2017. Can't believe that it's over. (Time passes by fast!)

    Even though I have a very little amount of edits, I have been doing most stuff on Discord more often for a little while. Then, I cleaned up my Wikia settings- and I'm back to editing and keeping this wiki on path. (Also, I am an administrator.)

    Feb.- Joined Discord

    Early Mar.- First VC (voice chat) with friends

    Apr.- LPS RP (with SaiyaSasuakia on Discord) started.

    May-  I got the chat mod rank!

    Late Jul.- Trip to Canada. I also got a vintage Mac from my grandmother who lives there! :)

    Late Oct.- Administrator!

    I may not go crazy like last time, but I just want to thank everyone…

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