• Daku866

    This show is so perverted

    September 8, 2018 by Daku866

    After just stumbling upon a episode totally devoted to starfire kissing everyone and the many adult references makes me rethink if this is actually a kids show hmm. Cartoon Network?? seems legit.

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  • Joystick-Paddle

    It's nice for Teletoon to rebroadcast season 1 of Teen Titans go.

    Ho yeah!

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  • SquishyJimmy

    Hello, recently I got a request to do a transcript of the official teaser trailer from the movie. So here it is. The reason I'm creating it as a blog post, though, is because I don't think it's worthy of actual page status. After all, it's just a teaser trailer, not an actual episode. However, if one of the administrators wants it as a full-fledged page, they can just copy and paste it. So, enjoy this scrumptious script.

    SCENE: Empty White Room.
    The teaser trailer begins with Robin in a white room, standing underneath the Warner Bros. Pictures and DC Comics logos. The camera zooms in on Robin, and he addresses the viewer.
     : Do you know what makes a real hero? [Walks forward.] It's not the costumes, the gadgets, the cool powers... [His face tak…

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  • Kylierogers14

    1. Robin; a very sweet, loyal, caring guy with a heart for heroisism and leadership. He ALWAYS does things the way they're supposed to and is AN ANGEL...and my circus boy!!!! He is also a true frriend and a BIG DREAMER and brightens up my day when I am feeling sad. 

    2. Starfire- She is very sweet, loyal, caring and optimistic to her team and brightens everyones days up like the sun. She is a cat loving, rainbows and sparkles girl and has a personality like Ariana Grande

    3. Raven- Ravens got the girl power and the super strength and the fun loving touch. Her sarcasm cracks me up. 

    4. Cyborg- aka Tweedledee...a very LOUD and annoying jokster and does nothing but say "boo-yah" all the time

    5. Beast Boy- aka Tweedledum is pranky and annoying and d…

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  • Joystick-Paddle

    I wonder when Teen Titans Go! Season 5 will broadcast on Teletoon.

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  • Kylierogers14

    Hello everyone...

    August 18, 2018 by Kylierogers14

    Welcome to my blog Titans!!! You awesome people will get to see blog posts aboit my life and more about how much I LOVE Teen Titans GO! See you soon:)

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  • LuckyTaaru

    There's 2 BBs in TTG

    August 12, 2018 by LuckyTaaru

    Beast Boy

    ​​​​​​Brother Blood

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  • Redfox90210

    A special event, the Crossover Nexus, is coming to Cartoon Network that will unite characters from four separate shows! Is it a non-canon series of cut-and-paste bumpers that air as part of a marathon? No! Is it a phone app game? Not that either! This is the real deal — and not just two shows, four at once!

    The Crossover Nexus is an episode of OK KO wherein Raven from Teen Titans Go, Garnet from Steven Universe and Ben Tennyson from Ben 10 stop by the bodega! Why does this happen? We don’t know yet, but we like the idea of OK KO being the host show, because it means we’ll see these characters rendered in some crazy ways.

    Crossover episodes have happened on Cartoon Network before, but never to this extent. Billy and Mandy crossed over with KN…

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  • Joystick-Paddle

    I just watched TV Knight 1 in french.

    When Sticky Joe talks to the camera, he said "J'ai trouvé ma blonde.". It means "I found my girlfriend."

    In english, Sticky Joe said "Howdy!" as usual.


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  • Spongesanti101

    hello it is spongesanti101 there is a upcoming crossover and raven will be one of the main characters

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