BBRae (Bae)
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Song by Beast Boy
Released: Friday, July 10, 2015 (SDCC)
Monday, February 20, 2017 (On TV)
Venue: TBA
Genre(s): Pop
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Teen Titans Go! All About Rae Song Cartoon Network

Teen Titans Go! All About Rae Song Cartoon Network

BBRae (Bae) is a love song sung by Beast Boy to Raven in the episode "BBRAE". The entire song is not fully sung in the episode. Lyrics to the whole song is typed down below.


('Chorus) It's all about my baby yeah it's all about Rae and if I don't gots my baby all I do is go cray. It's all about my baby yeah it's all about Bae. And if don't gots my baby all I do is go cray.

(Verse 1) Summer time toes in the sand. Carnival rides baby hand in handSharing pizza and a smoothie too. Yum yum yummy baby. I love you.

Oh, no! You went to the loo! Gone for five seconds, what's a beast to do?

I'm feeling alone. Can't keep it inside! I just might hurl and I don't know WHY!!!

'(Verse 2) Doctor, doctor help me help me! I just don't know what to do!

Focus focus blurry blurry. I can't see without my boo. Things are swirling, spinning crazy, I can't think without my baby, I just might be going crazy!

I love you more than applesauce and peaches and a plum. Than chocolate hearts and cherry tarts and berry bubblegum. I love you more than lemonade and 7 layer cake. Than lollipops than candy drops than, vanilla shake.

And I know that we're the one. And I know that we're just one.


  • Greg Cipes gave a live performance of this song to all the Raven cosplayers who were there (along with the audience) at the San Diego Comic Con 2015 on Friday, July 10th. He also gave a teaser on his Instagram account the day before SDCC 2015, with the written lyrics.
  • The song is written by DJ Hymn and Greg Cipes and is also produced by DJ Hymn. Greg Cipes said it took him months to rehearse this song.
  • At San Diego Comic Con 2015, after giving his live performance of the song, Greg Cipes stated that this song was a fun song to write and to record. He thought of how much he loved singing it for Raven and how much Beast Boy loves her.
  • This song isn't the only song that Beast Boy sung to Raven. Greg Cipes' song Free Me, a song Greg Cipes performed and recorded with his band Cipes and the People, sang it as a Beast Boy song to Raven at Kotoricon 2015. "Free Me" is also confirmed to be one of the tracks on the upcoming Beast Boy album. You can listen to the track on SoundCloud.
  • This is the first song that a Titan sings to another Titan, and the fourth song that a Titan sings about loving and showing affection for someone else (Fade AwayJinx Song, Grrl Ur So Uhmayzeen), and is also the second love song sung by Beast Boy in the series.
  • This song displays more of Beast Boy's strengthening romantic feelings towards Raven. Other times he has displayed such romantic feelings for her are moments in episodes such as "Matched", "Be Mine", "Pirates", "Rocks and Water", "Hey You, Don't Forget about Me in Your Memory", and "Batman v. Teen Titans: Dark Injustice".
  • Due to the title of the song and the episode title it came from, this is the third time the forum/ship term "BBRae" is shown, used or displayed in the series. The first two times were in "Rocks and Water" and in "How 'Bout Some Effort".
    • However, in "How 'Bout Some Effort, it displayed BBxRae and in "Hey You, Don't Forget about Me in Your Memory", it is displayed as BB + Rae, instead of BBRae.
  • Fans were confused to what the real name of the song was (some thought "BBRae", "Bae", or "It's All About Rae"), but according to what Greg Cipes said in a interview at Wondercon 2016, the song is indeed named the popular forum/ship term BBRae.

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