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Name Blackfire
Alias Komand'r
Sex Female
Species Tamaranean
Relatives Starfire (younger sister)
Wildfire (younger brother)
Friends Robin (love interest)
Beast Boy
Enemies Starfire
Galactic Police
Occupation Queen
Residence Tamaran
Voiced By Hynden Walch
Quote1 Hey little sister. Quote2
--Blackfire to Starfire in Mr. Butt

Blackfire is the evil older sister of Starfire who makes her first appearance in Mr. Butt.


Blackfire was always mean to Starfire her whole life, even back when they were little babies. When they were five, Blackfire stole Starfire's doll from her. Starfire was always nice to Blackfire no matter what she did to her. At some point in her life, Blackfire got arrested. In the episode Mr. Butt, she escaped prison and visited Starfire at the Tower saying that her visitation was because she just wanted to see her baby sister. Once Starfire showed the other titans ttarfire up like her and got her arrested. The other titans trained her to become a better sister after this. However, by the time Blackfire became nice, Starfire got her ultimate revenge 


Blackfire is a girl with dark purple hair that is spiky at the bottom. She has purple eyes and pale white skin. She swears a black and gray two piece dress with dark purple gems in it. She also wear long black boots.






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Episode Appearances


A gallery for Blackfire can be viewed here.


  • Though the series's creators were unsure about Slade or Blackfire ever making an appearance in the series, Scott Menville confirmed the return of Blackfire in season 2 of Teen Titans Go! via his twitter account.
  • Blackfire is voiced by Hynden Walch, who also provides the voice of Starfire, her sister. 
  • Like in the original series, Blackfire is near-identical to Starfire in appearances. However, this series appears to have added a few more: Blackfire's skin is now paler, and her hair is not as long as that of her sister.
  • Like in the original series' episode "Sisters", Blackfire seems to be attracted to Robin. This appears to have elevated to an infatuation, particularly in his rear, hence the title of the episode.
  • She is the first villian in Teen Titans Go's second season.


The gallery for Blackfire can be viewed here.

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