Beatbox Showdown
Robin vs kid flash
Song by Robin and Kid Flash
Released: Thursday, March 19, 2015
Venue: Titans Tower
Genre(s): Beat Box
Previous: Time to Get Serious
Next: Dance Fo' Yo' Bees
Teen Titans Go! - Beatbox Showdown-000:36

Teen Titans Go! - Beatbox Showdown-0

Beatbox Showdown is a song performed by Robin and Kid Flash in "Multiple Trick Pony". It was a battle of the tongues, as Robin was proving his worth to Kid Flash, exhibiting his skill in beat boxing, only for Kid Flash to join in as well.


Robin: Can you beatbox like this? (makes various sounds with his mouth.)

Kid Flash: Woah, Woah (makes various sounds with his mouth.)

Robin: (makes various sounds with mouth)

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