"BBRAE" is the twelfth and thirteenth episodes of the fourth season of Teen Titans Go!, and the one-hundred-sixty-ninth and one-hundred-seventieth overall episodes of the series.


Part 1: Beast Boy writes a song to tell Raven how he feels about her.

Part 2: Beast Boy goes on tour with his song, but it upsets Raven.


Part 1

The first part of this episode starts off with Beast Boy entering the Titan's living room, wearing a bow-tie, holding a bouquet of roses and says they are for Raven. Starfire comments it was a romantic gesture while Cyborg adds the bees were a nice touch. Beast Boy then announces he was going to win Raven's heart once and for all with his classic gifts of love. Robin notifies him Raven is not the type of person to be won over with flowers then the camera cuts to Raven making an annoyed expression behind her book. Beast Boy tries to prove him wrong and tries anyways to only make Raven teleport out of the living room. Beast Boy in anger, throws the bouquet of roses which causes the bees to become furious and start attacking Robin, Cyborg and Starfire.

Next, Beast Boy tries another attempt to win Raven over but this time is by trying go give her a cute bear cub. Robin asks if it was a real bear cub and Beast Boy says it is and that his love for Raven is real. Beast Boy goes over to Raven, who is peacefully mediating, and tries to give the bear cub to her. Once again, Raven is unamused and teleports away. Beast Boy groans in defeat and then makes a side comment that he found the bear cub's mama. The mama bear furiously pops out behind one of the nearby bushes and attacks Robin, Cyborg and Starfire in fury.

Back at the Tower, in the kitchen, Beast Boy attempts to read Raven a love poem. Starfire impressed, tears up a bit and says it was beautiful and Cyborg impressed as well, says he didn't know he wrote poems. Beast Boy says actually he found it in one of Raven's poetry books. Robin turns to Raven and asks her since when she was into poems. Raven corrects him and says the poem Beast Boy read was actually an evil spell and then teleports out of the room while a huge ugly monster with several eyes appears, grabbing a hold of Robin, Cyborg and Starfire as they struggle to get away from it's tight grip.

In the following scene, Beast Boy sadly questions why Raven won't accept any of his romantic gestures. Cyborg informs him he needs to stop doing things that are considered "played out" and tells him to get "real" with Raven. Beast Boy says he did by trying to offer her a bear cub. Robin clears it up by explaining all the things he has done like by giving her flowers, reading her poetry, etc is not going to work and that he needs to think of something original and fresh. Starfire adds on that it needs to be something for just them and only them. Beast Boy questions and Cyborg gives him an example of the time Beast Boy wrote Fade Away to Terra. As it seems Beast Boy understands and the following seconds later, Beast Boy knocks down Raven's door trying to romance her by singing Fade Away to her. As he's singing, Starfire knocks down Beast Boy with her starbolts and says he should never sing the girl her loves a song he sung to a previous love interest and Robin says he needs to write a song for Raven and Raven only. Beast Boy complains writing a new song is hard and that he can't come up with the lyrics while his feelings for Raven are so big. Cyborg tells him not to worry and then it cuts to the next scene.

The next scene, shows Cyborg and Beast Boy sitting at the kitchen table. Cyborg explains the song should tell how much Beast Boy loves Raven more then anything and asks Beast Boy if he does and Beast Boy responds by a soild "I do". Cyborg asks him if he loved Raven more than food. Beast Boy says he doesn't know because he never thought of that before. Cyborg says there is only one way to find out and asks Beast Boy if he loved Raven more then peaches. Beast Boy takes a bite ouf of them and says he does. Cyborg then asks how about a plum and again Beast Boy eats it and says he does. Cyborg then asks about about applesauce and Beast Boy once again says he does after consuming it. Beast Boy says he loves Raven more than any food item while Cyborg is feeling proud but mentions after the decisions are about to get even harder and grabs Beast Boy and blasts out of the Tower.

Next, Cyborg and Beast Boy are at the local pie shop with Beast Boy facing a large cheese pizza and a smoothie. Beast Boy makes the comment it is a tough thought but after taking eating one slice of pizza and taking a slip of the smoothie he says he still loves Raven more than anything and that he would like to share it with her. Cyborg says he is in love but just to be sure he places a large seven layer cake. Beast Boy says he stil loves "his Rae" more but Cyborg questions if he does and that he has to eat the whole entire thing to find out. Uncertain, Beast Boy says he's not sure if he should do it since he's feeling sick. Cyborg tells him to eat it and Beast Boy follows his order and eats the entire thing within a few seconds and to no surprise, he proudly says he still love Raven more and slams his face onto the table afterwards. Cyborg surprised Beast Boy really does love Raven and says he's so happy for him. Beast Boy was about to say something but ending up vomiting over the booth instead. 

Now it's Starfire's turn to help Beast Boy with his song. She says loving Raven should be more then just loving her more then just food items and adds it should also be about the feelings he has towards her. Beast Boy asks if it was the feeling of feeling to toot every time he sees her due to being nervous when around her. Starfire grabs him by his shirt collar and says he should NEVER bring up the nervous toots and says try to think of more nicer thoughts instead. Beast Boy thinks a bit but is unsure. Starfire suggests they go to the places that make him think of Raven. They walk by the pool and Beast Boy laids back into a beach chair and doesn't seem to understand how this activity helps him with the song and all it feels like is a nice warm summer day...but then he goes a thought! Beast Boy excitedly says he's thinking of Raven. Starfire clears up it seems the summer time makes him think of her. 

The following scene, Starfire and Beast Boy are inside a dumpster. Beast Boy says he's thinking of her when he's not. Starfire says the dumpster is not the best place. Next, Beast Boy is sitting on a beach with his toes in the sand and says he's thinking of her. Starfire agrees with it being a proper place to think about the girl he loves. Next, they come across a bathroom that Sticky Joe came out of. He greets them with a "Howdy!" to them both before walking away. Beast Boy says the bathroom doesn't make him think about Raven while he writes down a few more notes on his notepad. Next, the bumper cars. Beast Boy wishes Raven was there as he's having fun. Starfire says carnival rides are another good happy place. 

Back at the Tower, Beast Boy tells Robin he thinks Raven is going to like his thoughts but Robin says summer time and peaches are all fine and dandy but what's a love song without a little paranoia? Beast Boy asks what was paranoia and Robin only says he was so glad he asked while he pushed a red button that leads them to a dim room. Robin asks Beast Boy what was his deepest insecurities when it came to Raven. Beast Boy answers sometimes when they're walking hand and hand and then all of a sudden has to go to the bathroom. Robin comments how odd it was and asks what could she be doing in there and Beast Boy says he doesn't know himself. Robin questions the possiblity if she met someone new in there. Freaked out, Beast Boy asks could that be a possibility. Robin is not sure and says a ton of things which makes Beast Boy wildly paranoid and zooms to the thought where Beast Boy tries to go into the bathroom after Raven but Robin appears and says he can't go in there because it was the LADIES' ROOM and says he has to wait til she comes out...if she ever comes out. Beast Boy and Robin both scream at the thought and then Beast Boy says he's going "cray" which gives him another useful song lyric. He thanks Robin and Robin says he's glad he could help. 

The next scene, shows Beast Boy in a recording studio, thinking of what melody to sing the song in. First he tries singing it in a rock anthem but it doesn't please him because it was too intense. He then tries singing it in a country tone but that doesn't please him either. He presses buttons and moves switches on the recording table which gives him a beat he hums the song to and it amuses him. The following scene, he's back at the Tower, in the kitchen were Raven was peacefully eating her morning cereal. Beast Boy gets onto the table but Raven questions his actions and tells him in annoyance to get off of it. He says he just wants her to listen the song he wrote just for her. He turns on the radio and the song plays through the speakers. Raven is not fluttered at first but once she got into the beat and she becomes delighted and then the montage of Beast Boy singing the song to her takes place.

After the song montage, Raven comments he put a lot of thought into it and Beast Boy replies he put so much thought into it for her. Raven feels touched and puckers up to kiss him. Beast Boy is taken by surprise at first and then puckers up as well, leaning in. They romantically kiss for several seconds as Starfire, Cyborg and Robin celebrate while watching them through a video camera on the TV inside the Tower. Beast Boy and Raven break apart from the kiss in the result of blushing bashfully.

Raven then says the song is very catchy and Beast Boy says he wishes everyone in the world could hear it so they all know how much he loves her. Raven replies she knows how much he loves her. Beast Boy says if he uploads the song to the internet then everyone could hear her song. Raven is not agreeing with this and says it's perfect and fine the way it is, just being something just between them and that it's just her song. Beast Boy says he's "fiddling" he should spread the song around and Raven says he shouldn't but he says he is and she asks him to please don't. Beast Boy chants he wants to fiddle which makes Raven angry causing her to transform into her full demonic form. Beast Boy seems to get the hint and gives into her and then she gently kisses him on the cheek. They sit back on the beach, watching the sunset but secretly behind his back and not Raven knowing, Beast Boy uploads the song to the internet, ending part one of this episode.

Part 2





  • This episode premiered on Presidents Day 2017.
  • This episode is the fourth half-hour special of the series. The earlier ones were "Two Parter", "Operation Dude Rescue" and "The Streak".
  • This episode was announced a while back at San Diego Comic on Friday, July 10, 2015, and teased by Greg Cipes on several occasions in between. The BBRae song was also announced by Greg Cipes on Instagram, giving fans the whole lyrics to the song.
    • This makes this episode to have the longest period of time between its announcement and actual air date, clocking in at a whopping 1 year, 7 months, and 10 days.
  • This is the first episode in the series to be named after a popular and well-known forum term used by the fandom.
  • This is the sixth episode in the series that focuses on Beast Boy and Raven's relationship. The previous episodes were "Matched", "Terra-ized", "Be Mine", "Pirates" and "Rocks and Water ".
  • Sticky Joan is seen for the second time in the series. Her previous appearance was in "TV Knight".
  • During Beast Boy's love song montage, when Beast Boy and Raven are seen sitting in a ferris wheel, The Joker's face is visibly seen painted onto the seat they were sitting in, along with the words, "HA! HA! HA! HA!"
  • Beast Boy and Raven have now romantically kissed on the lips twice in this series. The first time was in "Rocks and Water".
  • This episode finally confirms Beast Boy and Raven as a couple in the series. 
  • The song Don't Fiddle With It is on an album released digitally by Greg Cipes and DJ Hymn titled "BBRae"; however, the lyrics were altered to be directed towards Raven for this episode. 
  • The seagull made its first appearance in the fourth season of the series. In the beginning of Part II, he is seen enjoying affectionate petting from the octopus
  • When Birdarang mentions that Beast Boy's song is topping the charts, the next scene shows a list of Teen Titans Go! songs, which were apparently complied from a national sample of internet mentions and Teen Titans Go! fan complaints. The list of songs has Night Begins to Shine on the top of the chart before BBRae becomes the new chart topper. The other songs on the chart are Waffles Song, Pie Bros, Pyramid Mummy Money, Pain, Dance Fo' Yo' Bees, The Burrito/Burger Song, Fade Away, Five Whole Days, She's Gonna Eat It, Stakeout, Pee Pee Dance, Uncle Jokes Rap, Last Breath, Look at Them Legs, Bad Luck, Let's Get Serious!, Shrimps and Prime Rib, Crane Kick, Hot Pepper, When a Fan Is the Man, Real Boy Adventures, Island Adventure, We're Rich, Sour Grapes, We're Gonna Ride that Dragon, Crack that Cookie, Cool School, TTG Theme, Jolly Fat Man, Peace and Love, and Scary Figure Dance
  • Speedy and Kitten are seen to be in a romantic relationship. This makes them the third villain/hero relationship displayed in the series, the first being Cyborg and Jinx and the second briefly being Beast Boy and Terra.
  • Even when he's in his human form, Beast Boy has hair all over his body. To show this, when the camera zooms in on Beast Boy secretly uploading Raven's song to the internet, clumps of hair are seen all over his back and sides.
  • Robin, Starfire and Cyborg are seen reading magazines with Beast Boy and Raven featured on the covers. Robin is reading an issue of "Teen Issues" with Batgirl on the back cover. Starfire and Cyborg are sharing "The Magazine", which Starfire has also read in many previous episodes.
  • During the kitchen scene where Cyborg helps Beast Boy write lyrics for his song to Raven, Batman appears on a "Missing" sign on the back of a milk carton in the fridge.
  • According to Wondercon, this is one of Greg Cipes' favorite episodes of the series.


  • Beast Boy once again sings a love song to a girl he's romantically attracted to. A while back, in "Be Mine", he sang Fade Away to Terra.
  • Beast Boy and Raven's strong romantic feelings for each other are once again heavily displayed in the series.
  • Raven is seen transforming into her full demonic form again for the third time in the series. The previous episodes she was seen in this form was in "I See You" and "Snuggle Time".
    • In this episode, however, her full demonic appearance changes slightly. This form still has red skin, fangs, and four yellow eyes. However, her white hair and horns are excluded.
  • Batman and Commissioner Gordon's love of bumper cars is displayed again. This was first seen in "The Cruel Giggling Ghoul".
  • This is the tenth romantic themed episode of the series. However, this is the first romantic themed episode of the fourth season.
  • Raven is seen unhooded for the 55th and 56th time in the series.


  • The episode title is a nod to Beast Boy and Raven's most popular and most used "ship name", BBRae.
  • Beast Boy's concert outfits of choice is a clear reference to attire worn by his voice actor, Greg Cipes.
    • For example, the mouse outfit Beast Boy wears is similar to the one Greg Cipes wore while attending San Diego Comic Con in 2013.
  • The excited behavior of the other three Titans throughout this episode may reference the real behavior of fans who support the romantic part of Beast Boy and Raven's relationship.
  • When Robin converts the Titan's kitchen area into a therapist's office, a bust of Hugo Strange and Harley Quinn's hood can been spotted on a shelf. Both happen to be therapists and Batman villains. There is also a clock with a crown on it in the scene, which may be a subtle reference to another Batman villain, the Clock King.
  • The lyric " Doctor, doctor, help me, help me" in Beast Boy's song may be a reference to a similar lyric in the song, "Turn Me On" by David Guetta featuring Nicki Minaj.
  • The hearts used in this episode is the reference to the ending hearts in The Powerpuff Girls.


  • During Beast Boy's love song montage in part one, the scene where Beast Boy and Raven are sitting on the beach barefoot, their shoes are nowhere to be found. But when the camera zooms closer, both their shoes are seen next to them.

Running Gags

  • Beast Boy attempting to win Raven over.
  • Robin, Cyborg and Starfire being heavily interested in Beast Boy and Raven's "relationship drama".
  • Starfire slurping and saying "juicy".


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