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  • Beast Girl 206

    Hello Everybody! I just made an episode idea for all you BBRe fans like me! And there are also some RobStar moments also for the people who like them. But, I wanted to let you know that the name of the episode/ story doesn't make sense until you read the second half of the story which I will most likely post later today. (Also the second half has more ship moments between both couples) Enjoy! (Sorry for some of the spelling errors! :(

    Beast Boy stepped into the Titans Tower bathroom after having just woken up from his sleep, although the other Titans had already been up for hours. He brushed his teeth and combed his hair so flat that only one tiny hair stood up on end. "Darn hair!" Said Beast Boy as he left the room abruptly. But he quickly…

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  • 303melosi

    On prom night no one asked me out, I was just alone in the prom. I saw my friends there and they asked "Why did you not get asked?" "I don't know, I usually get asked," I said in a nervous trembling voice "it's just not the usual things anymore." I started to shake and everyone noticed me, but I couldn't help it. Someone tried to comfort me, but I didn't felt I need comfort, even though I did. I felt more and more pale as I walked and walked passing people. I started to need the bathroom, my friends wanted to come to, but I didn't want them too. As I walked in, I looked in the mirror feeling stranger and stranger. I was turning blue second to second. "W-What happened?" I started to wonder "A-Am I blue?" One of my friends started to come in…

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  • Teen Titans Forever!

    I read a couple of early reviews on the movie which are really postive. One reviewer called it enjoyable but not great and the other called it the one of the best of the DC animated film universe.

    Good signs so far. Can't wait to watch the film myself on April 4.

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  • 303melosi

    Hot Tub

    March 31, 2017 by 303melosi

    Korereta: Hey Ranzauna come over here!

    Ranzauna: What now!? I tried killing Gizmo for weeks! FREAKING WEEKS!

    Korereta: I know. Come in this hot tub I found.

    Ranzauna: Okay then? Are you sure this isn't See-More's hot tub?

    Korereta: I'm sure!

    Ranzauna: Alright I'll go in my bathing suit.

    Korereta: I went in the other way.

    Ranzauna: Y-you would do that!? How could you!

    Gizmo: (hears what they're saying ya know the siblings) Um, should we just-

    See-More: Yeah.

    The End

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  • Beast Girl 206

    Hello everyone, I hope your having a good day. Well, I decided to write a blog asking if any of you would like to have a job on one of my Wiki's? There a ton of spots open: Rollback, Bureaurocrat, Disscusions Modertaor, Chat Moderator, Content Moderator, or an Administrator. You don't have to really like my idea of the Wiki to have the job, you just have to know the rules that apply to the job that I have made. Or maybe, you know someone else who would like to have a job, they would be welcome. I really need more members and staff on my Wiki, and I would really apprecitate your contibutions. Also, you would not have to be on the Wiki every day, two or three times a week would be enough. Let me know!!! Thank you!

    P. S. Currently I only have …

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  • Teen Titans Forever!

    Thoughts on it?

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  • SkittyTheTwit

    I've been thinking

    March 16, 2017 by SkittyTheTwit


    As you all may be aware, I haven't been on here for a while, and I apologize for not letting anybody know. However there's also been a reason as to why I haven't been on for a while. As the caption of this blog implies, I've been thinking for a little while.

    As many of you know the wiki has established a Discord to avoid having to deal with lag on the Wiki's main chatroom. Furthermore I was considering making a Discord for a bit, and then I thought about something. I thought about whether or not I want to go take the next step on this wiki, or continue going on here.

    When I first went on here I was an idiot with a truly awful OC, hoping that I could maybe post fanart of my OC and get some positive feedback at the time. During that time I…

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  • Teen Titans Forever!

    Now this movie is the sequel to Justice League vs. Teen Titans and while I mostly like it I do have problems with it.

    The Judas Contract is a comic book from 1980's and while I personally never read it (yet) I have watched the 2003 animated series adaptation of the comic which was very loosely based but still great.

    This Teen Titans: The Judas Contract movie will be more faithful to the comic while of course having some differences.

    Are you gonna watch the film? It comes out on April 4 for digital download and April 18 for DVD/Blu-ray.

    The movie is rated PG-13 for violence, language, and suggested material.

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  • 303melosi

    My Action Movie

    March 7, 2017 by 303melosi

    You'll probably be wondering "303 what are you doing?" Well I did something yesterday and I'll probably not continue Little Elementary. The New series is called "AiLL" aka "Adventures in Lalaloopsy Land". Plus I also have random OC's that have completely weird names. So what I can tell you right now that the HIVE (Gizmo is the leader obviously) are heroes and the Titans (except for Star and Rae) are Villians (+ Main antongonist is Confetti Carnival). So I did this little pic for ya. Tell me how ya like it!

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  • T3hl33tsnake

    I feel like, all this time, I've been taking a show that isn't meant to be taken seriously, well... a bit too seriously. To quote George C. Scott in Patton, "Now, I freely admit that my method was wrong, but I hope you can understand my motive. And that you will accept this explanation... and this... apology."

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