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Beast Boy
Beastboy profile card
Name Beast Boy
Alias Garfield Mark Logan
Beast Bob
Beast Babe
Scar Man
Beast Man
Sex Male
Species Genetically altered human
Any animal of his choice
Relatives Mark Logan (father)

Marie Logan (mother)
Boy Beast (Bizzaro Universe Counterpart) Doom Patrol (adoptive family)

Friends Cyborg (best friend)
Raven (love interest)
Terra (love interest, ex-girlfriend)
Dave (little buddy)
The Rats
Kid Flash
Enemies The Brain (arch-enemy)
H.I.V.E. Five
The Brotherhood of Evil
Aqualad (Rival)
Brother Blood
Dr. Light
Killer Moth
Mother Mae-Eye
Occupation Superhero
Residence Titans Tower
Voiced By Greg Cipes
Rene Auberjonois (Old Beast Boy)
Quote1 The law of the jungle Baby! Quote2
--Beast Boy To Robin

Beast Boy (Garfield Mark Logan) is a main character in Teen Titans Go!. He is voiced by Greg Cipes.


"Beast Boy is Cyborg's best bud- a slightly dim but lovable loafer who transforms into all sorts of animals when he's not eating burritos and watching TV."

Garfield Logan is unlike any human. He has the ability to transform into any animal he wants. This is because, as a kid, he contracted a rare disease called Sakutia that can often be fatal. In an attempt to save his life, his parents, whom are scientists, use an untested serum drug on him. While the drug cured him of the disease, it came at a cost. His skin, hair, and eyes are now green, and he has the ability to transform into any animal that he wants, as long as he has seen a picture of the animal or seen it in person. This allows him to transform to anything like everyday dogs, extinct dinosaurs or even alien lifeforms. For a while during his heroic pursuits, he had adopted the name "Changeling," but is now referred to as Beast Boy.

Beast Boy is a former member of the Doom Patrol, as well as being the youngest. He left because the leader of the Doom Patrol and his adoptive father Mento was too serious and mean to him. However, he still wears his Doom Patrol suit excluding his mask.


Quick with his tongue and utterly insecure, Beast Boy will do anything for a laugh. Beast Boy is the playful trickster of the group. He enjoys pulling pranks on people, and he can't seem to tell when he's gone too far, as in Ghost Boy. He also seems to be quite lazy, as shown in Dude Relax. He tricks the other Titans into fighting while he just goes home and drinks soda until he is caught by Robin.
TTG Theme Song Beast Boy

Beast Boy in the intro.

Beast Boy is very friendly, and will work hard to help out a friend. He got a job to buy Cyborg, (his best friend), a video game that he wanted in Pie Bros. He worked a number of jobs, including a chemist, Ed's lawyer, a doctor, and a worker at Mother Mae-Eye's pie shop to make ends meet. He is somewhat treated as the "black sheep" of the group, and is the subject of frequent ridicule and teasing.

Beast Boy is prone to sudden and passionate romantic infatuation. He believed Terra was his girlfriend immediately after she approached him and fell madly in love with her. He did the same with Raven when Cyborg's matchmaker device considered them an ideal couple. In the latter's case, he went as far as trying to marry Raven. However, both times he seemed to move on rather quickly after their respective relationships ended, although, his affections for Terra are still strong when she returns in "Be Mine", and he still is a major flirt when it comes to Raven. In general, he tries to flirt with any girl he comes across. An exception to this is Starfire, whom he views as a big sister, and someone to enjoy pranks with.

Although considered naive and unintelligent, Beast Boy appears to be streetwise, quick-witted and smarter than he lets on, as he was apparently well aware of the Titans' prank on him in Ghost Boy, and he deliberately sent them on a wild goose chase trying to save him from jumping into a volcano--although this did backfire (including Beast Boy himself).

Also, Beast Boy is a vegetarian, eating tofu as a meat-substitute. Although, he was oddly willing to eat meat in Legendary Sandwich, yet it could have been a tofu or vegetarian version. However, in some other episodes, Beast Boy eats a lot of pizzas/meat which a vegetarian doesn't eat.

He also uses words like "Bro", "Brah", and "Dude" often, which, in Matched, Raven seems to dislike and Robin detests occasionally.

Throughout several episodes, he seems to be particularly close with teammate Raven. The two seem to share a somewhat mutual, flirtatious relationship, although Beast Boy seems to be unaware of Raven's romantic feelings for him. Later it is revealed in Pirates that he returns those same feelings for her.



Beast Boy as a pig

Beast Boy's appearance varies considering his shape shifting, which basically consists of virtually any animal. His hair, unlike his original hair on Teen Titans, is not slicked back but is forward, with longer bangs than before. He has a black turtleneck with a purple belly, he is long-sleeved with gray gloves that have black on the back of the palms. He has matching shoes similar to the patterns of his clothing with paw-like prints on the bottom of the soles. He has green skin, green hair and pointy ears, and his mouth has a tooth from the bottom pointing upwards. Like all characters Beast Boy was also a baby. The episode when Beast Boy was a baby is Dog Hand. He asked animals from zoo are they his mother but none was. As a baby, he had one tooth, with green hair and diaper.

Powers and abilities

  • Shape Shifting: Beast Boy can transform into any animal he wants, as long has he has seen it before. He could see it in person, see a photo, or see any other form of media.
  • Animal Communication: As seen in Thanksgiving, Beast Boy can communicate with animals, or at least rats.
    • Animal forms
      • Beaver: unknown. To say "super horrible freak accidents". in Super Robin.
      • Bird: flying.
      • Blue whale: swimming; immense strength, size and weight.
      • Bull: rodeo riding with Cyborg (seen in Staring at the Future).
      • Butterfly: presumably flying.
      • Cat: balance (landing on feet), sleeping/relaxing, dancing (seen in Burger vs. Burrito), playing with balls of yarn, finding things (like a camera etc.), disguise, pouncing.
      • Chameleon: jiving to the beat. Seen in Dreams
      • Cheetah: immense speed.
      • Cockroach: ability to hide in small places like a bag of chips in Ghost Boy.
      • Coyote: sharp teeth, strong jaw.
      • Crocodile: sharp teeth.
      • Dog: enhanced smelling, doggy paddling, lapping up water, playing fetch, urinating.
      • Dove: Perform love poems for Raven.
      • Deer Abilities to run fast (Tamaranian Vacation)
      • Elephant: To take giant elephant dumps, jumping on enemies.
      • Flying Squirrel: Claws, Gliders.
      • Giant Moth Larva: unknown (temporarily used as a replacement Silkie).
      • Giraffe: long neck.
      • Goat: To say he's a vegetarian.
      • Gopher: Digging.
      • Gorilla: immense strength and agility, power over the Titans in Gorilla.
      • Guinea Pig: exercising.
      • Hippo: swallowing large amount of food with one bite and shooting it at the target, burping loudly.
      • Horse: horseplay/pony rides, kicking
      • Kangaroo: high jump, extra pocket.
      • Koala: clinging onto things, like Cyborg's arm in Parasite.
      • Larvae: pretending to be Silkie.
      • Llama: looking good.
      • Mole: digging, bright eyes.
      • Monkey: reaching up high, throwing a tantrum.
      • Mosquito: flying in small places, poisoning others.
      • Mouse: fleeing in terror, fitting into small places.
      • Octopus: ink spraying, catch multiple objects at the same time, underwater breathing.
      • Owl: ability to regurgitate owl pellets.
      • Pelican: storing things in bill.
      • Pig: consuming large amount of food, sleeping, dancing the "pig jig" (seen in Uncle Jokes).
      • Pterodactyl: flight, claws, teeth
      • Python: immense strength and agility.
      • Rabbit: enhanced agility.
      • Sloth: taking up space on the couch.
      • Snake: slithering under doors, fitting into tight spaces, eating things to store them (like balls in Artful Dodgers).
      • Spider: creeping up on Raven.
      • Tyrannosaurus: strength, durability, sharp teeth, 360 vision, powerful tail, swallowing large objects.
      • Tiger: To maul a mockingbird after it punches Robin.
      • Turtle: slowness, fitting in small places, protection from harm (retreat to shell).
    • Inanimate Objects (formerly): In the episode Dog Hand, Beast Boy was granted the power to shape shift into inanimate objects by Trigon. However, this was only temporary and was removed in the end of the episode.
      • Cup: Beast Boy turned into a cup which Raven accidentally drank out of.
      • Bean Bag: Beast Boy turned into a bean bag and suggested that Raven sit down on him.
      • Basketball: Beast Boy bounced into the room as a basketball.
      • Wiener: Beast Boy turned into a wiener when he called Trigon a "wiener".
      • Club: Beast Boy turned into a club which Robin used to hit Trigon.
      • Medieval Flail: Beast Boy turned into a medieval flail which Robin used to hit Trigon.
      • Sword: Beast Boy turned into a sword and Robin attacked Trigon with him.
      • Pine Tree: Beast Boy turned into a pine tree and Robin hit Trigon with him.
      • Ship: Beast Boy turned into a ship and Robin smashed Trigon's head with him.
      • Jackhammer: Beast Boy jackhammered Trigon's head.
      • Jeep: The last thing Beast Boy turned into was a jeep which Robin was carrying. After Robin changed back, Beast Boy fell on him and crushed him and he was turned back to normal again.
  • Heightened senses: While in his human form, Beast Boy possess heightened hearing, vision, smell, taste, and touch that surpasses that of an average human, due to his animal DNA.
  • Poet: In Matched, Beast Boy is an amateur at writing love poems.
  • Artist: As seen from his drawing to Cyborg in Pie Bros and his steam painting of Raven in Serious Business he seems to be very artistic.
  • Magic spells: It was shown in Brain Food and Meatball Party that he is able to cast magical spells from Raven's spell book.
    • Duplication Spell: He used it in Double Trouble to make copies of himself.
    • Transformation Spell: He used it in Meatball Party and accidentally turned Cyborg into a frog, Robin into a unicorn, before finally turning the couch into a burrito.
    • Intelligence Spell: He used it in Brain Food which at first accidentally makes Silkie smart, before using it again to make all of his friends stupid.
  • Bilingual Fluent in Spanish: in "Más y Menos", it is revealed that he can speak and understand Spanish.




Beast Boy and Cyborg become friends again.

Beast Boy and Cyborg are described as being best friends in the series. They have many of the same interests, such as a love of pie, sodas, and playing video games. There are many episodes where their friendship is evident.
Playing videogames with clone

Beast Boy playing video-games with Cyborg's magical double.

In Double Trouble, Cyborg gets sick of playing caveman and dinosaurs, so he tricks Raven into creating a magical double of himself to play with Beast Boy. However Beast Boy becomes best friends with the clone, leading Cyborg to become jealous and create a clone of Beast Boy, only for the clones to hang out so the real Beast Boy and Cyborg reunite. After the tower gets overrun with clones, it's revealed Beast Boy and Cyborg are also magical doubles, and the real Beast Boy and Cyborg took a few months vacation in an apartment playing video games together. In Power Moves the two of them had spent a lot of time coming up with ways to combine their attacks. In Be Mine after hearing that Terra had returned and agreed to date Beast Boy, Cyborg high-fives him and calls him "Little Buddy".
Cyborg misses Beast Boy

Cyborg cries over the loss of Beast Boy.

Despite this, there are times even Cyborg is shown getting annoyed at Beast Boy. In Ghost Boy, he becomes fed-up of his pranks. In You're Fired!, Cyborg was sad because of Beast Boy leaving, so he made fun of all the contestants in the try-outs. However, later he seemed normal. He was also surprisingly nonchalant about Beast Boy being eaten in "Meatball Party", being more concerned with finishing an activity book at the time. In Burger vs. Burrito, Beast Boy and Cyborg fight over which food is better, burgers or burritos. They resolve the conflict by the end of the episode and became friends again. When frightened or scared, he usually jumps into Cyborg's arms. This shows that Cyborg is like a big brother for Beast Boy.


Beast Boy Hits On Raven

Beast Boy flirtatiously asking Raven if she is going to buy a new bathing suit.

Similar to the original series, Beast Boy and Raven have a complex relationship. Raven claims to find Beast Boy highly annoying and almost never laughs at his jokes regardless and the two do seem to still be quite close.

It is true that he is very attracted to her, as he flirted with her in Hey Pizza!, describing her bathing suit as "hot".

In the episode Meatball Party, Raven gets a cracked tooth and whenever she opens her mouth an octopus demon pops out. Whenever it did at first, it would always pick on Beast Boy. Beast Boy even questioned why it always came for him. This may be indication that Raven often has Beast Boy on her mind.

In Terra-ized, after Terra was defeated, Beast Boy angrily questioned the other Titans why it was hard to believe that Raven had feelings for him, to which Raven scoffs and smiles lovingly behind his back at the thought of them together. This episode confirms Raven's romantic attraction towards Beast Boy for the first time.

In Burger vs. Burrito, he gives Raven a quick flirty wink while singing his burrito song.


Raven and Beast Boy at their wedding.

In Matched, Beast Boy spends practically the whole episode trying to get Raven to fall in love with him after Cyborg's machine matches them together. Despite Raven's apparent love for him, she slapped or rejected constantly, but he never did give up. This may imply that she is in denial of her true feelings for him, or the fact she was not ready to reveal them to him. Near the episode's end, Raven actually realized that he really does care and that she wanted to be with him. They even nearly get married, until Cyborg said the machine was broken and Beast Boy was really paired with a scratching post. Immediately, he appears to take a liking to a nearby scratching post and his romantic obsession with Raven seems to subside, leaving her visibly frustrated. Throughout several episodes after that, he continues to flirt with her.

Screen Shot 2013-09-14 at 9.12.45 AM

You can see Passion Raven kissing Beast Boy, and Beast Boy appears to like it.

Later in Colors of Raven, her Passion side showed a major attraction towards him (kissing him constantly), to Beast Boy's apparent delight. He was clearly disappointed when Robin didn't let him seek out Passion later on. As an alternative (after Cyborg gave him the idea), he decided to find Raven's happy side as the next best thing. When he found her, he and Cyborg said he missed her and Happy Raven said she missed him too. She then used her powers to turn a disgusting alley into a fun wonderland and spent the whole day having fun together up until she accidentally trapped herself inside the prism. Beast Boy was apparently disappointed she was gone and disgusted that he was in the middle of eating a shoe.

Bb and ravens legs

Beast Boy attracted to Raven's legs.

Throughout some episodes after that, Beast Boy has continued to flirt with her using pet names such as "baby" and "mama" Such as in Lazy Sunday, Caged Tiger, and Nose Mouth, etc.

In Legs, Beast Boy admires her legs when they are revealed. At the end of the episode, Beast Boy is disappointed after Raven puts back on her cloak. Raven decides to show her leg one more time, just for him, while Beast Boy turns into a dog and howls in delight.

In Waffles, Beast Boy flirts with Raven while Robin makes waffles. Raven blushes and looks away, saying "right..." It is unknown what Beast Boy might have said.

In Be Mine, Beast Boy becomes deeply depressed when he discovers Terra despises him. Raven then tries to comfort him, saying that there is another girl out there who likes him (implying herself). This doesn't comfort Beast Boy, as he sadly remarks "then why hasn't she told me?" with his mind still on Terra. Raven looks down at his dejected body on the kitchen table , and begins to be sad herself as she can't bring herself to tell him the truth. Later in the day, the Valentine dance has started, with Beast Boy tearing up because he has no Valentine to be with. Raven comes close to revealing her feelings for him, but is interrupted by Terra at the last second in the episode. When Beast Boy seems to win Terra over with a song her wrote her, Raven is seen visibly heartbroken and becomes angry and jealous as she watches in tears and sends Terra back into the previous dimension she sealed her in the last time. This episode confirms Raven's romantic interest in Beast Boy further.


Beast Boy's attempt to seduce Raven.

In Real Magic, for a brief moment it shows a trail of rose petals and lit candles leading to Beast Boy laying on Raven's bed, only in his underwear, attempting to seduce her. The moment when Beast Boy gestured her with his finger for her to come closer to him, Raven claimed she hated it and immediately closed her bedroom door and proceeded to leave.

In the episode Man Person, Beast Boy thinks Raven's the strongest person he knows, and she blushes after he says that. Also Raven is shown to be quite attracted to Beast Boy in this episode as she called him "so hot" once he got his robot arm. And when Cyborg and Robin were arguing about Beast Boy's new name she floats in and says dreamily that Beast Boy "is no boy" while being surrounded by small hearts popping out from her head. Raven has also suddenly started making flirtatious comments when Beast Boy's (Scar Man's) full new muscular robotic body is revealed.

In Pirates, Beast Boy shows that he does in fact hold deep romantic feelings for Raven. Calling her "his girl" multiple times. When speaking to Aqualad, he remarks how cool he thinks Raven is, as he gives her a quick flirty wink (unnoticed by her) and stares at her lovingly. Aqualad responds in believing that Raven is a "dude in the hoodie" and Beast Boy proves to him that she isn't by pulling her hood down. After he gets beaten by Raven for pulling down her hood, he announces dreamily how "she is dark, but there is a light inside her" and "she always plays hard to get". When Aqualad begins to flirt and ask Raven out on a date, he is shown to be extremely jealous and mad. After Aqualad brings Raven from their date, he yells at him saying "LAY OFF MY GIRL!". Later on, when Raven is about to go on another date with Aqualad, he pulls on her cloak, begging her not to go. He again begins to argue with Aqualad and Raven insists that they settle this in a fight to the death, and the winner can go on a date with her. Aqualad refuses to fight Beast Boy to death and throws down his weapons, but Beast Boy on the other hand unleashes no mercy on him, nearly killing him in the process. After Beast Boy supposedly wins the fight, he asks Raven about the date and she responds by announcing that, "I said to the death" and since no one died, she refuses the offer. He then goes and tries to show again his intensity to Raven but passes out. Raven says he was still "pretty intense" with a "Terra-ized smile", referring to the fight with Aqualad which Beast Boy does not hear, and she kisses him on the forehead.

Raven Kisses Beast Boy on the Forehead

Raven gives Beast Boy a kiss on the forehead for being intense for her.

In I See You, Cyborg convinces Beast Boy that Raven's secret is that she has a secret crush on him (which is true unknown to both of them). Which makes Beast Boy flattered and excited. Through out the episode Cyborg and Beast Boy are seen to be hiding under Raven's bed, trying to prove that Raven's secret is about Beast Boy. After getting accidentally sucked into a portal by Raven, Cyborg said he took a quick picture of Raven's secret. He shows the picture to Beast Boy. Beast Boy, looking quite disappointed, said it was just a picture of him. With that Cyborg said it was proof that she likes him and both celebrated their victory with a dance as "stakeout kings"

In Salty Codgers, Beast Boy calls Raven beautiful and he also calls her "hot stuff", while he gives her a flirty wink.

In Slumber Party, when Raven refuses to join the pillow fight, Beast Boys begs by asking her flirtatiously, "PLEASE mama? It won't be fun if you don't play"?

In Vegetables, Beast Boy wants all the Titans to start eating vegetables. He tells Raven that eating vegetables will make her look hot.

He continues to flirt with her throughout the series. In Mouth Hole, when a whistling sound is made, Raven immediately assumes it is Beast Boy hitting on her, and quickly slaps him in the face. He then defensively responds "Hey! That wasn't me!"

In Hot Garbage, the Titans want him to learn how to keep things neat and clean. Robin tells Beast Boy he has to learn, but Beast Boy refuses. Then Robin tells him that Raven will be privately teaching him. He is then quickly excited, claiming "sweet!"

BBRae Kiss

Beast Boy and Raven sharing their first kiss.

Later on in Rocks and Water, Beast Boy pretends to be Raven's boyfriend in attempt to make their ex's (Aqualad and Terra) jealous. They go on a fake double date with them to a restaurant, where they awkwardly flirt with each other. Beast Boy compliments her on her makeup, and color of her eyes. While they attempt to ruin Aqualad's and Terra's relationship, Beast Boy and Raven find out that they enjoy spending time together, and once they are in a field alone, they make way to kiss, and succeed, only for Raven to realize what was happening, and got upset and angry and questioned him why he did that. Beast Boy in panic says that they were moving in at the same time and was doing what she was doing. Raven thinking about it, calms down and admits that it was pretty "nice" while smiling. Even later, after Terra and Aqualad were defeated, Raven and Beast Boy attempted at a second kiss. As they both were about to kiss for the second time, they got interrupted by Cyborg. This episode solidly confirms Beast Boy's and Raven's deep feelings for each other.



Beast Boy teaches Robin how to relax.

Beast Boy is the Titan that Robin is least tolerant of, and constantly gets on his nerves. Likewise, Beast Boy will often grow tiresome of how bossy Robin is and will at times rebel against him. Despite their differences, overall they are still shown to be friends.

In Dude Relax, Beast Boy shows a competitive nature with him by saying that he's better at relaxing than Robin. According to him, it's pretty much the only thing he's better than Robin at, but he will still take that victory.

In "Gorilla" Beast Boy refuses to listen to any of Robin's orders, and remains in gorilla form. When Robin tells Beast Boy off for defying him, he then challenges Robin for leadership, and manages to usurp Robin's position as leader by overpowering him in a fight. Robin spends the rest of the episode attempting to regain his status as leader, which he finally achieves at the end of the episode.

In Girl's Night Out, the two enjoy a Boy's Night Out with Cyborg, laughing with each other and agreeing to each others every thought.

Robn 238

Robin calls Beast Boy lame.

In Power Moves, Beast Boy gets very annoyed by Robin when he becomes obsessed with coming up with power moves with Cyborg, which was originally Beast Boy and Cyborg's "thing". Robin forcibly prevents Cyborg from hanging out with Beast Boy, and eventually starts making Cyborg perform power moves against his will. Eventually Robin goes too far and goes inside Cyborg's body, leading the other Titans to try and force him out. The other Titans eventually succeed by using the "Ultimate Titans Power Move" that ends up shattering Cyborg to pieces. Beast Boy then confronts Robin about his actions, but Robin simply praises the new power move and asks if he can join in. Beast Boy happily agrees and offers Robin a place using his birdarangs.


Robin tries to get Beast Boy off the couch.

In Lazy Sunday, Robin is fed up with Cyborg and Beast Boy slouching on the couch and unwilling to get up. He eventually donates the coach to charity to prevent them from enjoying "Lazy Sunday", where Beast Boy and Cyborg later try hard to convince him to bring it back.

In Caged Tiger, Beast Boy and Robin, along with Cyborg, enjoy a bro-cation together. The three of them are shown to be very close in this episode, constantly highfiving, riding the Bro-train, and doing other activities together.



Beast Boy successfully teaches Starfire how to lie.

Beast Boy is good friends with Starfire. However, he also knows she is quite naive and vulnerable to his pranks, unlike the other Titans as shown in Ghost Boy. He takes advantage of this and tricked her into making her his servant in that episode because she was fooled into thinking he was a ghost.

In Starliar, Beast Boy encourages Starfire to lie as to not hurt the other Titans feelings. When he finds Starfire is not skilled enough, he agrees to teach her in exchange for taking him to the Titans East dance.

He also thinks Starfire is like a big sister to him. He called her "mama" in Breakfast Cheese.

In Power Moves, after Cyborg start doing power moves with Robin and leaves him out, he tries to perform some moves with Starfire. However their attempt doesn't end well as it results in Beast Boy's head catching on fire. Later on, after needing to get Robin out of Cyborg's body, Beast Boy, Starfire, and Raven perform an "Ultimate Titans Power Move", which involves Beast Boy as a triceratops with Starfire riding on his back.

Teaching starfire a funny walk

Beast Boy and Cyborg giving Starfire some comedy training.

In Uncle Jokes, Starfire wishes to join Beast Boy and Cyborg's comedy duo. At first they refuse, to which she complies, but Beast Boy explains he wasn't serious and was hinting at making a deal. They later take Starfire up and train her in the ways of comedy, which she passes and they accept her in as a comedy trio. When Robin starts going crazy due to the lack of balance in the Titan's roles, Beast Boy and Cyborg are regretfully forced to let Starfire go.


TTG Terra-ized 111a 14

Beast Boy is shown to have a strong romantic interest in Terra. In Terra-ized, Beast Boy proudly claims to the other Titans that she is his girlfriend, even with the disagreement of Terra herself. Terra then decided to take advantage of his feelings for her, and agreed to be his girlfriend so she could hack into the Titans information for Slade. Beast Boy even catches her tying up the other Titans, and hanging them over the side of the Tower, but he still isn't convinced she is evil. In the end, Terra attempts to critically injure or possibly even kill Beast Boy, by using telekinesis to summon a giant boulder from the Titan's island. Her efforts are stopped by Raven, who uses her magic to smash the boulder into mere pebbles. Enraged, Terra crushes Raven head on while Raven remains still and calm, and conjures a soul-self hand to bash Terra in the face, where she is defeated. Raven then sends her to another dimension, with the disapproval of Beast Boy, who even though was almost injured by Terra, explained that Terra was about to share her true feelings with him.


Terra swept away after listening to Beast Boy's song.

In Be Mine Beast Boy is revealed to still hold feelings for her. He frees her from the dimension Raven sent her to, and tries to get her to come to the Titans' Valentine's dance. He is heartbroken when Raven proves that Terra hates him. At the end of the episode, he sings a serenade for her, with his own song, Fade Away, which seems to win her over. Raven becomes sadden, angry and jealous and then sends Terra back to the other dimension she sealed her into the last time, but Beast Boy jumps in after her this time.

In Rocks and Water,Beast Boy is crying, depressed about his break up with Terra. He tells Raven this who feel the same way about her ex, Aqualad. A flashback shows, in the trash hole, Beast Boy kept singing Fade Away to Terra which she liked but then got annoyed with. Beast boy asked Raven to use her powers to pick up a rock and smash him with it, just like if Terra was here. Beast boy called Terra up on the Titans Communicator stating "I love you". Terra appears at the Tower enraged.. Beast Boy assumes she came back for him. Terra explains she has a boyfriend, when Aqualad shows up, making Raven jealous. Raven and Beast Boy pretend to be going out to make them jealous. The two couples and Robin and Starfire triple date with cyborg being the third wheel. Terra and Aqualad get into an argument when Terra eats the calamari but make up. Beast Boy and Raven agree to try to break them up. Terra and Aqualad officially break up after their tricks.   


Tumblr mny1lnOtVU1r3cvdco1 500

Beast Boy hanging out with Silkie.

Aside from Starfire, Beast Boy seems to be the next closest to Silkie out of all of the Titans.

In "La Larva de Amor", Beast Boy joins the other Titans to search for Silkie. Being unable to find him, Beast Boy turns into a larvae resembling Silkie as a means of fooling Starfire, before Raven points out his plan wouldn't work since he was green. When Cyborg finds Silkie's molted shell, Beast Boy is screams in terror for much longer than the other Titans.

In "Hey Pizza!", the two of them are shown hanging out at the start of the episode, and helping each other find ways to keep cool. Once they enter the pool, the two of them have a fist bump. Throughout the episode, Beast Boy is shown holding and stroking Silkie.

In "Brain Food", Robin tells Beast Boy to give Silkie a bath after thinking Beast Boy's too stupid to do anything important. Silkie then accompanies Beast Boy in his various attempts to become smarter. Eventually when Beast Boy uses Raven's Spell Book to try make himself smarter, the spell accidentally hits Silkie and turns him into a genius.

In "In and Out", after nearly everything in Titans Tower breaks down, to pass the time Beast Boy plays "What's inside of Silkie" and reaches into Silkie's mouth and pulls out the various things in his stomach.


Aqualad and beast boy

Aqualad and Beast Boy talking about Raven.

Beast Boy first becomes acquainted to Aqualad in the episode Pirates and initially got along with him due to their common interest of not liking to eat meat. When Aqualad mistook Raven for a guy, Beast Boy runs up to her throws down her hood, and Raven beats him up, but in the process Aqualad becomes smitten with her. Beast Boy becomes furiously jealous at Aqualad when he flirts with Raven, telling him to lay off "his girl" and with them still arguing Raven tells the two to fight to the death, Aqualad refused yet Beast Boy eagerly beats him to a pulp. Aqualad is last seen in a hospital, where he emerges with anger and the appearance of a pirate.

Episodes focusing on Beast Boy

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Season 2

Songs Sung By Beast Boy


  • Beast Boy's childhood as seen in Dog Hand conflicts with his origin in the comics. In the original DC comics (as well as the one based on the first TV series) it is shown that Beast Boy's parents were scientists, and they died when Beast Boy was young in a boating accident after Beast Boy gained his powers. Though this may have been intentionally done for the purpose of comedy, and not to be treated as canon.
  • His hair is slightly different in Housebroken Hero.
  • In the original Teen Titans series, he was a pure vegetarian eating tofu as a meat replacement, but in Teen Titans Go! he is more of a flexitarian. Evidence of this involves him wanting to eat the Legendary Sandwich which contains bacon, eating a hamburger in Colors of Raven, and him competing in a Hot dog Eating contest in Laundry Day (many of the times, he eats them in his pig form) as well as eating pizza with Pepperoni on it in Staring at the Future. Nonetheless, he openly states that he is a vegetarian, and his love for tofu is still very prominent in his interests.
  • Although the size difference has changed significantly compared to the original series, Beast Boy is still slightly shorter than Raven, making him the shortest of the Titans.
  • Beast Boy doesn't seem to mind being naked, possibly because he is part animal.
    • He additionally doesn't seem to mind eating like an animal.
  • Beast Boy has died four times in this series; in Ghost Boy, Nature, Salty Codgers, and Sandwich Thief (in the future).
  • In the original Teen Titans series, he could not speak when he changed into an animal (the only exceptions being the times that he turned into a parrot and amoeba). Yet, in Teen Titans Go!, he has repeatedly shown to be able to speak while in animal form, just like in the original comics.
  • The process in which Beast Boy transforms into an animal is different to the original Teen Titans series, as there simply a popping sound where he instantly assumes an animal form, while in the original series animal features slowly appeared from him.
  • Sometimes Beast Boy paints an animal green and puts it in his place so he won't have to fight.
  • Unlike the original series, Beast Boy is able to talk in his animal form.
  • While Beast Boy is in animal form, his eyes are monochromatic, with the exception of gorilla.
  • It appears in the series that Beast Boy skateboards, as several boards are seen lying around the house colored the same magenta as his uniform.
  • Beast Boy, along with Robin, are the most disliked Titans on the team.
  • Beast Boy's human strength is questionable as he effortlessly broke Robin's staff in Staff Meeting, which is supposed to be made of collapsible steel.
  • Beast Boy appears to have a fondness for pickles, as shown in Matched and No Power.
    • It is shown Beast Boy likes burritos such as in Burger vs. Burrito and in Meatball Party where he wants to turn the couch into a Burrito by using Raven's spell book, as well as presenting burritos for the Second Christmas dinner.
  • In In and Out, Beast Boy's outfit when going by his villain persona "Beast Bob" is an outfit from the New Teen Titans comics.
  • Beast Boy is the first Titan to have his real name mentioned in the series, as the word "Garfield" was stitched onto his underwear in "Hot Garbage".
  • Beast Boy is similar to Michelangelo from Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles.
    • They have the same voice actor, Greg Cipes.
    • They are both green.
    • They are both the ignorant, dead beat member of the team that no one takes seriously.
    • They both have the best relationship with the smart member of the team, Beast Boy with Cyborg, and Michelangelo with Donatello.


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