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Name Batgirl
Alias Barbara Gordon
Sex Female
Species Human
Relatives Commissioner Gordon (Father)
Friends Batman (mentor)

Nightwing (Husband, Alternate Timeline)
Robin's Son (son, Alternate Timeline)

Occupation Super Hero

Mother (Alternate Timeline)

Residence Titans Tower (Alternate Timeline)
Voiced By Tara Strong

Quote1 Hi guys! Quote2
--Batgirl in Staring at the Future

Batgirl (Barbara Gordon) is a minor character in Teen Titans Go! who made her debut in Starliar.

Character History

Batgirl, the daughter of Police Commissioner Gordon, began her career as a solo fighter who occasionally joined the Dynamic Duo (Batman and Robin) on some of their capers. When Robin left Batman to become his own hero, Batgirl became Batman's main sidekick.

Later on, she became an ally of the Teen Titans international, and was invited to join the Titans East party in Starliar.


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In Staring at the Future, Beast Boy and Cyborg travel to an alternate future after a 30 year staring contest. There they find Batgirl married to Robin (who goes by the name Nightwing), living together in Titans Tower with their three kids.

When Beast Boy and Cyborg try to change the future using a time machine, Nightwing summons Starfire and Raven to stop them. In the commotion, Batgirl appears and shushes her husband for making so much noise, as to not disturb their children. In this moment of distraction, Beast Boy and Cyborg end up going back in time and change the future so Batgirl and Nightwing never got together.

Batgirl, Nightwing and three children

In Starliar, Batgirl is seen at the Titans East Dance Party, where she dances with Aqualad.

In Yearbook Madness, Batgirl makes a cameo appearance in Robin's imaginary yearbook.


Batgirl is a tall teenager with red hair. She is seen wearing a purple mask with bat ears, similar to Batman's. Her suit is colored purple with a yellow Batman emblem on it, along with a yellow cape and belt, and yellow gloves and boots.

In Staring at the Future, Batgirl's appearance slightly changes. Her mask and suit are colored black, her hair is shaped differently, her boots have high-heels, and her cape is shorter.

Episode Appearances

Season 1

Season 2


  • In La Larva de Amor, a picture design of Batgirl is seen on the side of the Batboat.
  • Tara Strong, the voice of Batgirl, previously voiced Batgirl for a majority of the DC Animated Universe (following the death of her original voice actress, Mary Kay Bergman), which included The New Batman Adventures, Batman Beyond, and Gotham Girls. She continues to voice Batgirl/Barbara Gordon in the Cartoon Network series Beware the Batman.
  • In some incarnations, Robin and Batgirl have romantic affections for one another. In this series, she has an alternate future of being married to Nightwing, and mothering three children.
  • She is one of the only characters to be redesigned throughout the series.


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