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Aqualad transparent
Name Aqualad
Alias Garth

Fishface McFish (by Terra)

Sex Male
Species Atlantean
Friends Speedy
Raven (ex-girlfriend)
Terra (ex-girlfriend)
Enemies Beast Boy (rival)
Occupation Superhero
Residence Titans Tower (East)
Voiced By Wil Wheaton
Quote1 You mean the dude with the hoodie? Quote2
--Aqualad to Beast Boy in Pirates

Aqualad is a hero in Teen Titans Go! who made his debut in Starliar.


Aqualad was seen at a past Titans East party that the Titans went to in Starliar. He was hurt several times by the Titans (mostly Beast Boy) and their anti-social behavior there. He is later seen as a DJ for the party.

Aqualad also made a cameo in Missing, as the DJ at a concert.

In Pirates, he had a temporary love interest for Raven. At the start of the episode, Robin needed Aqualad to bring shrimp. Aqualad thought it was a mission and brought his army. Robin just needed the shrimp to put on the grill. Aqualad was unhappy that the Titans were eating his friends. Beast Boy told him he thought Raven was the coolest. Aqualad mistakes her for a dude in a hood. Beast Boy told him that's no dude and pulled her hood down. Raven's hair whirled and Raven smashed Beast Boy with a telekinetic, dark powered, metal fist. Beast Boy wanted Aqualad to ask her out for him but instead Aqualad was asking her out for himself. Cyborg though Aqualad was a pirate because he came from the ocean. Aqualad took Raven for a date. Raven told him she had a dark side and Aqualad blew a bubble over them and showed her something. A band of marine life played and sharks then ate them up. Raven found it cool. After their date, Raven kissed him on the cheek before she opened a portal to her bedroom. She liked that he was intense. Beast Boy was trying to be intense for Raven but his actions went unnoticed at first. Beast Boy was constantly jealous of Aqualad so Raven made them "fight to the death". Aqualad didn't want to fight Beast Boy to the death, while Beast Boy wasted no time and unleashed his rage and anger and turned into several animals beating him to a pulp. After Aqualad said Raven was too dark for him, Beast Boy won the fight and passed out, with Raven doing a "terra-ized" smile saying he was intense after all, and kissing him on the forehead. In the hospital room, Aqualad starts behaving like a pirate.



Aqualad had a short relationship with Raven. In Pirates, he initially mistook Raven for a "dude in the hoodie", and when Beast Boy took down Raven's hood to confirm she was actually a girl is when Aqualad began to be very attracted to her. Oblivious to Beast Boy asking Aqualad to help him ask Raven out, Aqualad ended up going to Raven and began flirting with her which Raven dismissed immediately. The next day, he went to the Titans Tower in search of Raven, which Cyborg said she was down the hall. Aqualad approached her door, and slipped a note under there saying "meet at the sea". Raven showed up and was told Aqualad she was not interested in him, and that she would be too dark for him. Aqualad said she would not be and took her underwater in a bubble to show her sharks feasting on the sea life which appealed to Raven greatly. After the massacre underwater, they arose atop sea and Raven briefly kissed him on the cheek. After it was clear Beast Boy was not happy with Raven's new boyfriend, Raven decided that whoever can kill the other in a fight to the death will be able to take her on a date. Aqualad said he was not going to fight Beast Boy, and with his guard down Beast Boy unleashed no mercy on him, nearly killing him in the process. When Raven asked Aqualad if he was going to fight back, he said she was "too dark" for him and Raven ended the fight, with a severely damaged Aqualad on the floor.

Beast Boy

In Pirates, Beast Boy at first seemed to get along with Aqualad, due to their common interest, such as sharing a dislike for eating meat. When Beast Boy thought Aqualad was asking Raven out for him, Aqualad unfortunately ended up asking her out for himself, was when Beast Boy began to dislike him. Jealous of Aqualad's intensity, with the fact that he was also dating Raven, Beast Boy continue to show his jealously over Aqualad, which Raven could not stand any longer, and had them "fight to the death" to date her. During their fight over Raven, Aqualad didn't want to fight Beast Boy, but when he put his weapons down, Beast Boy furiously attack him, while Beast Boy turned into animals terrorizing him. He is last seen in a hospital, due to Beast Boy's extreme beatings, as a pirate with a bird on his shoulder.

Episode Appearances

Season 1

Season 2



  • Aqualad and Aquagirl are sidekicks for Aquaman.
  • Aqualad could first be seen in the game Drive-By Meatball Party.
  • Aqualad's the fourth Titans East member to have an episode focused on them. The first was Speedy in The Date, the second and third were Más and Menos in "Más y Menos"
    • He had the most appearances out of all the Titans East members.
  • Aqualad has a job as a DJ.
  • Aqualad is the third character to be banished inside the trash hole, aside from Terra and Beast Boy.


Flirting Aqualad
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